Have a Beauty Secret/tip You Are Willing to Share?

Updated on March 29, 2012
C.P. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Just read the beauty tips from Nerida Joy on the Mamapedia home page. I was just wondering if anyone out there has any beauty secrets/tips you are willing to share with the rest of us?? I read once that hair conditioner can be used to shave your legs rather than those expensive women's shaving creams. Thanks everyone!

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answers from San Diego on

I have quite a few. Shave with conditioner instead of shaving cream. Instead of store bought sunscreens for daily use, I use a few drops of sesame oil on my face. It has worked wonders for my skin. Also, if you are not going to be out in sun for more than 30 min in a day, don't use sunscreen, let the body get some healthy dose of Vitamin D. Don't use soap on face.



answers from Atlanta on

Well a friend of mine great great grandma used to say that baby pee clear up acne. LMFAO! I dont know if that really worked but I personally find that nasty and would NEVER try it LOL

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answers from Houston on

I'm a hairstylist, make-up artist so I have tons!

But this one is super helpful. If you get a little mascara on your upper or lower eyelid, then take a q-tip, get it a little wet, then squeeze it into a flat chisel shape so it is only slightly damp. The chisel shape makes it accurate at pinpointing just the smudge. Lightly use it to remove the mascara smudge. It won't ruin your make-up and if it does remove a tiny bit of eyeshadow, it's barely noticeable and easy to fix.

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answers from Boston on

Get more sleep and drink more water!

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answers from Fort Myers on

YES! Get a boar bristle hair brush. They are not that much more expensive than the regular plastic bristle brushes and they are SO much better for your hair.
Also, switch to sulfate free shampoo. There are a couple of inexpensive mainstream brands you can easily find at the grocery store, such as Loreal Everstrong.
Both of these methods, basically leave more of your natural oils in your hair. I used to have dry, frizzy hair that broke all the time, after doing these two things for a couple of months I now have soft, shiny, strong hair!!!!!

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answers from Richmond on

I've used conditioner for shaving before. Learned that one in high school!

If you're going out for a night on the town, take a shimmery nude, white, of silver and dot the inside of your eye (where your top lid meets the lower lid, by your nose) with one of those colors to make your eyes appear brighter, wider, and slims your nose.

Use bronzer only where the sun would naturally tan your face. TOOOOOO many people overdo it with the bronzer and it drives me nuts (think: Jersey Shore).

If you're wearing a low cut shirt but have smaller tatas, spread a little bronzer or blush from between your breasts, up and over the natural curvature of your breasts for a little oomph!!

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answers from Columbia on

When wearing a suit jacket, pull the back down and under your butt when you sit and it will avoid the clumping of material at your shoulders/neck.

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answers from Erie on

Change your pillowcases at least weekly for clearer skin.

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answers from New York on

Don't smoke, limit alcohol, moisturize, cleanse every night, and always use sunscreen (spf 30+) on your face every day (all year long). Also, Preparation H can shrink puffiness & bags (especially bad now during allergy season) under the eyes.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I learned this one online, I don't like how wide my nose is so until I can save up for that nose job this trick works pretty good!
To make a wide nose appear narrower, use a stroke of some light powder or concealer that is lighter that your skin straight down the middle, but not to the tip, then apply a darker powder or i even use brown eye brow liner that I blend in on the sides, nostrils, and the tip, then set it in with some regular face powder so that it doesn't look like stripes down your nose, but blended enough so it creates the illusion of a smaller thinner nose. Works for me:)


answers from San Diego on

I have a few, that I can't pull out of my hat right now. But, the best one I have is coconut oil. It's the bomb for moisterizer - lips, skin, hair, etc. and internally as well - so good for you. I also use it to make homemade toothpaste on ocassion.

Oh, another one to help prevent razor burn in the bikini area is to put a bit of antibacterial cream or gel (like neosporin) on after you shave. (I've since had my bikini area lasered which is the bomb!)

Use coffee grinds as an exfoliant on your legs. You'll be sloughing off dead skin and reducing the look of cellulite because of the caffeine.

To make your own sugar scrub - buy superfine baker's sugar, mix with a little brown sugar and almond oil (or olive oil) and add in some essential oils.

I've read that sleeping with satin or silk pillowcases is better for your hair (less breakage than with a cotton pillow). Also, don't wear your hair up because it can cause more breakage.

I recently read (in Oprah I believe) about beauty myths that most of us believe and one that stuck out was to not use a boar's bristle brush, but a paddle brush because boar's bristle causes more breakage. I never knew that one.

I don't use a brush or comb at all after washing my hair, just my fingers. Only use conditioner on the ends of your hair. If you have really frizzy hair, use a little bit of leave-in conditioner after it's been dried to help it to lay down in place of gel or cream.

I second the tip about adding regular lotion to your tanning lotion - makes it much more natural looking. Remember to put lots of regular lotion on your hands before putting it on your body to reduce that orange hand/fingernail effect.

I guess I remembered more as I was typing;)


answers from Milwaukee on

After putting mascara on, when it's still wet use your blow dryer to blow them up. Makes them curl more.



answers from Los Angeles on

Whatever sunscreen and moisturizer you use, put it on your chest and hands too!



answers from Houston on

I second the conditioner notion, for shaving! I swipe those little bottles from hotels and use the shampoo as my body wash. Also, use a scrub on the shave surface before shaving, for a closer shave.

Also, I use conditioner with my foot scrubber thing, to smoothe my feet.

To tame my eyebrows, I lay them down with lip balm or Mentholatum. Then, I fill in with a little color and finish by brushing in hairspray. Very subtle and effective.

When I wore closed-toe shoes a lot, I would rub petroleum jelly across my toenails and the tops of my toes, to protect my pedicure and to protect my feet from developing corns.

During the summer when the heat is super duper...I shampoo my hair and rub in lots of conditioner and leave it in for a day or so. I just wear it in a bun. Then, I rinse and style. My hair has been deep-conditioned and looks healthy and strong.


answers from Dallas on

Heres a couple for the summer.

My self tanning lotion was too dark, I mix it with a little hand lotion to dilute it and now it's the perfect subtle shade.

I sweep bronzer on my jawline to make my face look thinner and the side of my nostrils to thin my nose a bit.


answers from Jacksonville on

Kinda. I learned about a shaky boob trick. Where you lean over, give your bra a little shake and it positions your boobs better. My sister had me do it one day and it looked like I went up a whole cup size! Not only that my boob actually flopped out, so I had bought too small of a bra.

31 years old and I just learned about it. When I told my friends they all laughed at me, but one other girl my age confessed that she didn't know about it either. Maybe just tomboys are left in the dark. :)



answers from Eugene on

OK, I got this tip right here on Mamapedia. Garnier has this roller thingy in a green package. It has caffeine in it so you know it has to be good. You roll the little device over the bags under your eyes to reduce the puffiness. The liquid smooths onto the skin and feels refreshing and the bags disappear. At my age, they only half disappear but that's good enough for me. How did I never hear of this before? It's a mini-miracle.

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