Has Your Child Been Diagnosed with Dyslexia?

Updated on April 02, 2007
M.T. asks from Fort Mill, SC
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I think my daughter might have Dyslexia.I talked to the prinicpal at school about how to go about testing my daughter and she said that was something a doctor needs to do.If anyone has dealt with this please help me out.I just need to know where to go from here and how the school will play a role in this situation.Thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all the responses.We live in Lancaster County,SC. My daughter has cerebral palsy and is in a self contained classroom.I contacted the pyschologist for the school district,he emailed to let me know I would need to see up an IEP meeting and we would go from
there.I will let you know what happens.If you would like to email me privately.My email is ____@____.com. Thanks again!

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answers from Norfolk on

Have you talked to the Disabilty part of the school system?..where do you live?
email ____@____.com

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answers from Spartanburg on

I'm a special ed teacher in SC and if you suspect your child has dyslexia, your child's dr. wouldn't be the one to diagnose her. In my district, a parent can request a psychological evaluation be done through a school psychologist if a learning disability is suspected. It will indicate if your child has a learning disability in any area and propose suggests for the school to consider. If indeed a learning disability is found, she will be eligible to receive special services to help her in the area of her disability at school. Talk to the principal, guidance counselor, and teacher again and tell them you want her evaluated. If you still make no headway, go to the district office and ask to speak to the special services coordinator. They should be able to help. Also check out ldonline.com, it has lots of great info you might can use. Hope this helps!

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answers from Charlotte on

I was diagnosed with it when I was a sophmore in H.S. I struggled so much with Math growing up,,I kept saying "I understand!!" because I did understand,,,in theory! The numbers would just always come out wrong no matter ho whard I tried. You need to have your child tested by a professional. My school then did things like no time limits on tests and even on my SAT's, I did not have a time limit. That is about all they did for me,,,however....my grades were almost all A's once it was diagnosed and I learned how to retrain my brain. I had to go to a specialist who helped me do that. It was VERY hard work, but worth it. When I am tired, or worn out, I still have trouble....but I read ALOT, which helps keep my brain sharp. And just so you know, I got alomost 1200 on my SAT test,,,so diagnosed with this disorder does not mean trouble in school. Your child will just have to work harder than kids without it. Best of luck to you and your child. You will have to really talk to the school and find out what they will do for your child....and the bottom line is that if your child IS diagnosed...it will really be up to you and your child to work and fix it. Again,,best of luck.

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answers from Greenville on

my mother is slightly dyslexic and she taught herself how to read. thank god they have help nowadays. the dr will tell you everything you need to get started. good luck:) p.s. choose a pediatric specialist in this area. i think a phsychologist. your schoolcounselor should know some.

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answers from Raleigh on

Hi M.!

Couple questions- How old is your daughter? What makes you think she has Dyslexia? Where do you live?

In NC, there are programs in the schools that parents and teachers go through to have children tested free of charge to the parents. I am sure this is the case in most states. Talk to your child's teacher about resources availabl. You would need a psycologist to test her not your regular doctor. If your daughter is young, she may just need some time to catch up developmentaly. I am a special ed teacher in NC. I would be glad to answer any questions you may have if you want to email me.

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answers from Norfolk on

I'm not sure to what extreme your child is showing signs of dyslexia but I know that I had a feeling that my son, at one point in time, had dyslexia. My son is now almost 6 years old but at the begining of this school year and up until about a few months ago he was writing everything backwards! It was the weirdest thing. He could say a number or a word and write it down completely backwards and think it was right. For instance he would say 19 and write 91 or say 25 and write 52. Same with words. He would say boy and write yob. Somehow, he corrected himself and he 100 times better at write things the correct way the forst time. Like I said, I'm not sure what your daighter is doing for her to make you think she has dyslexia but if it is the same thing as my son then maybe she will just grow out of it.



answers from Charleston on

Call your local school board and get the number for child find. They will test your daughter and find out if that is the problem. Also the school psychologist should be able to set up testing within the school. With the no child left behind law the school has to do something.



answers from Florence on

First I should ask... how are her grades? If they are suffering, you should ask the school to do a psychoeducational evaluation. Tell them what is going on, and request one. They should comply. If her grades are still pretty good, they may not want to do an evaluation. You could still insist and they may do it, but she even if they find something, she may not get any services if her grades are good. On the other hand, if they do find that she has dyslexia, she might be able to recieve services or maybe some accomodations.



answers from Dallas on

I am not in North Carolina, yet. However, in Texas, the schools do test for Dyslexia if you request. Many educators are under the assumption that you should not test before age 9. That is so wrong! The sooner that you get them tested, the better chance your child learns to cope. In Dallas, Scottish Rite Hospital will test for this disorder at age 5, and it's free. I think I saw a Scottish Rite in Greenville, NC. I do not know if you are near, or not, but their services are outstanding and most up-to-date. (Check them out on the web) You give them a call and request an application to be tested. If you go this route, be prepared to have documentation to support your concerns. This is where a physcian will help. The physcian will need to sign the application. Any info from teachers will also be beneficial. In addition, there is tons of info in internet that thorougly explains Dyslexia. Good luck and do not give up until your gut feeling changes!

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