Having a Baby After an Ectopic Pregnancy

Updated on June 07, 2014
J.B. asks from Mount Laurel, NJ
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Hi I'm a mom of 3 beautiful girls 10,7,and 2. I'm 28 years old and just recently found out I was pregnant super shocked by the way considering I was on BC and got my period every month on time...anyways it literally took one day to find out I was expecting and in a matter of hours had to have emergency surgery because my left fallopean tube had ruptured filling my stomach with over a liter of blood. I had two hours to adjust to having a fourth child and two hours after to realize my baby was already going to be gone out of my life. I was pretty set on not having any more kids but now I'm in such a depression state that something is missing...its been two days since surgery and I'm so scared of this happening again to me I could not go through this again if anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it...thanks you.

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answers from Portland on

This is a major loss. It's necessary for you to grieve. And normal to feel frightened about this terribly painful experience be repeated. It will take time for you and your body to heal. A grief counselor could help you move through this.

The way through is to accept the pain. Don't try to push it away. When you feel the pain, you will get through the pain more quickly. If you push the pain away you're feeling it less. We have to do all the grieving in order to heal.

I suggest reading a book on grief might help. I felt do much better ehen I understood the process.

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answers from Phoenix on

Just wanted to share that my mom had an ectopic pregnancy and fallopian tube rupture and removal between my sister and myself. She was 30 when my sister was born, conceived with no medical intervention and just the one tube. So if you do decide to go for 4, it happens!!
I am sorry you have to go through this, I know it was really hard on my mom physically and emotionally. Women have to be strong to handle everything our bodies dish out. Sending you strength!!

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answers from Kansas City on

I'm sorry. Your hormones are probably completely out of whack. I'm not sure the chances of having it happen again; my sister had twins after an ectopic pregnancy.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Your body will heal and your hormones will balance out.

You will miss that child but it was never in a place that it could grow.

I had one and it ruptured too. I went in for emergency surgery and it was gone.

I do think your doc is the one to answer this question and he can explain about how the ovary is still there with eggs and working normally. They just don't have a way to get into the Uterus on that side now.

I think you can still have a child. It is my opinion though. Based on what I went through and seem to remember the doc saying.

I hope your doc is able to calm your fears and help you feel better. A short term antidepressant might help too. Our bodies take time when we have a loss. Helping us to feel better during that time isn't a weakness and in even 6 months you could be back to your normal self and able to move forward.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I don't have any advice, just lots of hugs.
Sorry for your loss and the shock of everything you have been through.

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answers from Los Angeles on

It's way to early to decide if you should have another or not. It is such a weird feeling to yearn for something you never knew you might want. After some time and you can sort out your feelings you can decide then to have another. The chances of conceiving an eptopic and on birth control no less are so small that it actually happening again are really really small. My aunt had an eptopic for her first pregnancy way back in the early 80s. Several years later she had her first child and then she had 6 more. So it is very possible to have more with only 1 tube. I wish you the best for a speedy recovery both physically and emotionally.

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