Has Anyone Used "Chalkboard" Paint?

Updated on August 01, 2008
S.W. asks from La Crosse, WI
14 answers

I am thinking about redoing my teen son's room and painting one wall with that paint that turns the wall into a chalkboard. I thought it would be cool for him to be able to decorate a wall with his own art. Anyway, I wanted to know if anyone has used this product before. Was it easy to apply? Does it REALLY dry to a chalkboard finish? And, most importantly, can you eventually paint over it?!? Thanks for any advice on this!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have used the black "brush on" type...works great and I have also painted over it, totally possible, just had to use a primer first. Then I used the green spray on paint, also works great.
Have fun!

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answers from Wausau on

I considered this, but changed my mind due to chalk dust and not wanting that all over my house and kids lungs. Instead, I painted a wall with magnetic paint, then painted over it with the wall paint. Works great. We got a lot of magnetic poetry and started collecting magnets. They can hang their art, or make words and phrases with the words and letters. We love it. If you use it, make sure get get it mixed at the paint store, it can be clumpy. (we got our's at Sherwin Williams.)



answers from Grand Rapids on

We have a basement apartment and it had a spot that had that chalk board paint on it. It took two layers of Kilz and two layers of paint to cover it up... It just kept showing through, I finally got it coved, but it took a lot of paint to do it.



answers from Sheboygan on

we did this to our oldest daughters room in our old house. It turned out GREAT (like the other entries said). But to paint over it was a PAIN!! Like another poster said it is difficult to paint over. We had to do 2 GALLONS of Kilz and then 2 gallons of a dark color for the wall color so it would stop bleeding through. It was cute while we had it.



answers from St. Cloud on

I have not tried the paint, but I did see a sample of chalk board sticky sheets. They come in all kinds of designs. Stick on and Peel off. No mess, no permanency. No having to paint over again. Just another option you may want to consider...



answers from Milwaukee on

We used it on our metal cabinets in the kitchen. Great for grocery lists but after a couple years the chalk didn't erase as well. Maybe just a fresh coat would help. We then remodeled our kitchen so I'm not sure about painting over them but since it's a flat black finish I think it would be fine with a couple coats of primer. Good luck and have fun!!



answers from Minneapolis on

I posed this question somewhere else because two of my kids want to do that.
The responses I received all suggested not doing it on the wall for several good reasons.
The wall would have to be sanded down to make a smooth surface for writing, that would make an odd area later when the rest of the room is not smooth.
It takes a LOT of coats to cover it, even Kilz doesn't do it quickly, and the next color will be darker then the rest of the room. It just doesn't cover.

Everyone suggested doing it on a board as big as you want and putting that on the wall.



answers from Rapid City on

Hi S.
My Daughter Inlaw painted my Granddaughter's one wall in her bedroom,she said that it was easy and it did turn out really well.When the time come's and your son no longer wants this on his wall be sure to primer the wall before you apply any other paint.Have Fun!!S. R



answers from Minneapolis on

yup! we painted a wall in our girls' playroom with it and it's awesome! haven't tried painting over it because they have too much fun with it. took a couple of coats and it works just great.



answers from Minneapolis on

There's also magnetic paint too! It works like chalkboard paint, but you can use it for things like Giant or small magnetic poetry tiles, magnetic alphabet letters, etc. Go to www.discountschoolsupply.com for both magnetic paint and chalkboard paint.



answers from Lincoln on

My mom used the chalkboard paint to redo a play toy chest for my daughter. It is so much fun. The great thing is that it is easy to clean. Just a damp cloth and the chalk comes off. I was thinking of having her do some more stuff in it because both my children love to draw and color. Applying it is simple. Depending on your wall you may need two coats but it is simple. I don't know about painting over it, but I would think it would be. Just make sure all the chalk is off when you do. Let us know how it turns out. That sounds like fun.



answers from Des Moines on

I have never even heard of such a thing. Where can I get it...sounds like fun for my 2 year old son!!!!



answers from Sioux Falls on

We have used chalkboard paint on "cubby" doors in our son's room. Works great. Have tried the magnetic paint but it dries uneven because there are little flecks of metal in it making it magnetic. I don't think you could paint over that without sanding down your wall. Definite yes for chalkboard paint being fun!!!



answers from Davenport on

It actually is quite easy to apply and does dry nicely. It/s now available in either black or green board styles. I did this about 8 years ago for my daughter and it still is in excellent condition. My paint store said you can paint over it but recommended a primer like Kilz if you do so that it won't bleed through, especially if you are changing the color to a light shade.

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