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Updated on December 01, 2010
A.K. asks from Palos Hills, IL
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We are looking to switch to a different health insurance in the new year. My husband's work is way too expensive. Any recommendations?

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answers from Chicago on

It's really not a good idea. Cost aside, a group plan is your best option. By law, you are covered from group plan to group plan. Should your husband change jobs, the next group plan has to carry you. They must cover pre-existing conditions and they can't they drop you or raise only your rates because of any medical issues. Even if you don't have any pre-existing conditions and you switch to independent insurance, should you or someone in your family get sick, you can be faced with with outrageous premiums and have a great deal of difficulty when trying to find a new carrier. If you stick to group insurance you will remain covered. I would talk to your HR director about your options and about ramifications should you decide to leave.

How about re-visiting your car & homeowners insurance? Refinancing your mortgage? There are other ways to save money. Health insurance shouldn't be the area that you focus on.

Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

I agree with everyone.........check with an independent insurance agent......and see about pricing...... I had to pay for my own insurance for a while and although it was "less expensive", the deductable was really high and I had to use their Drs...... etc........ I called it my "house insurance"....... The only way it was any good is if I went into the hospital and maybe I could keep my house when I got out!!!!

I know people that pay $700 a month and I know people that pay $1,800 a month for good health insurance... so your husband's might not seem too bad when look into it!!

Insurance is like tires for your car....... you want inexpensive NOT cheap!!!!


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answers from Portland on

Good luck, but your search will probably bring you right back to the policy you already have. Or perhaps a medical savings plan – these work for some families.

My husband and I have always had to buy private insurance policies because our business is too small to have a group policy. No matter how bad or expensive your husband's work policy is, it is more than likely WAY better than anything you can buy as an individual.

My policy has cost me 1/3 or more of my income for the past 24 years, and lately that's over 1/2 of my salary, for a $7000 deductible policy. So basically, unless I have an huge accident or develop a major illness, all of my actual medical costs come right out of my own pocket – the almost half of my salary that's actually left, that is. The only actual benefit I get is a partial copay on my prescriptions (after my first $500 yearly), and requiring my medical provider to reduce my office visits to a pre-agreed rate. So a $260 office visit costs me "only" $180, for example. And, theoretically, some protection against a medical catastrophe.

A good example of why our medical-insurance-for-profit system isn't fair or accessible to all.

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answers from Detroit on

Hi A.---You could always check at an independent insurance broker. They have access to all the different types of insurance that you can buy in Illinois. You might want to ask to confirm, but you are mostly likely going to get the best rates from employer provided policies because of group rates. Good luck with your investigation.




answers from Chicago on

There is a reliable broker that I have dealt with and have gotten to know, name of Howard Tasner in the basement of Board of Trade at Lasalle and Jackson. Chicago Insurance Services. He is very honest, even turned me down on switching a plan I first had, then helped me when I got pregnant to swap out to another.

good luck! I kept a private policy (BCBS PPO) for 6+ years this way until just a month ago. The employer plan is NOT always your best option by the way.


answers from Denver on

I'd stick with employer health care. It may be more costly per month but it will most likely beat anyone's coverage.

Every year for the past 3 years someone in my family has ended up having surgery or laid up in Hospital.

The most I've paid for any of this out of pocket is $500. We also do the FSA every year so we have money to go to the doctor, eye doctor, dentist and on our prescriptions all year long.

Remember, your employer health insurance is pre-tax. Buying somewhere else will be AFTER tax so you'll end up paying more that way. You won't come out a head.



answers from Chicago on

Find a reputable insurance person/broker -- they do not charge you a thing and since they don't work for a specific insurance company, they can offer you a variety of plans that are the best option for your situation. I have done this twice with great results. It may be true that your best bet is to stay with the group you're in - individuals usually pay more. But another option is to see if you can belong to another group by joining your Chamber of Commerce, or alumni association etc. A good broker will talk you through it all and let you know what your best options are. Good luck! Health insurance can be so frustrating!



answers from Chicago on

Is your insurance offered through employment or are you looking to buy and indivdual policy? If it is through an insurance broker (not employer) be sure to SHOP AROUND. Call everyone you have ever heard of and go to the internet and ask for info from the zillions of people that will respond to your inquiry about "health insurance for a family". I am a case manager in a large hospital and I have to tell you that most "private" insurances charge "more -for-less" than employers. Make sure you do the math with a microscope. And if you cannot...ask some one to help you.



answers from Topeka on

Good Luck in your findings



answers from Dallas on

Before you pass the enrollment period on your husband's insurance, you better check with an independent agent to compare several health plans. You will probably find that even though the work policy is too expensive (and probably went up this year), it is probably the best policy you can get. You could see if they offer higher deductibles for a lower premium. Shopping for individual health care policies are very expensive. Are you a member of any professional association ? sometimes they offer group members insurance coverage.



answers from Seattle on

Group plans through work are often really good plans which help you spend less out of pocket on medical expenses, so it depends on how much you typically use your insurance benefits. I work in medical billing, my favorites are blue cross, blue shield, and aetna. The absolute worst I deal with are pacificare and united. HTH!



answers from Chicago on


Give me a call. I can give you some questions to ask, critical questions to ask. There are a lot of ways that you can control your premium and still have great benefits.

If you have any conditions that need special consideration, it may make sense to stay with the group plan. However I would be happy to help you with that.

S. H

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