Have You Ever Taught/led Exercise Classes?

Updated on September 26, 2012
A.G. asks from Houston, TX
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At the Y or gym? Like zumba, body combat or body pump? Was the class your area of exercise expertise or did you have to "train" in the class for a few months in order to qualify to teach it?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the responses from those of you who actually taught a class. Gave me some understanding where my instructors are coming from. I have one who just seems tired of her job and doesn't seem to enjoy teaching our class and wanted to gain insight on how she might have come to the position. You all seem to love and enjoy the classes you teach. I can't go to another class on some days bc her class is the only time offered on certain days I can go.

Mamazita...I wasn't asking bc I'm interested in becoming an instructor. lol as a researcher, analyst and copy writer one of my job requirements is to do research, investigate and find and give accurate info by calling around, interviewing people and looking things up on the internet, so I'm well aware of my resources when it comes to needing info. But your suggestion doesn't work well when you need personal testimonies.

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answers from Dallas on

I became certified as a personal trainer a little over 10 years ago. I started working at a Golf and Country Club shortly after that. I still teach a strenght/cardio class and do personal training there. A year later I also started teaching at the local senior center. I had been taking aerobics for years so I felt very qualified to teach group exercise. I took me a little bit to get comfortable with it and develop routines I really liked.
Since then I have also become certified to teach arthritis classes and water aerobics. I also have certification in Functional Fitness which helps with evals and corrective exercise.
The country club couldn't care less about me taking any CEUs as long as I had a cert and everyone liked my classes. The senior center is very strict about years CEUs. I think the Y would be also.
You can get certified very quickly in Zumba, but you will have to teach a lot of classes to make money and also pay for the certification, monthly dues, and music.


answers from San Francisco on

I think you need to be a certified instructor, which you achieve after completing a training course. I KNOW that's the case for Jazzercise and The Bar Method, and I assume Zumba and other programs are similar.
Why not google the classes your interested in teaching and find out what it takes to be an instructor?
You can also call your gym and ask them what kind of qualifications they require :)



answers from Columbus on

The y has several classes you have to take, if you are working there they pay for you to take the classes.



answers from Dallas on

I taught a mix of step, floor, interval (aka body pump) and water aerobics at my college at a private fitness center and the Y.
I had to get a certificate through a national organization AFAA. They have an overall certificate and then specialized training. This was about 12 years ago and then I taught for an additional 5.
When I contemplated getting back into it, I went to 24-hour fitness and they have their own internal program and they just recommended I watch/take the class a few times, audition and then they might hire me - no certification, etc.
I would highly recommend taking the class for a while so you understand the cadence of the class. Then, if you were not a dancer, take a basic training course through AFAA to teach you how to cue and count and select music with the appropriate BPM. You'll feel better and more equipped and I feel you are more of an asset to the club you work at:)
Good luck!
(OH! if you are certified through AFAA, you get discounts on various shoes, work out apparel and supplements, etc!!)



answers from Dallas on

I am a certified Zumba instructor and teach at a private gym. I have done other forms of group exercise for many years, but nothing was as fun to me as Zumba. I became an instant addict. I took the certification course as a personal goal and ended up landing a job teaching what I love. You have to be certified to teach Zumba. Most gyms require some other form of personal or group training certification to teach their classes.

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