Have You Used care.com to Find a Sitter?

Updated on August 20, 2011
L.B. asks from New Rochelle, NY
7 answers

I just wanted to know if anyone had good or bad experiences, because as I was just about to contact a potential sitter today, I realized it would cost me a minimum of $30. Just for one month!

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answers from Chicago on

I have also used SitterCity, but not Care.com. One thing I have found, I get TONS of applicants, and very few of them are good with follow-thru. (It's not just the parents who can be bad about it--providers can be rude too and no-show, or just stop replying to messages.)

Make sure that your ad is VERY specific as to what your needs are. Otherwise, you may get a ton of applications for full time nannies when you are just looking for an occassional sitter.

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answers from Kansas City on

I have not used it to find a caregiver. But I am a caregiver listed. Please do the providers a favor if you use this service. Don't contact them and then fail to follow through. I get tired of getting so many emails from people that say they are interested in meeting. Then when I get back to them with a phone # they either never email, don't call, or make an appointment and then don't show up. I've only had a couple of children come to me through care.com in the last 5+ years.

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answers from Detroit on

I used sittercity.com and I found someone GREAT! It was kind of funny. We got talking about the fact that I went to HS right across the street from where she lived. Then I explained that my parents still live on the street I grew up on. And she mentioned that her daughter plays with a girl on that block....... She'd MET my daughter! My mom's NEIGHBOR's daughter is the one she had referred to! My mom had met her!!!! I know my mom's neighbors well enough that I made them my son's God Parents! So after hearing that my mom's neighbor had left her daughter at their home several times... Even to stay the night, I hired her on the spot!

Unfortunately, they moved to Alabama because her husband got an AWESOME promotion.

But the pay sites can certainly be worth it. Good luck!

ETA- @ SLM. :( That sucks!!! Why in the heck would someone not at least make contact to say, "I'm sorry... I found someone else already. Next time I'm in need of care, I may contact you."

It's just blatenly RUDE to not say anything at all!!!

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answers from San Francisco on

I'm a childcare provider and use it to get families. It's easy to use and although you have to pay, there are many sitters/nannies/childcare providers to look through. And as for providers not calling back and no-shows, etc....that's anywhere you look. I have the same problem with families who say they are coming for a visit and they never show up....but that's only been through craigslist for me. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I've had a lot of great sitters on sittercity.com good luck



answers from Birmingham on

I used it last year to find a nanny. It was a great service. We had a nanny and did not have the best experience. It is a bit expensive, but you can sometimes find coupons online for discounts. AND, make sure that you discontinue your service when your search is over or they will debit it monthly. Good luck!



answers from Houston on

I serve as a parent team for a new online upcoming company, CareNovate.com that will offer not only child care services but pet, office, home, educational and more. I like it because they have a diverse parent team (includes social workers, direct care workers, retired nurses, etc) that will approve all applicants and most care givers will have background check services via the site. They are to be cost effective, in other words cheaper than the rest while maintaining quality

The site will be launching later this year and i think it will be awesome
check out it http://www.carenovate.com or http:www.carenovate.com/blog

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