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Updated on August 23, 2010
P.O. asks from Antioch, TN
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Well I have to make a decision to take out my sons tonsils, and his adenoids are already gone. My little trooper seem to have to go thru so much. Anyway, from those of you who have had your tonsils out, how often do you get colds,flu, strep throat, etc than the average person on account of it being gone. Was it painful to have it removed and did you regret having it done because of being more prone to virus, infections. I guess that's my biggest concern. They are there for a reason as a first defense system against other things in your body and I am just simply afraid to have those done too...Can someone give me some reassurance.

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answers from Washington DC on

I had mine removed at age 11. I did get a lot of colds and infections before the removal and after they got taken out it got a lot better. Yes there was pain and discomfort but nothing ice cream could not make better. Since then I never had strep again, colds I get and flu I had once in my adult life ( the real flu and not cold with flulike symptoms big diffrence). Before I got them out I alway had bad stomch flues and they almost stoped , they stoped completly when I had my Apendix out some years later.

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answers from Toledo on

The most frequent reason for removing them is ongoing infection. If the tonsils are infected, they continuously "drip" infection into your system. That's why most kids are much healthier after having them removed. His immune system is run down from constantly fighting, so he catches everything that comes around. Removing them allows his body to fight infection better. He should have a sore throat for a few days, and be fine. Usually, when you tell kids they "have" to eat ice cream and popscicles for a few days, they pack their bags! Good luck. N. (retired nurse)

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answers from Cincinnati on

The first thing is, why are you considering having them removed? What benefit are hoping for? Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

As for my experience, my brother, sister and I have all had our tonsils out. When I was in 5th and 6th grade (siblings were 6yrs and 4yrs younger), from November to April, all three of us had strep throat. We would be on antibotics, then a few days after finishing the prescription, we would have it again. They tested my parents and our dog to see if one of them might be a "carrier", but they weren't. That next summer all three of us had a T&A. No one has had strep throat since.

I don't recall being in any serious pain. It was just a sore, scratchy throat, not too different from what we had with the strep. From what I remember, my brother and sister recovered a little more quickly than I did. I believe the doctor said that it is because they were younger. The three of us do not get sick any more often than the average person does.

I hope this helps! Good Luck!

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answers from Kansas City on

Never missed mine, never had many colds and I never get bronchitis etc. I guess I can't say for sure that they aren't needed. But I really don't believe I've missed them.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi. My oldest had her tonsils and adenoids taken out at the same time (I'm surprised you didn't have to do that to) I don't regret it at all...and didn't from the moment we went to her in the recovery room and saw that she wasn't snoring!! Before the surgery it seemed like she always had a cold or allergies, snoring, runny nose....I was the one that asked my DR. why?? He ordered an x-ray and within in 3 weeks we saw the ENT and had her surgery scheduled. She is 18 now, and hasn't been to a doctor except for shots/check-ups since her surgery 11 yrs ago. Unlike her two sisters who both sill have their adnoids and tonsils! Of couse it's painful, and you need to prevent pain by giving the pain pills from the moment you get home as they are directed...it is easier to prevent than get rid of pain. You do have to make sure that your child gets plenty of fluids after the surgery to prevent dehydration which is one of the biggest reasons for the return trip to the hospital after surgery. Doctors do not like to perform surgery on children unless they really think it needs done. Best wishes.

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answers from Casper on

I had mine removed when I was 16/17 during the summer so that I didn't miss much school. To be honest I was glad they were coming out. I had reoccuring strep that it seemed like I was constantly on meds. The only thing that I have noticed since having them removed is that now I suffer from seasonal allergies that I didn't have before. But I consider that a better trade as you can treat seasonal allergies ALOT easier than strep. I remember it being a bit painful to have them removed, but that could be due to my age. If you are having them removed because he is always sick, then don't be afraid, he will be much better without them.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I had mine taken out in January at 30yrs old. After years of suffering extremely painful sore throats every Spring and Fall (like not being able to even swallow water and having to spit instead of swallow my spit!), I had mine taken out, and havne't regretted it one second since. My recovery, even as an adult, was about a week. I was back in the swing of things by the fourth day out and aside from the lingering sore throat from surgery I was good to go after a week.

Since then I have not had one sore throat. I've had one cold and my allergies were next to nothing this year compared to totally knocking me out in previous years. I do not regret it one bit.

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answers from Richmond on

I was in middle school when I had mine taken out. I was miserable right after the surgery, but honestly, I was MORE miserable with the strep throat that I had constantly before removal. I was ALWAYS sick because the strep never totally went away.

Right after the surgery, I would eat because the scabs grossed me out. It was all freezey pops and fluids. I lost a little weight, but I stayed hydrated. My mom was diligent about me taking my antibiotics (which you're supposed to take with food, and since I couldn't eat I was very sick to my stomach)... but honestly, I am SO happy that I had this done when I was a child!! I hear horror stories of adults having their tonsils removed, since children heal so much easier than adults do.

If it were my child in your situation, I would absolutely not hesitate to have their tonsils removed NOW.

Good luck and best wishes! Hope your little man feels better :)

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answers from Phoenix on

my advice don't wait, I had 20 cases of tonsilitis and various other colds etc before they finally took them out at age 18 and that's only because I had had mono at age 17 and got so sick I was put in the hospital after that I was getting sick with tonsilitis every few months or so. I have only had strep a few times since then and I'm now 38 yrs old. I actually looked and felt healthier after they removed my tonsils, wish they would have done it alot sooner would have saved me alot of pain and misery, The surgery was quick and the pain afterward was no worse than a bad sore throat,



answers from Philadelphia on

I had my tonsils out in college and wish I had it done sooner. Before the surgery, I was sick all the time and always had a sore throat. Since then, I have been MUCH healthier! Do it now and it will prevent a lot of future illness (although I understand that it is counter-intuitive!). Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

I just wanted to write in and say that I feel your pain with the decision. My daughter, almost 6, just had her tonsils and adrenoids out, and also had ear tubes placed on Friday. The recovery from all 3 hasn't been too bad, she has been a real trooper. I fought with myself over the decision, and I am worried about losing that line of defense too. She had the surgery because of recurrent ear infections and sleep disturbances. Everyone I have ever spoken to about this, and I posted on here a while back, has all said it was the best decision that have ever made. Just curious as to why they didn't take them together... most docs seem to agree to do them both at once because most end up back to get the other done if not. But I hear you on the immune system thing, that worries me too... and we do not need another winter like last year or I will lose my mind! (4 stomach virus brought home by my kindergartner that ran though our family of 5! Yuck!) Good luck!

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