Having Kids Share Rooms

Updated on November 10, 2010
V.D. asks from Smithfield, UT
21 answers

I have two girls We might be moving and are looking at places that are more afordable but that would mean having the girls share a room. what age did you decide to let your kids share a room?

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answers from Chicago on

I shared a room with my sister from the time I was a few months old until she went away to college. When I followed her to college we shared a room again for another year.

My 3 brothers shared another room at the ages of 7, 2 and a baby. They all lived together in that room until my oldest brother went to college.

I think that we are generally pretty darn spoiled when it comes to every kid having their own room. It is not a necessity. I never felt "crowded" when I was growing up.

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answers from Columbia on

More info if possible. Like their ages, how they get along, different personalities, etc. I always thought it should be the other way. Like sharing a room when theyre little and as they get older they would need their own rooms. depending on their ages I have a few ideas. I always shared a room with my little sister and the 9 year difference sucked.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

All of my children share rooms. The girls in one room and the boys in another. I cannot imagine doing it any other way. I think it builds their relationships. They love it and don't want it any other way either. We do this from the time they are no longer sleeping with us in our room.

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answers from Bakersfield on

My sister and I never had our own room, ever. I think it was a good thing. Lots of time to chat and be sisters while laying in bed.

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answers from Great Falls on

We lived in a 2-bedroom trailer house in a national park when my kids were babes. I had all three of them in one tiny room, daughter on the top bunk son on the bottom bunk, and baby in the playpak crib beside. This until we moved out and they were 7,4, and 2 then. Then daughter got her own room and boys shared until the oldest was 10. Like the others here, they still like to bunk together on the weekends. You do what you have to do in the circumstances you find yourself. Kids need to know that, too. They need to learn how to "make do" which is something this generation doesn't get taught enough. I like the suggestion of trying it out now before you move. Definitely do that.

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answers from Spartanburg on

Mine were 3 1/2 and almost 2. My oldest slept with us until she started bunking with baby brother....I plan on having another baby and as soon as baby can sleep thru the night, in the room with big bro and big sis!



answers from San Francisco on

My kids have shared a room almost since the very beginning... it has been great for us.



answers from Chicago on

My kids share a room. My DD had a room to herself for about three years and then baby brother came along, he had a room to himself. We decided it was silly and at 4 and 2, we put them in a room together. They had their ups and down and the beginning was rocky, but I think they enjoy sleeping in the same room. They keep each other company and are pretty good about not waking each other up. How old are your girls? I think it's not the worst thing in the world to share a room growing up. Maybe as they get older, they will need their own space? Good luck!



answers from Seattle on

We always shared rooms. I got my own room in highschool, but that's rare in my family. Usually in my fam it's shared rooms until one leaves home. Specifically there was the "boys' room" & "girls' room".

Our rooms were much bigger than our parent's room, however. In my extended family the thought is that the parents have the whole rest of the house, while the kids spend the majority of the time in their rooms... so the kids got the master sized rooms and the parents had a normal sized room.

Babies moved into the appropriately sexed room at about 1 year old.


answers from San Francisco on

I shared a room with my three sisters all our childhoood until I moved out at 18yrs for uni.
We had a 3bed house for five kids-4 girls and 1 boy
I survived it lol and we are still very close.




answers from Boston on

Sharing a room is great. I find when you have two of the same sex, especially if close in age, they often rather share a room. Maybe not at 16 but anything younger than teens is usually not a problem. Not every child needs their own room or one the size you could land a plane in. Gives them some character to share a room. I don't have siblings but I think it would have been fun. We are already asking our boys if they want to share a room. Bunk beds are so much fun!



answers from Denver on

My two boys started sharing a room when my oldest was 8 and the youngest was 2. My two girls will be sharing a room and the oldest one is 2 and a newborn due in January. I think whatever you have to do, you just work it out. Kids really don't care if they share a room or not. I have noticed that my oldest son, now 10 is starting to mention that he would like his own space but he still does not seem too upset about it.

