Have You Heard That Disneyland Is Now Taking Pictures of Multi-day Pass Buyers?o

Updated on January 15, 2013
R.R. asks from Anaheim, CA
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Yes, of kids and adults, the pictures to be destroyed when the ticket expires. They're "experimenting" in an effort to cut down on "renters" of the tickets, though it's a practice they've always used for yearly passholders. I'll post the link to the story in my SWH. I've never used anyone else's tickets so won't be affected, but clearly for those who have this will put a wrench in the budget.

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So What Happened?


I'm in agreement with everyone, I'm surprised they haven't been doing it before now, and they have every right to. I only brought it to light as I've seen posts here on how to save on going to Disneyland and seen the "renting" process recommended. Never approved of the idea, and knew they did random ID checks (contrary to what some have posted) prior to this.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

It's about time!! Anybody that thinks it's ok to "rent = steal" tickets has no business being there.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

A photo idea for multiple day passes?
Makes total sense.
Disney used to be cutting edge--surprised this is a new policy.

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answers from Erie on

Our local amusement park has been doing this for season tickets for years http://www.waldameer.com/

They even keep your pic on file for the next year, so you don't have to get it done every year. Fair is fair, you get a big discount for buying for multiple days with the understanding that it is non-transferable. Them's the rules :)

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answers from Miami on

I don't blame them. I wonder why they haven't before this, quite frankly. When my kids were younger and I had a season pass for amusement park places, they always took our pictures. The pictures were on the passes.

People have no business sharing passes. It's cheating.


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answers from Washington DC on

Makes sense. At Disney World the do a finger scan the first time you use the pass and then it's checked each time you enter the park. Since the tickets get substantially less expensive per day the more days you buy, it would stand to reason that they check to be sure people are paying for what they actually use.

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answers from Dover on

Other places have done the same thing...some w/ pics and other with using a finger scan. If you aren't trying to cheat the system, nothing to worry about.

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answers from Phoenix on

This is just another way to enforce an already existing policy. I'm surprised they haven't been doing for years, honestly!! I always kind of cringe when I hear about people getting "deals" via some random person who is letting them "borrow" a day.

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answers from San Diego on

I have read the article you are talking about and have heard about the program.
Disneyland is having a lot of problem with "ticket sharing/renting". Companies will buy 3 day park hoppers and then "rent" them to people at a price that is less than a one day ticket but still make a profit off of it. There is also a huge problem with untrustworthy people listing "partially used" tickets on places like Craigslist and Ebay, but the person buying them finds they are used and had that money stolen from them.
This is something that could cut down on those companies and those who are fraudulently listing used tickets, taking money from those who don't know better.
It is a way for the company to not loose money and maybe, just maybe, not have to pass that loss on to us by way of high ticket prices. The price of our Annual Passes have risen sharply since we first started getting them in 2005 and I blame in part ticket scalpers/renters/sharers.
I believe the people that buy/rent a partially used ticket just to save them money are doing a very dishonest thing. I know I am paying for their dishonesty.
This is the best idea they can come up with for now to stop the stealing. I for one am for it. They are testing some other methods in Walt Disney World as well which include thumb prints which is a system I've seen used at Sea World in San Diego.

edit: Nevermind...the link does work if you only click the first half.

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answers from Norfolk on

It doesn't surprise me.
Tickets are non transferable, so this will stop the ticket black market.

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answers from Seattle on

Also for 'line workers' & multiple people enterances on a single pass.

Many people hire the Home Depot Guys to stand in line for them, especially during busy times & new rides. You station them in different parts of the line, so you can ride a 4 hour line every 20 minutes (or more commonly, have several guys in several lines.

You can ALSO get multiple people in on one pass, when one person schleps the pass back and forth between inside the park and out. So 2-3 passes for 4+ people (sometimes as many as 10-20 have been caught scamming this way.


I used to live 20 min from DISNEYLAND.

We HATED the scammers... Because Disney accounts for them, and they jack the prices up for everyone, and make ride lines a LOT longer.

The only part where this bugs me is for people who go in on a multi pass. One person one day, another person the next. To ME that's fair. 1 pass, 1 body.

I suspect this is also why Disney HASN'T done a picture in the past. As its actually something that is recommended by the company (helps lower income people come, when alone they couldn't afford to, since a multiphasal is cheaper than individual tickets.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I hadn't heard that, but I can't say I'm surprised. I, too, have heard of many people buying multi-day passes and then selling the unused days to other buyers, so Disneyland is definitely losing money from the practice. It wouldn't bother me if I purchased the pass, other than the fact that I'd have to waste time getting my picture taken. I've been missing my season pass lately. Just couldn't justify the cost when they went up so much last summer. :(

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answers from Detroit on

They did fingerprinting when we were there. I think it's pretty effective. Though grandpa went through an ordeal because they could not get his to match, but he WAS the original ticket holder of course. They finally got it to match. Sounds like they need to make sure the technology works really well!

I am glad they do this. If others cheat the system, that's terrible.

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answers from Los Angeles on

yeah get the renters out of the park. I am sorry if you can't afford to take your family to d-land but going to d-land is not a RIGHT. If people are totally cheating the system to get in the parks some of them are the ones that are stealing. Yup theft in the parks is up BIG TIME. I mean we NEVER left valuables in our stroller and most people are smart enough not to but people are stealing strollers and diaper bags and whatever. Yeah you may leave your snacks in a diaper bag and people know that. They don't want to spend the $$$ on food either so if they think you have snacks in your bag they will be happy to take them from you. Imagine having your diaper bag stolen and you didn't have diapers, wipes, food, change of clothes for your baby would that ruin your day? Yeah if they stole your family's snacks that would suck but for the most part you could find a replacement in the park but it would cost a lot. For baby stuff yeah they still have it but it is worse. Oh yeah and this happened to my cousin. Annual passholder. One time her whole diaper bag got stolen and onetime her whole stroller. If someone can't be honest about one thing why expect them to be honest about another.

the renters also mess it up for legit school groups and charities that buy group passes at a discount.

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