Has Anyone Tried Easter Eggs with Natural Dyes?

Updated on March 31, 2011
S.G. asks from Fort Eustis, VA
6 answers

I am interested in dying Easter eggs with my kids this year with natural (i.e. household, vegetable, fruit, spice-based) dyes. I've already looked up some online information but I want to hear from moms who have done it. Has anyone tried doing this? What dyes work to make what colors? And does the flavor of the dye ingredients get into the eggs or do the eggs taste "normal"? Thanks!

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answers from Los Angeles on

try curry for yellow. Don't know how well the egg will take to it but natural fibers like cotton do well. It's how they used to get the bright yellow color in fabric! I would think pomegranate juice would work too, considering it stains everything it touches. :)

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answers from Detroit on

I did this once. TBH, it was a huge pain in the butt! I got the "recipes" from Martha Stewart. The eggs came out much lighter colored than with the dye pellets and vinegar, and since most had to be boiled, it was a hassle. The Turmeric STUNK and stained my pan! The beet juice worked well i think, grape juice was light. can't remember the others.

It did non affect the taste of the eggs.



answers from Tulsa on

Our preK teacher did it and used natural dyes to make a shirt. The dyes came out in the wash. The eggs were quite faint and the kids didn't like them.



answers from Washington DC on

I did grape and beets one year and the colors were a little light but still pretty. Those were the only 2 I remember. Usually I just do vinegar and a few drops of food coloring. But nothing I've ever used affected the taste of the eggs. Have fun!



answers from Dallas on

I did it one year, where you actually boil the eggs with certain ingredients. If I remember correctly, some things leached through to the eggs (I think turmeric) and some didn't (the fruit based ones). I remember using Turmeric for yellow, rasberries for pink, and blueberries for blue. I can't remember what else I used. The color does come out pretty light, I was a little disappointed, and my kids didn't like it.


answers from Washington DC on

some stuff works brilliantly. beet juice makes a gorgeous pink, and boiling or steaming purple potatoes and carrots gives a deep deep blue-violet stain to the water.
natural dyes aren't as strong as fake ones, so the eggs will be more pastel. which i don't consider to be a negative. i haven't noticed any taste from the dyes in my eggs, but because i loathe beets i only use that juice sparingly.
i'd love to find a good green and yellow!

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