Hcg Weight Loss

Updated on October 12, 2009
S.J. asks from Hyde Park, MA
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hi everybody

im trying to find someone who knows about the HCG diet thing on mamasource. my husband is overweight and has been desperate to loose weight for a long time. he found out about the HCG that's cheap on the net mostly on you tube and he's about to order it all the way from india which i think is a bad idea. not only i beleive that they might send him something else other than the real thing and he might loose the money. those who told him where to get it are people from you tube. it doesn't sound safe for me. i've tried to convince him but he's not listening. so if any of you knows aout the HCG please share with me everything that you know about it. thanks for your response.

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answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Hi S.,

My husband lost 110 pounds quite easily with no modification to diet and a good absorbable multivitamin. Don't get me wrong...he was never a really bad eater. He just couldn't lose the weight. The multivitamin complex that I put him on just helped his body do what it was supposed to do. A body is not supposed to hold excess weight. I'll be glad to walk you through this if your husband would like to try this as an option.

I actually ordered a well respected supplement from London a few years ago for my daughter and it was actually shipped in from Pakistan. First of all, I was scared to let her take it because it seem to be soaked in diesel fuel or fumes from the shipping. The replacement bottle was the same so I gave up. I don't think everything in the US is perfect but at least we know what our manufacturing practices are supposed to be.

Let me know if you'd like help. This multivitamin/mineral complex is the safest on the market, works incredibly well and is cheaper than even a generic costs. I can explain how the company is able to do that if you are indeed interested.

God bless,


P.S. My husband's best friend lost 50 pounds and my sister-in-law lost 15 on this same vitamin. My husband's friend believed he was about 50 pounds overweight and my sister-in-law just wanted to lose about 15 or 20......

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answers from Jacksonville on

Why not a membership to the YMCA. No fad diets, but a change in lifestyle! Works for my family!

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answers from Jacksonville on

Dear Sarah,

As someone who lost weight the wrong way for years, I don't recommend any supplements for quick weight loss...they usually start by having water weight lost, then muscle and then fat...which usually is all piled back on when you start eating again or stop taking an expensive supplement. I finally found the complete system and will share it with you in the hopes you will share it with your hubby:
A true healthy lifestyle plan should include:
1 - Working out...preferably every day with varying workouts of cardio, weight training, and stretching.
2 - Nutrition plan...preferably one with at least 3 stages so fuel the body with the energy needed to burn excess body fat.
3 - Plugging in to a fitness support network. This is key. Everyone has to become accountable to another person if they are working towards something that's worth their time. Think a child accountable to their parents, an employee accountable to the boss. Once your hubby has reached his goals, he can "graduate" and won't need to be accountable as much anymore...think a child turning 18...example.

When I started doing this, I lost 35 pounds in 3 months. I went from a size 8 to a size 2 (at a healthy 125 pounds).
I used turbo-Jam as my workout system initially, and now both my own hubby and I use P90X as our daily workout routine. Though we don't need to lose any more weight, we do want to gain optimum health and keep it :) so we workout hard every day and eat 90% "clean" foods.
We both coach people for free as part of our giving back, and have 49 people on our "weight loss and healthy lifestyle" team!
I'd love to add you and your hubby to our team!
www.achieversteam.com to sign up :) it's free and we love helping as many people as possible gain total, true, lasting health.

God bless your hubby in his efforts!


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answers from Orlando on

i have actually used hcg and lost weight, but i purchased my from the site: whenhealthmatters.com. i purchased 2 doses and supplies for $160. the hcg was the real thing, but i am not sure about the you tube thing. you can also look into transformations weight loss, they do hcg shots along with supplement and this also works well. the main thing with both is you have to do the diet. either way can be costly, but if he truly wants to lose the weight, i feel either of these will work well. good luck

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