Having Difficulty Weaning & Must Return to Work Soon

Updated on February 22, 2008
D.B. asks from Greensboro, NC
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My son is 10 months old and breast feeds first thing in the morning, before naps (he still takes 2/day) and before bed at night. In the past, I have pumped and both my husband and I have given him breast milk from a sippy cup (he never took a bottle), but he wouldn't drink it. I wasted a lot of breast milk before I finally gave up on that route. Now I am in the position where I must return to work very soon. I have been giving my son formula in a sippy cup but he really doesn't seem to like it. While he will occasionally take sips (which he usually spits out) he won't really drink it. I'm a nervous wreck since he'll be starting daycare soon. This morning when I put him down for a nap, instead of nursing him, I took in a sippy cup of formula. He took some sips but spit most of it out. I don't know what to do. Also, he breaks out w/eczema when he has dairy, so its not as if I can even supplement with whole milk in the imminent future. Please help! I don't know what to do.

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why the need to use a sippy cup so soon? What about a bottle that is similar to a breast......I've seen two different bottles that are "shaped and feel" like the breast. I think one is from the catalog "One Step Ahead" and I think the other one I saw on "Mothering" magazine website....It's worth ordering one of each and see if he'll take expressed milk from one of those bottles.
Your employer should allow you extra time to pump milk at work until you find a formula that your son seems to like.

Carnation Good Start with the broken down proteins was the only one my kids, (who were all breast fed), would take....in fact, I did not go to whole cow's milk until my kids were 2 or 3.....I used the Carnation formula all that time.....cow's milk made them constipated and sick, so I just used the Good Start formula until they could handle milk. It was better for them anyway than the cow's milk!




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I solely nursed for 13 months with my last child. The only thing that helped her wean was vanilla soy milk. She has a little problem with lactose. The vanilla soy was sweet and it worked. She drinks lactaid, but she is three now.



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Have you tried different kinds of formula? My daughter did not like the first brand I gave her and would spit it out, not drink it, etc. Then I switched to a different brand, she took to it much easier. Just a thought.



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I thought my little girl would have the hardest time when I had to leave her at 11 months. She was still waaay into nursing. I finally left her, and she did have a few fits, but after a while she started drinking the milk I left her in her sippy cup. She would never drink it out of a cup when I was around, though, and to help wean we only did night time and morning nursing.

It can be tough, but your son will figure things out if you stay consistent.

Good luck!



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Trust me, You son will not let himself starve to death. He will drink out 0f the cup (or bottle) eventually. It might be a rough few days for both of you, but he will catch on and you will both be fine. Keep your chin up, and try(I know this is hard) to relax. You both can do this!!!



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