Have U Ever Made Your Own Maternity Jeans?

Updated on April 18, 2010
S.K. asks from Newfield, NJ
8 answers

I am so tired of paying 60+ for maternity jeans. Then they are saggy in the legs and butt and too long for me, im only 5'1.

so, i cut the top off my old navy jeans and sewed in my be-bands i had from when i first stared to show! Viola- maternity jeans that fit and are comfy!

U could use a strechy cami also..

any other suggestions????

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Good for you-- no one sews anymore! I'd think that buying the super low-rise jeans in a size that fits you would make it even easier.

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answers from Seattle on

That's a great idea. I too am short 5 '1 1/2 (gotta have that 1/2 inch!) and I had the same problem. This may sound ghetto, but it worked for me. One of the secretaries at my school were I taught showed me this. Just get a pair of jeans that fit you comfy and then loop a rubber band through the button hole and then stretch it around the button to close. So ghetto, but worked like a charm! Also, it didn't dig in to my tummy, so it ended up being comfy too. Of course, that only works if you wear a shirt/blouse long enough to cover it up!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Sounds like you have it all under control. Do not buy maternity jeans at motherhood maternity or any other maternity place. They are too expensive. Target has some good deals for maternity pants and tops. I found some nice cami's there when pregnant with my son. I also see lots of goodwills that sell maternity clothes,including jeans,tops,etc for cheap and in good shape.



answers from Pittsburgh on

i got all my maternity clothes at the store Ross....i love that store and everything i tried on fit and looked great and it was so cheap!


answers from Allentown on

Hi, S.:
Go to the Thrift stores in your area.



answers from Harrisburg on

If you're good at sewing and you like making new projects, you can get very nice patterns from Simplicity. And instead of paying between $15-20 dollar for a pattern, wait until they have there $1.99 dollar weekend days at JoAnn Fabrics. Get the pregnancy pant pattern you like and then don't buy the fabric at JoAnn Fabrics. That's too expensive. Go either to Surplus City or to a Fabric Outlet in your area. You might be able to google one or post it as a question on a community page, if you have one. You might be surprised at the answers you're getting.



answers from Erie on

When I was pregnant, I went to Motherhood Maternity and shopped from the sale and clearance racks. You could also check to see if there are any second hand consignment shops in your area. We have a few of those here for children, women, and teens. They are wonderful places to shop. 90% of my daughter's clothes come from one of these stores. The clothes are gently worn and a whole lot cheaper than other stores. Hope this was helpful.


answers from Richmond on

I didn't even cut my jeans, I just took a stretchy hair band and looped it through the button hole and fastened it to the button. That gives you quite a bit of extra room as long as you've got low rise jeans. It's great for afterward too, since they're still intact afterwards (because cutting your jeans up, you're still going to have to go buy new ones). I also went to Forever 21 (or maybe it was Target, I forget) and bought 2 non maternity tube tops... one white, one black, that I wore under EVERYTHING to add length to my tops. I didn't wear maternity pants until I was 36 weeks, and only because I needed to buy a pair of black pants for court. The tube tops STILL work wonders, since I'm nursing... you wear a nursing bra and wear the top just under the bra, throw a regular shirt on top... so when it comes time to nurse, just lift your shirt and pop your tata out... the tube top still covers your belly :)

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