Having a Princess Party and Need Ideas

Updated on June 21, 2011
J.P. asks from Murrysville, PA
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My daughter and niece are having a combined princess party. They are turning 3 and 2. We all went to Disney this past year, so we are having a Disney princess party. The girls are dressing up, but we are trying to think of some other ideas for the party. The kids will range in age from 2 to 10. My son had a superhero party a few months ago and my BIL dressed as the Green Lantern. We had a hero training course with certificates at the end, and I made all the kids their own capes and masks. It seems like I had so many ideas for his party, but the princess thing has me a bit stumped. I would love to hear your ideas!

I just want to add that there are going to be boys at the party too. I am getting some great ideas, so I thought someone may have an idea about what to do with the boys? I love the kiss the frog game idea and red carpet introductions! Having daddy the king do it is so cute! I did get a castle pinata and princess foam craft kits, but nothing for the boys yet...

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for the ideas! I'm glad I asked and am looking forward to the party!

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answers from Dallas on

for our princess party i went to the dollar store and bought everybody a tiara and wand and plastic jewelry for the goody bag. We met a McDonlads. had everybody come in a princess dress. I put blush and lip golss on each of the girls, sprayed glitter hairspray on them and put the crown on them. Then we had a princess fashion show. Each one walked the little red carpet we rolled out. They got thier wand at the end of the runway. Then we took group pictures and had cake and ice cream.

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answers from Philadelphia on

2 and 3 is really young - keep it simple and easy and relatively short!!

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answers from Houston on

I'm a princess party entertainer! One thing you can do, is put on some princess disney music and twirl and dance, and do a freeze dance. You can do a royal introduction, roll out a red carpet, and introduce the girls with royal names, "Lady Kaitlyn of the Unicorn Kingdom". They can help name each other and do this as a fashion show. You can do a little craft, like making wands, sashes or tiaras, put on lipgloss and blush that they can wear in the fashion show at the end... tons of easy kits like that are pretty cheap at craft stores or orientaltradingcompany.com

You can act out famous princess stories or play a guessing game on a famous princess. (ex: which princess ate an apple that made her sleepy?)

You can read a princess story. This princess has lots of great ideas:

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answers from Chicago on

We did a princess party and did most of the things listed. We played Kiss the Frog game (the girls put on lipstick, then walk over to a frog poster and kiss the frog while blindfolded), and they decorated tiaras with stick-on rhinestones. Each princess paraded down the "runway" (our hallway) decorated with Xmas lights and was announced by the King (Daddy).

We served fancy punch and finger sandwiches. I made a castle cake with the Wilton Castle Cake set (it was actually pretty easy!)

Mostly the girls liked to parade around in their dresses and dance :)

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answers from Reading on

We just had a princess party for my 4yo DD. There were 2 teenage girls dressed as cinderella and snow white to entertain the kids. They played music , danced with the kids, played hula hoop games to music and played with balloons to music. For the crafts, the girls made tiaras and the boys decorated foam swords with foam stickers. The swords were from five below. Each child also also decorated a foam picture frame. The girls put flower stickers on and the boys put star stickers on. Each child had their picture taken with the princesses, we printed them out at the party and put them in the frames. Also, we asked all kids to come dressed up. I had a castle coloring page for them when they got their and paper goody bag for them to color. There was also a short (1 song) puppet show. The boys had as much fun as the girls.

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answers from Dallas on

I did a princess party for my little one several years ago. WE asked everyone to wear there best princess or prince attire. WE had a castle pinata(sp sorry) I then got some wooded shapped hand mirrors and let them paint the mirrors. We played a kiss the frog game, the kids loved it. For 2 and 3 yr olds maybe you can make castles from clay and then bake them to get them hard. I also got plastic oicture frams from the dollar store and let them glue jewels around it. I took a picture of all the kids all dressed up and printed out a picture to put in the frame for wach kid. This was our goodie gift, no candy.

Good Luck

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My daughter narrowed it down to Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty, so we had a "Pin the Hair Extension" on Rapunzel (poster, poster frame with it's protective film left on for the party, yarn braids with each kid's name on a strip of construction paper). They were mostly 4 year olds and had never played "Pin the ....[anything]" so they were a bit confused, but all loved being spun. Anyone "scared" of the blindfold were allowed to leave it off, but just weren't in the running for a prize. We had boy and girl prizes.

2nd game was "Tangled/Untangled" - boy and girl mini puzzles wrapped in a ton of layers of crepe paper and undone when the music stopped. Again, less of a hit as they were confused and for once, their manners kicked in and they were gentle and helping each other!

3rd game was a pink "Sleeping Beauty" castle pinata - not the string type we learned about later, but the good old fashioned "beat the heck out of it" style. We used a borrowed baseball bat, my husband strung it out on the lawn, and we had about a 10' radius so no one would get hit. Plus, NO blindfolds. It was (no pun intended) a total hit!:)

Enjoy - get creative and have fun! They are 3 and 2 - they'll be most happy with wearing their costumes with their friends:)

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answers from St. Cloud on

We did a princess party for our daughters' 5th last year.

Everyone came dressed up.

We started with a craft. Crowns. The kids decorated them with stick on jewels. You could buy or make cardboard swords for the boys to decorate.....

Then we had a hunt. I put some candy and little treasures (rings, balls, etc.) into Easter eggs and each kid got to go find x amount. There were also slips of paper in some as well for slightly larger prizes. Pencils, jump ropes, bubbles, etc.

Then we played a bean bag toss game. I had purchased some GREAT prizes on clearance at Walmart. $25 and $30 items for only $1, $2, and $3! So each child threw 3 bean bags towards a basket and then got to choose a prize from the laundry basket! (Most went home with nicer things than they brought!)

After this, we frosted and decorated cupcakes. Then had lunch. I made spaghetti and garlic bread because most kids seem to like it........

Then we did presents and had free play.

Part of our "goody bags" included a helium butterfly shaped balloon. BIG HIT with the kids!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

We had a princess party and each girl brought their own costumes, some just wore long nightgowns and dressed them up. We bought the foam cut outs crowns with elastic cords to attach in boxes at Hobby Lobby and I had a whole fishing tackle box of random gems, sequins, and other sparkly things from previous crafts. They come in bags at the store too. We used a regular craft glue like Aileen's or some other quick drying one. The boys had fabric to make capes and any other items they could think of for their prince costume.

We bought a wall poster/door hanger at a party supply place that had a picture of a path and a distant castle on it. Each girl got a picture in front of the castle.

My little guy was not even one when we did this so he got his own costume. It was October and he was going to be a parrot on papa's pirate shoulder for Halloween. I made a costume for him out of a fake fur looking fabric at Walmart. It was lime green and fluffy but not a long fur, rather short pile. I made the hood part that would eventually have a beak and eyes on it and just made some ball shapes, half green and half white. I put a black pupil on them and hand sewed them on top. Then I used a little fancy bracelet on top that was not too girly. He was a frog prince.

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