Having Trouble Getting Pregnant with Baby # 2 - West Newton,MA

Updated on February 08, 2014
B.L. asks from West Newton, MA
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Hey Ladies,
My husband and I decided that after 5 long years it was time to try for baby # 2. You may ask, why have another after 5 yrs? Its a long story, it came down to money, baby sitters, day care etc. Also, I am 34 yrs old and not getting any younger!!! Now I am ready and after 4 months of trying ..still not pregnant. I feel like I am in the best shape of my life. I ran a marathon last year and in a few weeks I will be running my 10th half marathon in 5 yrs . I am strong, healthy and fit. I have a 28 day cycle (been that way for years) and I ovulate around the same time every month, I just don't understand whats going on. So frustrated and am starting to panic just a little bit. Any suggestions? Thanks so much

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answers from Dallas on

It can take anywhere from 6 month to a year and still be considered average . Try to relax and don't worry for a few more months.

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answers from New York on

Do,what we did in the "old days." Eat, drink and be merry! Once you stop "trying" to get pregnant, you will get pregnant. Just relax and let things happen, after some nice wine!


answers from Norfolk on

On average it takes a whole year of trying in order to get pregnant.
If nothing happens after 8 more months then consider seeing a fertility specialist.
Sometimes the problem is on the male end.
Sometimes it's a combination problem between the two of you.
Just give it some more time and try to relax.



answers from Detroit on

It is still pretty early. I was 35 when I got pregnant with my second. My first was 7 1/2 when she was born, for many of the same reasons you mentioned :)

I did have an early miscarriage. Not saying that to scare you , but to let you know that it happens often and is not just because you are "getting older" maternally". I got pregnant again 3-4 months after. I used babycenter.com to track my ovulation cycle. But do NOT panic!!! My doctor told me that it could take up to a year.

Good luck and enjoy every moment!!!



answers from Boston on

I would see a doctor. No point in waiting. My assessment found a folic acid problem. Rule out any issues with both of you.



answers from Pittsburgh on

No reason at all to panic yet. It is different every time. You've only been trying for 4 months. Even when you know your body well, it can take a year. My only suggestion is to try to relax - and I know that is easier said than done - but it is way too soon to be worried.



answers from Philadelphia on

4 months is not a long time to TTC. Chances are you will be pregnant within a year. Having said that, I had a friend that had trouble conceiving baby #3. She was very fit, eats healthy and exercises daily yet her the quality of her eggs was like that that of a 38 yo. (She was 32). She did end up having baby #3 though.



answers from Chicago on

It's only been 4 months. Have some wine, have some fun, and enjoy not trying.



answers from Baton Rouge on

Stop trying to get pregnant and just have sex. Lots of sex. Daily if possible. If you have too little body fat, that can impact your fertility. Perhaps you should lay off the running for a bit.


answers from Washington DC on

don't panic! you haven't been trying that long, and you're young and healthy.
it's an old suggestion but a good one- don't make sex about getting pregnant, put your head back in the ooooooo-yummy-scrumpage place.
it's not a guarantee, but dang, it works a lot of the time!
:) khairete



answers from Orlando on

I would get an ovulation predictor. I used this with my first, took us 9 months to conceive and I was 34. My second took longer, 5 1/2 years as I had secondary infertility. My body changed quickly between having number one and deciding to try for number 2. I had to go to fertility specialist who found out I had thyroid issues and told me I also had premature ovarian failure(early menopause) at age 37. I didn't conceive number 2 until I was 42 after accepting the fact that I probably couldn't get pregnant again. Well, doctors aren't always right! Good luck, but I would investigate sooner rather than later if you are concerned.


answers from Los Angeles on

It almost always took me 4 mo. Except the time it only took me one try after reading "Taking Charge of Your Fertility", and charting my cycles.

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