Have You Ever Had Your Chromosomes Tested?

Updated on October 13, 2014
L.K. asks from Lafayette, CA
10 answers

If so, what did they find, if anything? I'm just curious if more and more people are testing their children and themselves for genetic issues?

Has your child's pediatrician ever recommended it because of behavioral or medical issues?

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answers from Dallas on

Yes, my husband and I were both tested due to repeated miscarriages late in first trimester well after heartbeat was detected, etc. Everything was completely normal.

ETA: now that I think about it, when my son was a toddler and we were dealing with an autism diagnosis, the DR did mention testing for fragile X if my son showed certain characteristics as he got older, but he didn't, so we never did.

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answers from Washington DC on

Yes. After our 3rd miscarriage. When we lost Alexis at 22 weeks - the doctor recommended it.

For some reason - my husband's DNA and my DNA for girls is NOT a good combination...hence the 3 miscarriages.

No. We did not have anything done regarding behavioral, it was all about finding out why we were miscarrying baby girls.

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answers from Springfield on

Is this related to your hypospadias question?

My 5 year old has hypospadias. It was corrected with surgery when he was 10 months old, but I would really like to know if your doctor has expressed concern that hypospadias could be a sign of something more.

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answers from Norfolk on

We've never had a reason to.

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answers from Austin on

I would be curious, but I am more cautious about certain ramifications.....

What if it shows that I am at an increased risk of some disease? Will that information end up getting in the hands of an insurance provider, for example, that is going to give me higher rates because of the possibility of a disease?

Now.... if there were a reason, I can see having the genetic testing done..... they ran genetic tests on my grandson to see if there were an underlying condition that might be causing his essential tremor.... fortunately, there was not anything alarming.

I am curious about one thing, though.... my M. and my sister both were diagnosed with breast cancer (M. was 86, my sister was 61)..... I am 57 now...

I don't think they were tested for the BRCA gene.... and there isn't a family history of breast cancer on my M.'s side, either..... but... it does make me curious... why both of them? (I'm not that surprised at my M.... she was 86 at the time, after all... and my sister has other heath issues that could cause her to be at a greater risk...) And.... does that make me more at risk for developing breast cancer, if they were both diagnosed with it?

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answers from Bloomington on

Yes, my husband & I had a couple tests done. Our oldest son has a rare genetic deletion. We were tested for that specific deletion. Then, we were tested for any translocations, that could have caused that deletion. We were found to have neither , a deletion / translocation.

ETA: I was amazed at all the conditions they can test for now. When we had our test done, they gave us a list of things & asked if we wanted to test for any of those specific conditions.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I had an amnio when I was pregnant to test my daughter's chromosomes since the perinatologist suspected Down syndrome. (She was healthy!!! False alarm!). They also tested my son's chromosomes when it was discovered he had severe brain abnormalities but it wasn't related to a syndrome since his brain was the only organ found to be abnormal.

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answers from Boston on

I had amnio with two of my children following troubling screening results, so they have had their chromosomes tested and nothing alarming was found. Because my husband is Jewish, during one pregnancy I my blood was tested for Jewish carrier diseases and I was found to not be a carrier.

My oldest son has a half brother (shared biological father) who was born with hypospadias and some other issues. When I was pregnant, the biological father had chromosomal testing at my request due to some soft markers that were found on ultrasound (the same soft markers that prompted amnio) and his son's medical records were reviewed and that son had had chromosomal testing as well. The father was found to have no abnormalities and the boy was found to have chromosomal mosaicism, meaning that some of his chromosomes developed abnormally while others didn't. I don't have contact with that boy's mother but I do know that his hypospadias was corrected surgically while he was an infant.



answers from Dallas on

I had genetic testing done and found out I am a carrier of Fragile X. I prayed during both of my pregnancies that they would be girls and they were! I plan to have both my girls tested by the time they reach adulthood so they know their risk factors in case they decide they want to have children. I would think everyone would want to know if they are a carrier for cystic fibrosis as both parents must carry it in order to have a child with CF.



answers from New York on

Unless there is some bizarre problem with a family member, why would you consider doing that. Jus curios.

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