Has Anyone Tested Positive for Toxoplasmosis in Pregnancy?

Updated on February 27, 2007
L.K. asks from Highland, NY
5 answers

Hi, my name is L. and i am freaking out! 3 weeks ago my doctors office called and told me that my blood test for toxoplasmosis was raised a little. They said not to worry that I would retest again in a few weeks. I went for blood work yesterday and I am hoping to have it back by Friday. I can't stop thinking about it. Is it possible to test again and the test be normal? Has anyone experienced this? Help!!

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So What Happened?

The test was a false positive.

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answers from New York on

hi, i have had toxoplasmosis for years. you can not only get it from a cats litter box, you can get it from handling rodents also. i owned a snake for 13 years & fed it mice, so thats how i got it. it can be dangerous if you get it during your pregnancy (it can cause fetal blindness), but if you already have it before your pregnant, theres little risk for any complications.



answers from Albany on

No, but it's to do with your cats and the cat box.Wear gloves, or have someone else take care of it. And if your d oc isn't worried, you shouldn't be. You must be a very calm,rational person anyway to have three children and drive a bus!! Best to you!



answers from New York on

Hi my name is C. iwas reading your concerns and i read the responces.The one who said it can pass from touching the cat box is correct.I had gone on to google search cause i had never heard of the word i just knew that your not supposed to touch any kind of animal waste when your preagnant.Go on to google and it gives you a great explenation of what it is and what you can do to ease your mind a little.I know you get nervouse when your preagnant cause of all the harmonal changes you go through.Well i hope everything goes well for you



answers from New York on

I tested positive in the first and negative in the second. I know how worried you must be! Try to stay calm and positive. Get some Bach Flower remedies, Mimulus will probably help, and Rescue remedy drops in case you have days when Mimulus doesn't cut it. Also take aromatherapy baths with lavender essential oils, whcih also help relax.

All the best, I hope this is a false alarm.

Take care



answers from New York on

I had toxoplasmosis when I was pregnant with child #3. He ended up fine, though I was very nervous during my pregnancy. They did put me on high doses of pills, which made me rather dizzy and I couldn't sit in the sun, I remember that much about it, and I'd get some pretty harsh headaches, too. They put you on pills, and you feel like you're taking TONS of pills each day! If you GET toxoplasmosis after you become pregnant, your baby is pretty much safe, that's the way I remember them explaining it to me. If you have toxoplasmosis before you become pregnant, it CAN be in the womb with the baby, and this is what they told me "the baby can be born with a head TOO SMALL for it's BODY, or mentally retarded". I was a nervous wreck the whole pregnancy, and he came out fine. If you do have it though, don't panic, just be sure to take all the medication as prescribed, like I did, and your baby will most likely be fine. Good luck, try not to stress out too much over it, I know that's easier said than done...

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