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Updated on July 01, 2011
K.G. asks from Fort Wayne, IN
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I am having my 2nd to last back molar pulled tomorrow, I cracked it in half whan I was a child and have had a temporary on it since then not the same temp I have had it changed twice. I am not hard on my teeth and my dentist said if it was not bothering me we wont touch it. well the past several months I have been having pain on and off, and over the past two weeks it has been very consistant. This morning I woke and was taken to my knees with the pain. I have never had a tooth ache so it was an eye opener. I cannot pay the outragous amount to have a bridge or see going through a root canal. I am going to have it pulled and be done with it. Like I said I am very good to my teeth cleanings every 6mo no tartar or cavities this has come out of no where. So my question is has anyonehad a back tooh pulle did it hurt? did your teeth shift alot over time? any info would be great. TIA

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So What Happened?

thanks everyone as I sit here typing all i feel is the throubing bambambam of my tooth. I am feeling a bit better about just having it pulled. :-) Thanks Grandma T I planned on making sure I was fully numbed for this. as for labor will I had an emer csect (breach) so I have no idea what labor is like. if its worse than this #2 will also be a csect. lol

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The dentist should numb the area so having the tooth pulled shouldn't be painful. Once that wears off, Extra Strength Tylenol managed the pain for me. It's VERY important to follow the directions they give you for the recuperative period. I had my back and 2nd to the last molars pulled several years ago and my teeth have not shifted. Hope this helps...good luck!

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I personally would choose the root canal and crown route. ANY time there is a way to save the original base to the tooth, this is what I would choose to do. If you opt to pull the tooth, then that tooth is gone for good. You're going to have a hole in your mouth. You may have some shifting of all of your teeth (probably from the front pushing to the back), which can cause more issues in other places. Plus, back teeth are so important for chewing your food.

If you are in serious pain, then a root canal should take care of that pain. The root canal itself is not very painful at all...as a matter of fact, you will feel so much relief from your current pain that you will be glad when it is done. AND you will then be able to put a crown over that tooth (and possibly continue to use that tooth/crown for the next however many years...I've had some of my crowns for 10 years with no sign of issues).

As for right now, remember that COOL is better for your tooth. Heat will actually cause the pressure to build in that tooth, making things much more painful. I had to have a root canal about 3 years ago, and if I could keep water in my mouth (literally sitting there with a gulp full of water in my mouth) then the pain would go away. That was a miserable night and next day, but the cool water helped. Not sure why, but chewing a banana with that tooth also helped (I have absolutely NO reason why that would have helped, but for me, it did).

Good luck with whatever you decide.



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I had a molar pulled several months ago. When the bone is healed, I will do the implant and then a crown. It is a long (~6 month) procedure. I felt the needle for the anesthetic block and that was it for pain. I took one tylenol with codeine after - I was dizzy for 6 hours but no pain. Next time I would just take the tylenol. All in all I was vastly less painful once the tooth was out. You do not need to decide about an implant right away. The bone needs to heal for 3-4 months before hand so you can budget for it.



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I have had several molars pulled. It was very easy and super fast, but the oral surgeon was a big strong guy with a lot of experience. It takes about a minute to pull a tooth after numbing. Really. It's amazing how fast. You might hear it and that's gross, but there's no pain and it's over before you know it and your tooth ache will be gone!

I have a lot of anxiety and panic over being numbed because I feel like I can't breathe, but I requested a special placement of the injection so it doesn't numb my throat, and it still didn't hurt.

It's best to get a cracked tooth pulled by an oral surgeon just in case a piece of a cracked tooth remains in the gums. I never had this happen even though two of my molars were cracked when they were pulled. An oral surgeon will be able to make the incision to cut out the piece right there and you won't have to wait for an appt with an oral surgeon.

You will need a prescription pain reliever after the numbing wears off, but get it from your dr. Nowadays you have to special order oxycodone, etc. and wait a day. You won't need this for more than a day or two at the most.

Remember to follow their directions for after care. No sipping from straws or you could get dry socket.


answers from Redding on

I'm missing a couple of back molars and have had no problems. Got a bridge later down the road.. you'll be fine. Just tell him you want it numb before he pulls it. It wont hurt. If you've had a baby you can have a tooth pulled. I always gear all my pain towards labor pain.. and do the breathing, it always works for me.


