Hats for Baby

Updated on March 30, 2009
H.B. asks from Boulder, CO
6 answers

I am due with my second in September and am interested in making some hats while my 2 year old rests in her bed (she won't sleep, but she will lay quiet with the music on, especially if I sit in the room, and for now this is a good compromise). I have only crocheted square or rectangle things before (scarfs, blankets, hot pads, etc) and knitted a long time ago. I was wondering if any of you crafty moms had easy patterns or such for infant hats. Thanks in advance!

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answers from Denver on

You might check out Knitting Patterns for Dummies. There is a darling "flat hat" in there that has tassles. :)



answers from Casper on

They have a round template that I have seen that you use to make the hats. I know that you can get them at walmart or similar stores in their craft areas. They aren't too hard to use and come with instructions usually. Good luck and congrats.



answers from Denver on


This sight has free down loads of Knit and Crochet patterns. Don't register if you can help it or you will get spammed with yarn sale adds, but good patterns for free. Also try yarn/craft stores Michaels has some good patterns to purchase, and some like Hancock fabrics have free patterns by the yarn some of the time. Annies Attic also has great patterns that are easy to follow.



answers from Boise on

A long time ago, I downloaded a pattern for a newborn hat that says it's very easy. It looks like you just make rectangles. It's probably a bit better suited to girls, but if you want it, send me a private message with your email address. I don't have the internet link anymore, and who knows if it's still online, anyway.



answers from Fort Collins on

Have you tried www.lionbrand.com or www.ravelry.com both sites have tons of free patterns...

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