Have You Tried Bullet Journaling?

Updated on December 31, 2016
M.L. asks from Conneaut, OH
5 answers

I'm thinking of starting one..but #1 am intimidated by not having cute handwriting. And #2 worried that I won't stick with it.

It seems perfect for creative type a people..which is who I want to be but am very far from being.

If you bullet journal would you share your experiences with me???


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answers from Boston on

I have never heard of this so I had to look it up. Sounds like something that's not really worth worrying about, give it a try! Pick up a journal at Staples or CVS or wherever, give it a go and if it's not for you, you're out a few bucks.

I use a Passion Planner, which I really like. It has some of the same ideas as the bullet journal (planning but also goal setting and sort of a diary) but you don't have to create the pages. There are lots of blank pages in the back for more creative layouts. I do like the index feature of the bullet journal and may work that into my Passion Planner's blank pages section.

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answers from Norfolk on

I've never heard of it.
But it brought on a funny picture in my head of someone shooting a journal to put it out of it's misery.
I know it MUST mean something else but sometimes you have to go with the silly image and run with it.

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answers from Portland on

I don't use this method, as I am a firm believer that I don't need to spend money on extraneous stuff. I stick with a yellow legal pad. I'm also managing homeschooling, too, so I have a page where I plan my week in general, plug in appointments/commitments, dinner menu/shopping needs, and then do a daily plan for each day. Each of those days I have three columns "need to do", "want to do" and the layout/schedule for the day.

I also make a checklist for my son and one for myself. It's a lot of writing, but worth it. I put everything on that list (showers, meals, chores, studies) and we check them off as we go. It gives a sense of accomplishment. When I used book-enclosed organizers, they just didn't work as well for me. One day at a time, one page at time.



answers from Wausau on

I don't 'bullet journal' although I do like graph paper. I use a top-bound steno notepad (two columns) to make my lists, then tear & toss when I'm done. Bullet journals are cute to look at, but it seems to me that many people waste a lot of time crafting them for looks instead of productivity.


answers from Phoenix on

I recently heard of this so I searched on Pinterest. A bunch of blogs and pictures and tips came up. It looks like something you can do as a basic journal or get all super crazy creative and go wild with it. I'm a simple kind of person so it would stress me out trying to remember what symbol stood for what action and so on. I just write a list or wing it. I *try* to do these things but realize that at almost age 50, I'm sort of stuck in my ways. LOL So maybe google it or search it on pinterest and it will give you some ideas. You don't have to do all of it or buy anything special. Good luck!

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