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Updated on January 15, 2011
L.K. asks from Allen, TX
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I recently bought a LG front loading washer and dryer set, and we are having drying issues with the dryer. It takes at least 1 and 1/2 hours to try one regular size load. Surely it's supposed to be more efficient than that. We think there might be a problem with the vent going up into the wall and we aren't sure where it exits our house. Who would I contact to check it out for us...anyone know?

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HomeSafe Vent Cleaning does free video inspections of your vents so you can see if it is lint build up or a bird nest and the do a great job cleaning it out with a rotary brush and vacuum. Usually if your dryer takes a long time to dry that is the problem, especially if your dryer is not near an exterior wall because that means the vent is probably long and has some bends in it... sometimes they even exit through the attic.

Call HomeSafe and have them do a video inspection. ###-###-####



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I can't help with a specific referral, but we've had the same problem with our Whirlpool front-loading dryer. We love the front-loading washer of the set, but the dryer takes forever! We did as the other person suggested and cleaned out the vent hose in back and cleaned out the lint section with a long brush, but it didn't seem to help. You've reminded me I need to call about our dryer, too (we have an extended warranty). Good luck!



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If you can find the "exit" for your dryer vent, I would be sure and have it cleaned out, as well as the hose that runs from your dryer to the wall. About 10 years ago, I had bought a brand-new dryer, and had it replaced 3 times in 6 months before I found out that the problem was a bird nest in the outside vent exit!!! (Had my apt maintenance guy find it.) My husband and I also had the same problem recently with another new dryer. It wasn't a bird nest, but the vent was getting clogged up with a bunch of "junk".)

You might want to try calling some of the duct cleaning services (like Blackmon Mooring) in the area to have them clean out the dryer vent.


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I have Maytag Neptune front loader washer and dryer set. My 3 yr old dryer did this about a month ago. My husband disconnected the dryer, disconnected the vents and made sure all the gunk was out of the vents as well as cleaning the vent from the house to outside. I have not had an issue since and I am back to the normal drying time I had before the issue started.

Good luck



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Before calling anyone, I would suggest unhooking the vent from the back of your dryer and seeing if you can clean it out, if you haven't already. Anytime our dryer takes a long time to dry its usually because the vent is clogged up and it can be cleaned from inside the house without having the check the vent from the outside. If that doesn't work, I would suggest calling the store where you bought it or calling the manufacturer directly. My in-laws recently purchased a front-loader washer and dryer and have had horrible problems, mainly with the dryer. Everything from the sensor not telling the dryer when to shut off, etc. They have had a repairman out 4-5 times since they bought it in early 2007.
Good luck!

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