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Husband had 1 pulled and he said it was fine...I had 1 pulled and it was OK...to be honest that thing did NOT want to come out and the dentist really had to yank and pull at mine...it kept breaking apart...it took a long time to get it out and I was SO happy to be done with it, when it finally ended! It was kinda traumatic...he had to use all kinds of tools and the noises you hear in your head are extremely scary and gross!!

~After I got home and whined to my husband how scary it was for me, he told me he knew exactly what I was talking about b/c the same thing happened to him...he just didn't want to worry me before my appt.

I guess what I am trying to say is...even if it really sucks, a few of us have done it before and it will be OK :)



answers from Joplin on

I have had a back molar pulled and it was pretty much no big deal. I was even able to have one of my wisdom teeth pulled out with only a local shot for numbing and that was just a little pressure as well. The sound is worse than the pain. Both times I have had swelling after but nothing terrible and definitely not as bad as the pain of a tooth ache. My teeth have not shifted and I am diligent about brushing and flossing...you will be ok. They may give you something for pain for after but I never needed anything beyond the first day or two.



answers from Bloomington on

my 7 year old just had a molar pulled-- his was also cracked. he didn't even know they pulled it out!! we showed him his tooth and he was SHOCKED!!! they already did it??!?!? the dentist put a spacer in to keep the space between his teeth-- although i don't know if you'd need that with adult teeth, the concern is that there will be no place for his adult tooth to come in a few years... you wouldn't have that concern...



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MY husband has had a back tooth pulled. As did my mom. They didn't have much pain. Tylenol will help. Ask if you can take some before your appt. Good luck!


answers from Jacksonville on

I know you said you don't want a bridge or whatever... have you considered (or even discussed with your dentist) having an implant? My husband had one of his crumble about a year ago. He had had sudden pain every once in a blue moon with that particular tooth, for a year or two. But they couldn't find anything wrong with it (believe me they tried to...)... some things just don't show up on xrays... Anyway... it finally just split in half, and when he went in to the dentist the next day and he went to pull it, it just crumbled. He went ahead with having an implant done (it takes a few appts, the socket has to heal from the tooth removal, then they screw in the actual implant --a titanium root, essentially) and that has to heal. Then a few months later, they attach the fake tooth to the implanted root. That was about a year ago that he finally finished up all of it.... and he hasn't had a single issue with it since. And the titanium root will protect the integrity of his jaw bone. (The bone actually fuses with the titanium!)

My husband is 43 and never had any other tooth problems.

It was spendy (about $3,000 for EVERYTHING) and it wasn't covered by the insurance we had at the time, but it happened just before the end of December, and we were able to put enough $ into our HSA to use, so that at least it was taxfree $.

He recovered from the implant surgery (pain wise) within about 24 hours. But he was still required to use care and brains when eating for several days after that. Then he wasn't allowed to have hard things (peanuts/popcorn) for a bit longer.

I have no idea how that compares price-wise, with just a root canal and a bridge... But to my husband, it was worth every penny.


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I had to have my back molar pulled when I was just a month pregnant. I was told that it would be over $1500 for a root canal and a crown. Well, my main concern was having anything like that done so early in my pregnancy, not to mention we did not have the money for that. It didn't hurt at all! The sounds were gross and it ached a couple days. My teeth haven't shifted and it's been 2 years since it was pulled. A good friend of mine said her daughter had a root canal and crown on her back molar and a year later it feel out anyhow. I was happy with my decision :) Good luck!


answers from Appleton on

I had one pulled a while back (2-3 yrs ago). It wasn't that bad getting it pulled, but it hurt the next couple of days. I had a pounding headache for 2 days after. You think it's not a big deal, but it is and you are very sore. Sometimes they will prescribe Tylenol w/codene. That didn't sit well with me, so I just took 650mg of Tylenol (Arthritis formula) and that seemed to help. No shifting in the teeth at all for the last few years. I hear ya about having to pay for a bridge! Good Lord they may well take your first born for what they charge. Best of Luck!!



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I just recently had that tooth pulled! I was a little freaked out about it, but I got the nitrus oxide and it was numbed well. Wasn't a big deal at all and didn't have too much pain for the first couple of days. However, I did develop a partial dry socket, so I had to go back a few days later and they put something over it to allow it to heal better. My doctor said it would take a good 2 weeks for it to heal and I think it was exactly day 14 before I didn't have any jaw pain or have to take advil, but it has been about 2 months now and everything is great. I am not planning to get a bridge or the implants either. My mom had a tooth pulled and never got a bridge for it, but it was a back tooth on top. It hasn't shifted on her in all those years. Good luck!

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