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Updated on March 10, 2012
M.A. asks from Riverside, CA
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I was wondering who's used this diet. Have you used drops or shots? Is it worth it? Are you local and where did you purchase the drops? I need to loose a few pounds and want to get the ball rolling. I'm purchasing an elliptical this weekend to become a little more active. Also I have a gnarly sweet tooth. Will that be tamed with drops or do I need to take something else in addition?

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answers from San Diego on

i study hormones professionally. the reason the hCG diet works is that you are starving. its not the drops. don't take a hormone unless you have to. you want to lose weight? eat reasonably and exercise. takes time. this "diet" is dangerous. 500 calories a day? that's insane. you will begin breaking down muscle tissue. bad. silly silly diet!

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answers from Seattle on

I am doing this diet right now, and it works. I'm 2.5 weeks into it and have lost 20 lbs. Don't get me wrong, it's HARD! Really HARD! And we (my husband and I are doing it together - he's lost 30lbs) aren't doing it as a "fix-all". We're using it as a jump-start - a way to kind of reset our metabolisms and start our weight loss program.

Keep in mind that you're not living on 500 calories a day (though that's all you eat). The HCG goes into your fat cells and opens them up so that your body is actually eating about 1500 calories a day - 1000 of them are from your fat.

Here's what I would recommend to be successful.

1. Go with the drops. We got ours from yourhcg.com. I like the company because they offer great support and the plan is spelled out for you.
2. You MUST buy a food scale. Your diet is strict. And so are your portions. You will need a way to measure your food so that you stay within the allotted amounts.
3. If you're married, do it together. Truthfully, I wouldn't be successful on this if I was the only one in the house doing it. It's just too hard, and your diet is so limited that cheating is way too tempting with great looking food all over the place.
4. Make sure you're on birth control. HCG is a natural hormone, but they caution against getting pregnant. We decided not to have sex until it was over. At least we have a great way to celebrate when we're done ;-)
5. Make sure you don't have anywhere fancy to go while you're doing it. You aren't allowed to wear makeup, certain lotions, etc. on this diet because it is working to clear your body of un-natural chemicals, so if you have a wedding to go to or something, you'll have to go blank-faced.

All in all, will it cure your sweet tooth? Probably not. But it will reset your metabolism, teach you portion control and retrain your appetite so that the sweet tooth doesn't take over.

Good luck! PM me if you have questions.

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answers from Los Angeles on

my coworker did this and it worked for her but i've heard that it's very unhealthy. i thought it was actually becoming illegal in the states... do some research first!

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answers from Atlanta on

I know someone who did this. She was using the drops. in addition to the drops, there was a very specific diet she had to follow, which was only 400 or 500 calories a day. Not that I recommend eating that few calories, since it's unhealthy, but if you eat that little without the drops - I'm sure you'd save money and lose weight.

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answers from Dallas on

Please find another diet that's healthier for you!

Anyone can lose weight if they drop their calorie intake to 500 calories a day. I myself can lose 2lbs a day if I limit my food....anyone can.

Your body NEEDS food to function correctly. It needs the fuel. When you limit your daily fuel, it could seriously hurt you and how your body works. You could become very sick and even develop heart, liver, and other organ problems. The best, healthiest diet is to eat right and exercise and drink lots of water.

I am proud to hear of you getting on the elliptical. That's a great way to burn calories. Drink a ton of water throughout the day. Park at the far end of the parking lot and walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator. Eat alot of protein (DO NOT cut out your carbs which are needed for energy)...especially in the morning. I lost so much weight when I started eating 2 eggs for breakfast. It helped me gain muscle which burns fat. Drink lots of water! Do Not eat at least 3hrs before bed. Eat UNTIL you feel comfortable...never overstuff yourself...and eat your biggest meals earlier in the day...limit your calories at the end of the day.

It is totally and completely possible to lose weight and look great without taking a weight loss accelorator. It may take a bit longer, but, believe me you'll feel so much better physically and mentally.

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answers from Portland on

Any diet that restricts your calories to 500/day will make you lose weight, with or without drops or shots. I have an acquaintance who tried this diet for about 3 weeks. She lost a few pounds, but was violently hungry the whole time.

