Has Anyone Visited the Dinosaur Place in Montville, CT?

Updated on June 19, 2008
C.R. asks from Wallingford, CT
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Hi all,

Looking for a place to bring the kids over the summer and was wondering if anyone has been to The Dinosaur Place at Nature's Art in Montville, CT. Looks like fun but could be a waste of $$. Please let me know if you have had a good or bad experience or have heard of anything about the place. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for the responses! It sounds like The Dinosaur Place is worth the trip. We will try it out soon. Thanks again!

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Peabody Museum in New Haven is free on Wednesdays and have alot of dinosaurs....my kids love it!

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Well, I don't know anything about the one in Montville, but the one in Rocky Hill is suppose to be awesome. And there is always Kid City in Middletown. My son was 3 1/2 when we went there in Feb and he's still asking to go back. It's cheap too. $7 per person.

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Hi C.!

We took our daughter to The Dinosaur Place last summer. We were a little skeptical considering it was about an hour away from us and it was a bit pricey.

We ended up having such an awesome time. First we searched for all the dinosaurs, which im sure you read are LIFE SIZE. You go on the path and look for them all. Then at the end you come across a volcano that erupts every half hour.

After that we had a nice picnic lunch by the lake and then our daughter played for about an hour or two in the HUGE water splash pad they have. They also have an AMAZING playground.

Inside they have all kinds of things for the kids to do like digging for dinosaur bones and coloring.

We spent the whole day there. WELL worth the price of admission.

Pack like your taking a trip to the beach if you do go. You'll be outside most of the day.

I hope this helps!!
I'd absolutly recommend that place to anyone of my friends!


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I took my daughter there last summer. We didnt end up going on the trail walk which looked pretty awesome but was too pricey at the time for us and you had to pay for everyone. We did however go inside and do the activities there where you can pay for your child and as parents just observe them. You can pan for fools gold and mine for rocks that the kid can keep. The set up was really well done and they have a really nice gift shop as well. Its definitly worth checking out.

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answers from Hartford on

We found it to be fun, but not worth the $$$$. We didn't want to use their water park and still had to pay the hefty entrance few as if we were.. if you make a day of it & use the water park & regular park - bring lunch to eat - then it would be worth it.
the entrance fee was more than the Bronx Zoo!!!!

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Hi C.,

My family and I have been going for the last three years and we love it! There is plenty to do. We always make a whole day out of it. The trail you walk on to see the dinosaurs is great, it looks like they are walking in the woods. The splash pad is a good place to cool off. Another important thing, plenty of room in the bathrooms and the changing rooms.Hope this was helpful.



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If your son likes dinosaurs then he will love it. We went last year before the splash pad opened so the cost was less and my son just loved the life size dinosaurs. He liked it better than the Peabody museum and Dinosaur State Park. We didn't plan for extra money, but next time I will get prices for some of the indoor stuff so we can do the mining too. If you bring a picnic and then treat for icecream it's a nice day trip.

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