Good luck.



answers from Boise on

My first two boys have shared a room since the little one was ready to move into the regular crib (I think he was 4 months old and my other was 2 years old). For us it has been a great experience. I am currently expecting boy #3 and since I have never been able to do it before, I plan on setting up a nursery for him BUT he will adventually move in with his brothers...bunk beds with a regular twin bed. I believe that sharing, at least for now, is good for them.


answers from Modesto on

If they get along with each other and their isnt the issue of toys being choking a hazard for the younger one, then I bet they will enjoy sharing a room until one of them gets old enough to want privacy.



answers from Honolulu on

Me and a sister shared rooms.
It was AWFUL. It was not nice nor a treat nor fun.
Because, that sibling I had to share a room with... was just a controlling bossy mean-spirited sibling. AND when my parents were not right there... she'd pick on me. And, she'd shove all my things... into a corner and not make any room for my things... and it was just so antagonistic. So finally, we got separate rooms.
I Hated it.

all the best,



answers from Miami on

I never had my own room until I was 15 and even then my sister and I used to sneak through to each others rooms. We were so used to chatting to each other before we went to sleep. My Mom loves to tell everyone how she has never had her own room, she had to share with 2 sisters till she was 21 then she married my Dad. lol. I think its good for siblings to share unless there is a really big age gap and I'm talking about a baby/toddler sharing with a teenager. And of course I think boys and girls should have there own room if its possible when they get a bit older. It fun to share though.



answers from Mansfield on

My sister and I shared rooms since I was probably 3 or 4 for about 10 years! We didn't love every minute of it but for the most part it was fine! We had bunk beds initially and loved it! We got along great way back then and had fun being able to share so much time together!
I would think that your girls would be fine sharing a room! It's typically not until the teen years that girls really start to crave privacy, but even then some siblings can be inseparable! They'll learn to get along if they don't like it, but you need to do what will be better for your family and not just the girls!
Good luck!


My sister and I shared rooms since I was probably 3 or 4 for about 10 years! We didn't love every minute of it but for the most part it was fine! We had bunk beds initially and loved it! We got along great way back then and had fun being able to share so much time together!
I would think that your girls would be fine sharing a room! It's typically not until the teen years that girls really start to crave privacy, but even then some siblings can be inseparable! They'll learn to get along if they don't like it, but you need to do what will be better for your family and not just the girls!
Good luck!


answers from Salt Lake City on

We only have 2 bedrooms, so our kids (boy 2 & girl 5) share a room. We put our little boy in his crib at one month (he was too big for the bassinet) and there hasn't been a bit of trouble since. Sweet Pea only woke up a couple of times the first week they started sharing when Doodle Bug hadn't started sleeping through the night. She has learned to sleep through anything! We are planning on staying here at least another 3 years, so sharing will be our only option. I think it has been good for both my kids. They have to learn to respect each other's things and beds. We have a few rules and the biggest one is that friends don't play in their room. I don't want Sweet Pea's friends getting into Doodle Bug's stuff & the other way around. When Doodle Bug turns 3 we're getting bunk beds. I've enjoyed seeing how close they are to each other. They are little buddies, and I think that sharing a room has helped with that.

Good Luck & enjoy your little girls!



answers from Washington DC on

I shared a room growing up until 10th grade. We just put our boys, ages 3 and 5, into a shared room a week ago. LOVE IT!! They are doing amazing - sleeping better. They used to sneak into each other's rooms, but now they don't have too! We made the smaller room the new toy room so we could take back the guest room and rec room in the basement, but we LOVE them sharing. It is making so many things easier :). Enjoy it!



answers from Redding on

My sister and I always shared a room, much to my horror. She was younger and so messy. It drove me nuts. But.....when I was in high school, we got our own rooms and guess what. I either stayed with her or she stayed with me. Now, when her husband goes out of town and I stay at her house, we always sleep together. I slept in the same bed with my sister when we went to our family reunion.
There are advantages and disadvantes for sure. But kids adapt.
All three of my girl cousin's from one aunt and uncle always shared a room and when we visited, my sister and I piled in with them. They built a huge house so they could all have their same rooms and the girls always slept together anyway.

Room sharing can really be just part of life. It's not a bad thing.



answers from Atlanta on

I had twin girls so from conception they have always been together :())
That being said they are almost 8 and I have asked numerous times if they want their "own" room because we have one and they always tell me no. I figure when they are ready to seperate on their own they will. Or they may never want to at all-but being girls highly doubtful!
To answer your question though how old are your girls? I think that might be a big factor because if you still have one that gets up in the middle of the night it could very well affect the other one that doesn't and begin to start an issue. Then on the other hand it might just take time for them to adjust and then everything will work out. Sometimes its a hit or miss thing.......I would have a backup plan just in case it didn't work out that way or maybe if you can go ahead and put them together NOW by the time you move there wouldn't be any issues to work out or at least you would no its a no go with the sharing of rooms.

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