She switched to Weight Watchers to learn healthier life habits, and has lost lots of weight without all the misery. She's been going strong for nearly two years now, and is quite happy with this approach. It's a little slower, but studies show that your body is primed to regain weight after enduring a severe diet. Like just about every fast-loss diet out there, this one is more than likely a fad, designed primarily to lighten your wallet.

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answers from Chicago on

I know three people who did it. They all lost quite a bit of weight in three months. That was last fall. I just saw two of them recently and they were probably just as heavy as when they started the whole thing. They gained it all back.

You just need to learn to watch your calorie intake and exercise. It might go more slowly, but in the end you'll be able to maintain it. You can't maintain the hcg diet because it's not healthy for you.



answers from Albuquerque on

I tried it and lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks and then caught an awful cold and couldn't stick with it. The diet certainly works, but for me, it was just too hard to follow. ANY cheating will negate an entire day's worth of counting calories. That means you can't go out to eat with friends, or attend a function during the diet, or try just a bite of what your family is eating. If you can eat only at home for a month you can probably do it. The first week will be tough with your sweet tooth, but then you won't crave anything.

It matters where you buy the drops - make sure you go with a really reputable national brand (there are several good ones online) not just the drops you can get at Walmart or CVS. And, the more you have to lose, the quicker you'll lose weight. If you only have 10 - 15 pounds to lose, it will take you the full 30-40 days. But if you have like 100 pounds to lose, you'll lose 25-30 of it in 30-40 days.



answers from Los Angeles on

My sister-in-law did lose weight on the HCG diet and she also sells the drops through the Internet. That said, my personal opinion, don't waste your money!

My grandfather was a physician and he always said that there is no "magic formula", it's a simple equation - if you consume more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. If you increase your activity level and eat everything in moderation you will lose weight. I'm overweight myself and I HATE exercise, but there really is NO magic pill, drop, shot or anything else that will make you lose weight. If you look carefully at any adverts for weight-loss tablets etc they ALWAYS say "when used in conjunction with a calorie restricted diet". You lose the weight cos you're eating less & not cos of whatever you're spending money on!!

Even Oprah said "Do you think that (in all these years you've seen me battle with my weight) I'd found a tablet or anything else that REALLY worked I wouldn't have shared it with the world as one of my favourite things?" She also had to exercise and eat a well-balanced diet to lose and keep off the weight ... and every time she went back to her old habits the weight crept back up again!

I was very successful in losing weight when I exercised for 30 minutes 5 days a week at Curves and ate 5 small meals instead of 3 big ones. Then I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and (although they say that exercise is good for me) I find it too painful. So I stopped exercising ... and I put back all the weight I lost and then some!

That said, I'm blessed with a wonderful hubby who loves me regardless and 2 amazing teens who are not embarrassed by their mom! My aim every day is to try and do as much as I can, while trying to keep the pain of my condition under control. The number on my scale does not define me! (At least that's what I keep telling myself!!)

I hope for your sake that you want to lose weight because YOU want to and not because you feel you "have to". No matter what your shape, you'll only be happy once you can see how beautiful you are .... true beauty is in your eyes and your smile, NOT in the size of your dress! God Bless


answers from Dallas on

I know two people who tried it and could not stick with it. They were hungry all the time.
I think it is very unhealthful.



answers from Seattle on

My friend did the diet and drops she lost 30lbs but within a year she gained 40 back!


answers from Dallas on

That diet is ridiculous. It's a starvation diet and a marketing ploy. You can only consume 500 cals/day on the diet. So what is the benefit of the HCG? Nothing! If you consume 500 cals/day you WILL lose weight. It is also very unhealthy.

There is no magic pill/shot/procedure. You must diet & exercise!



answers from Seattle on

Did it with drops, lost 20 lbs in a month. Gained most of it back four months later, but I was back to old eating habits. Make slow steady changes afterward to avoid this! I was working with a naturopath friend to keep it safe. You can have stevia, strawberries, and apples. That didn't quite cut it for me with the sweet tooth though :(

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