Has Your Child Ever Had a Severe Headache Followed with a Fever but No Other Sym

Updated on May 07, 2016
S.M. asks from Corsicana, TX
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My 9 yr. Old came home from school with a headache he mentioned it twice and that was it (no big deal I thought)now this morning he wakes pup with fever 101.5 and is complaining of severe headache behind his eyes.His skin is flushed all over he says his body is sore and weak( I'm assuming due to fever).but no other symptoms at all I even pressed aroynd his ears no pain .gave him Tylenol and bout hour later fever broke but headache persist and his head and eyes are very red and hot to the touch.I'm waiting to see if fever comes back once Tylenol wears off.its Saturday and otherwise he says he fine besides headache not sure if this us hospital worthy but if fever comes back I'm going to take him.

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answers from Dover on

Sinus Infection and/or Ear Infection are both possibilities. Without fever I would say migraine is possible (my son was just 4 when his started but the good news he outgrew them). Dehydration is possible too so push liquids (which will help with fever even if it's not the cause of the headache).

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answers from Washington DC on

Do you have a place like Patient's First in your area? It's not an Urgent Care or ER - but a staff of doctors and nurses ready to help 7 days a week.

Give him plenty of fluids. Dehydration can cause headaches.
Sinus Infections and Ear Infections can cause headaches as well.

I wouldn't rush to an ER unless you "pinched" the skin on his hands to make a "tent" and it stayed up? That's dehydration and I'd take him to ER. Otherwise? Fluids and watch him.

Good luck

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answers from Philadelphia on

I wouldn't take him to the ER unless you think it is a true emergency. Your son is already run down and I wouldn't want to expose him to all the germs in a hospital.

My daughter's have both had severe headaches with fevers. Just two weeks ago my daughter was sent home from school with a headache. She told me it was the worst headache she ever had. About 7 hours later she had a 102.9 temperature despite being on Motrin. On day 3 she developed cold symptoms and was diagnosed with a sinus infection.

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answers from Boston on

This doesn't sound like an ER visit - lots of things can cause a headache or pressure behind the eyes (sinus infection comes to mind first). He sounds like he has a flu of some sort, given the all-over aches and soreness. Fevers often go down when you give a fever reducer (tylenol, ibuprofen, etc.) and then they come back when the meds wear off. That doesn't necessarily mean anything. In fact, doctors don't always want you to medicate a low grade fever, although given your child's headache and aches, it makes sense at least at the outset. But you aren't "curing" the fever, you're just artificially reducing it. So, by itself, a fever return isn't a problem and it is a sign of his body's immune system trying to fight this.

Please call the pediatrician's 24/7 line before going to the hospital. Aside from the long wait and the expense of ER visits, taking a sick kid into an environment with a lot of sick people doesn't always make sense. Talk to the pediatrician who knows you and your child best.

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answers from San Francisco on

Call the doctor's office, the 24 hour nurse/advice line. I'm not sure why a 101.5 fever would warrant a trip to the hospital as that is pretty low grade but I don't know your son's medical history. CALL THE DOCTOR.

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answers from Norfolk on

Body aches makes me think flu.
It's a low grade fever (our pediatrician said to call if it was >104 or didn't respond to Tylenol to bring it down).
Headache could be dehydration, sinus infection, he's a bit young for migraine type headaches.
Have him rest up, sleep as much as he wants, keep up his fluids (soup broth, water, ginger ale, etc), a nice relaxing warm bath might help his headache and body aches.
Monitor for developing symptoms.
Call your pediatricians nurse line if you have concerns or questions.
With the symptoms you've listed so far - I would not take him to an ER/hospital/UrgentCare.

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answers from New York on

Fever and headache go together. If it was my child, I would just wait it out unless things turned in you. That's me though. You do what you think you need to do. No wrong or right answer here.


Fever and headache go together. If it was my child, I would just wait it out unless things turned in you. That's me though. You do what you think you need to do. No wrong or right answer here.

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answers from Portland on

It could be a bunch of different things ... really hard to say. When I am fighting something off, this is how I start off being sick - I get headaches followed by fever. So to me, that sounds like he's fighting off an infection - like sinus or something. If it were ear, he'd likely be complaining about his ear, or throat - his throat. If his eyes are red - I'm guessing sinus, or from allergies which might lead to infection. Hard to say though. Keep an eye on him.

For me, the big thing is if they are not themselves. If they are listless or dehydrated. By listless I mean kind of non responsive - beyond lethargic from being sick.

Quick call to your doctor's office might help ease your concerns.

There are certain signs to look for if it's something serious. You could Google it - as in the case of meningitis, etc.

good luck hope he feels better soon

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answers from Appleton on

It could be any number of things. He could be in the first stages of any viral illness such as the flu. He could also be simply dehydrated and over heated. I would push fluids, try some Gator-aide. Gator-aide is the only sports drink that will help a headache.
If this is something more serious the fluids won't hurt him.

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answers from Santa Fe on

It sounds a lot like a sinus headache. I would take him to the doctor and ask if he needs antibiotics in case he has a sinus infection. I will get these and you feel sore and weak the next day...and out of it. You can read online about sinus headaches. Sometimes I will take a sudafed along with ibuprofen. They really make you feel awful.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I would call your pediatrician right away. They should at least have a nurse on call to advise you. Could be just a cold and sinus infection or could be meningitis. Have you checked to be sure you don't have any of the recalled frozen fruit and vegetables that may be Listeria contaminated?

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answers from Dallas on

If he doesn't routinely get headaches that have been deemed "nothing", I'd be inclined to hit up an urgent care... It could be anything from a cold to meningitis to a thousand things in between.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Sounds like a sinus infection as I've had a few myself. They're so awful.

Hope he recovers sooner than later.

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