Having Trouble Finding a Mattress to Fit Tightly in My New Crib

Updated on April 07, 2008
M.B. asks from Milwaukee, WI
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Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone is having the same experience that I'm having with a crib I bought at Target, the Simplicity Ellis 4-in-1 crib that was in the Target sale flyer a couple of months ago. I'm sure it's assembled correctly, and it's beautiful, but when I put in the mattress (crib doesn't come with a specific mattress, I chose a mattress separately online by the positive customer reviews)... we assembled it right before my daughter arrived, and I noticed that I could get two fingers between the crib interior and the edge of the mattress, which I've heard means the mattress is too small for the crib. I searched online every mattress at Target and found one supposedly an inch wider, so I ordered *that* one, and when it arrived I found I could still get two fingers between the mattress and the interior of the crib. Turns out the inch extra was just piping. So I sent that back (Target was great about that, I do love to shop there!) I know I'm not supposed to use a crib bumper for safety reasons (I work in daycare and am told babies should only sleep on their backs in cribs with tight-fitting mattresses and sheets, and with no soft items in the crib.) I installed the bumper wedging it completely around the mattress so the mattress now doesn't move. I am wondering if any of you have this crib, and have experienced the same "mattress issue" as I am, and if so, how did you solve it. Many thanks for any advice you can give me. *Peace*! ~M.

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So What Happened?

I want to thank everyone who wrote me with their advice about my crib. I've decided I won't be returning my crib (I've had it too long) and I'll continue looking for a mattress, but in the meantime I'm feeling more secure about my current arrangement of using the bumper to fill the gap between the crib and the mattress. I found that I'm able to double-make the bed while the bumper is there, for convenience, and by the time my baby is strong enough to pull on the bumper it'll be a toddler bed. Many thanks, *Peace*! ~M.

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answers from Cedar Rapids on

I know someone who had the same issue s.
But till baby was placed in the crib the first time at six months old or so and this happened it was not found.
One of the siblings came in and said the baby is silly and
dangling...the parents heard this before and adnored it thinking it was a joke maybe.
Luckly I went in.
The baby was dangling all right.
Caught in between the metal mattress frame and the wall.
The only thing that saved the baby was the toy also stuck.

Take this crib etc back and go to another store(obivously on line is not best for you can not see the crib sat up and inspect it.

Go toa store besides them I hope and see if the frame, mattress metal part, mattress etc etc has a hand with gap(hand
\/ not < > (if so no sell.
Also check if it is solidly built.
And see if it is sturdy and a shake test works best on this(a honest store will let you do this if you are of course gently and not distructive.
Also see if there is and place where the bed will chip, peel,crack,splinter,rust etc.
Make sure to check the most important parts real well...
Can you reach in and out and reach baby without hurting either of you?...
Is the rails release and catch solid and safe and sturdy...
Will the legs without wheels best sturdy enough to with stand a jumpy, bouncy,crawlin etc baby.

If you can place a life size baby doll in it and see if for one the baby will be able to stand up or will the baby topple over.

And is there any gaps the baby can get caught in.

Have fun shopping if possible with a wise Aunt or Grandma who was been there many times before.

And do not let a salesmen pressure you as your fingers did.

For Baby is trusting you to choice the right crib so you both can have a happy morning for a year or so to come.
Think of the babys smiles you will be greeted with each morning and let this be your guide.

D. Great and Reg Aunty _ Grandma to many.

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answers from Minneapolis on


There was a recall on Simplicity cribs recently. Personally, being a safety freak, I'd return the crib. I'm not wild about that brand or Target's cribs at all. I think safety is a perfectly good reason for Target to take the crib back. If that's too much of a pain, the bumper thing should work fine but seems like it'd be a pain also when changing the sheet which can happen often with a sick kid as I recently had. Good luck.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Have you looked at Babies R Us for a mattress? I know that they have a wide variety of matresses and maybe they would have one that would wrok for you.

I have a similar crib (but from walmart) and noticed that I needed a 'larger' matress then most cribs. I got ours from Babies R Us and it works great. They also are very good about taking things back.

Hope you find something that will work for you.

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answers from Cedar Rapids on

Hi! We had the same issue with our crib and finally found the perfect mattress. It's called the:

Baby Beautyrest® Ultra Innerspring Mattress by Simmons

We got ours at Baby Depot, which is inside Burlington Coat Factory. It's pricey, but larger than others and will fit into the toddler bed frame when she's ready for that. So far we love how firm it has stayed and if we end up having another child before this one's out of his toddler bed, we will be buying another one of these mattresses.

Good luck!

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