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Updated on August 05, 2007
L.S. asks from Roanoke, TX
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My daughter is almost 5 months old and she's always slept very well. We were elated and thankful when she started sleeping 10 hours a night at 10 weeks old. However, she has recently started waking up once or twice a night to have her diaper changed. Since the day we brought her home from the hospital she's had a fit after she had a wet diaper but it's never bothered her at night until now. I really don't want to wake up every night until she's potty trained. I've tried everything I can think of including putting a cloth diaper under her disposable diaper, using different diapers, etc. She doesn't wake up to eat - just to get changed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

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My daughter did the same thing. I used the night-time diapers that I think Huggies makes, and "diaper doublers" that I recall Albertsons sells (their brand.) Diaper doublers sort-of resemble mini-pads. That really worked well, along with a thick coating of D&E ointment.



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Contact Bree at Bree's Baby Store (on Campbell Rd) at ###-###-####. She's a diaper guru and can steer you probably to Fuzzi-Buns or one of the pocket cloth diapers. They wick away the moisture very well and you can add additional inserts. That would be my suggestion but she's the expert.

Good luck!



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honestly, would YOU want to be sleeping on something wet that dries to be a bit sticky? well she doesn't either, I don't really know what to tell you other than maybe change diaper brands...not sure...



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Consider yourself extremely lucky to have gotten the sleep you've gotten so far. Not everyone has been so lucky in the sleep department. :)

I think it's just a maturity issue as mentioned before. Eventually she'll grow out of it (quite possibly even before she potty trains), but until then I don't think there's anything you can do. It would be extremely cruel to limit her liquid intake especially given her age. The majority of "food" she should be getting should be either breast milk or formula until she's about a year. She's not really old enough to eat solids on a consistent basis anyway.

Good luck! Remember, this will all be over before a blink of an eye.



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I would think that perhaps she'll train early on the potty. Not this early, but it might be a good sign of that.

One other thought was that perhaps she has a Urinary Tract Infection and that it's the discomfort of voiding that is waking her rather than the wet diaper. I might have her urine tested to rule that out.

Hope you figure it out! Best of luck,




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honestly my son was the same way! he hated being in a wet diaper & would wake at night only to be changed....but he kinda grew out of it, i think around 6-9 months, i cant remember for sure, but i think it was when he really started eating more solids & not having quite so many bottles......
......sorry i know this doesnt help much but maybe once she starts on some foods then it wont be so bad

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