Has Anyone Used the CARES Restraint System on an Airplane?

Updated on May 19, 2008
G.P. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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We are planning to fly to North Carolina with our daughter this summer, and I am dreading the prospect of lugging a car seat and stroller to the airport, along with all of our regular luggage and toddler gear. I just found a website promoting CARES (“child aviation restraint system”), a lightweight, FAA-approved alternative to bringing a car seat on a plane, at http://kidsflysafe.com/. Has anyone heard about or used this product, and if so, what do you think of it? I am very tempted to buy it, but it costs $75, so before doing so I would like to make sure that it's really as good as it sounds!

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So What Happened?

Well, I think that I will probably try out CARES, on one condition: I need to call the airline we are flying on (US Airways) to make sure they allow its use. I read a blog by someone who said that US Airways did not allow it, despite the fact that it is FAA approved! So I have to check on this. If they don't allow it, I guess we'll have to lug our car seat around after all! If they do, I will probably use CARES and reserve a car seat with the rental car at our destination. Thanks, everyone!

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I'll be looking forward to the responses too, as this summer will be our first flight with my son.



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Hi. I bought this right after it came out. I have used it several times when flying from PA to Mexico. It is fabulous! No lugging around a carseat, it's super convenient, and easy to use. I have people ask me about it every time we fly.



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Cares system looks great.
When I have flown with my dd solo 2 leg flight cross country I took the car seat. Just rented a cart coming and going and it was fine. As someone else said, it was already a familiar comfort place.

Good luck



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I haven't used the CARES but I did fly with my two children on six different flights last summer and I used the carsear for my then 18 month old on all of them. It was the best thing for him since it was familiar and he knew that once he was buckled in he had to stay there until we got him out. Also, as of May 8 some airlines (I don't remember which ones) are beginning to charge a fee for each extra bag allowing only one free per ticket, and since you'll need to have a carseat to use at your destination the cheapest way may be to use it on the plane. Not to mention that if it is checked there is always the chance that it could be lost luggage. (I worried about this as we did check my older son's booster) As for your stroller, you can use it in the airport to either cary your daughter or luggage and carseat and just check it at the gate. They will have it sitting right outside the plane door when you arrive at your destination. We found it very convenient. I know this isn't the information you were looking for, but the more information you have the easier it is to make a decision, right? lol. If you do decide to use the CARES please let us know. It sound like a great system. Enjoy your flight and your trip.

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