Has Anyone Taken Their Phil & Ted's on the Airplane?

Updated on March 26, 2008
A.S. asks from Los Altos, CA
4 answers

I will be traveling alone with my 3 year old daughter and my 9 mo old son. I would like to bring my Phil & Ted's double sport buggy since it is the easiest double stroller to use once we reach our destination. However, I am wondering if the airport will have any problems with it since it's still pretty bulky even when folded and even if I take the double seat off. I would like to check it at the gate before we board the plane. Has anyone else traveled with their Phil & Ted's or other type of double? Anyone had any problems checking it at the gate? Any other suggestions for easy travel? Thanks!!

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answers from San Francisco on

Hi A.. I did travel to Europe with my 2 kids and a double stroller. I didn't have any problems at the gate.To make your trip easy, make sure you have entertainment for your 3 years old. Lately, when we were traveling, the video system was broken and it was hard to keep my kids quiet(they couldn't watch TV or listen to the radio). Please take a lot of food.My kids didn't like anything. The good thing i had a Bag of nuts and cranberries.
Have a good flight.Don't worry, people will help you out at the airport.

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answers from Sacramento on

We have the same stroller, but we haven't flown with it. I would recommend you take off the jump seat and put it in your checked luggage, and just check at the gate your stroller as a single. I would be worried with the jumpseat it would get damaged. They throw that stuff around. If you are worried about your daughter at the airport etc, I would get her an animal (backpack) harness so you can keep her close without the worry. She is old enough to walk through the airport though, and then you can have your hands free with the youngest in the stroller. Then, once you get your luggage, you have your regular double stroller. We have checked at the gate a large jogging stroller without any problem. (They did manage to crack the buckle on it) so I would suggest you tuck the straps in the best you can. We just took a trip to NY over the holidays and ended up just taking an umbrella stroller because I was afraid they would damage my double that I use constantly at home. (My son was also 3 when we took the trip and my daughter was 19 months.) Honestly the hardest part about the airport was managing all our carry on luggage. Good luck. It is so hard traveling with kids.

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answers from San Francisco on

Two tips. Check with the airline to see if they have any restrictions on the dimentions of checked items and tips for strollers in particular. Second bag it. I don't know if Phil&Ted's has a travel duffel for their strollers but you should put it in somthing. Strollers have lots of parts that easily get caught on other stuff and airlines really don't care if a handle, strap, clip etc comes off your stroller.

Air travel can be a really great way to destroy an expensive stroller. If you can get away with using a cheap umbrella stroller it might be best.



answers from Phoenix on

I do not have this stroller, but have traveled with a HUGE double stroller that we checked at the gate. I definitely would use your stroller, it is so much easier! Just check with the airline for size requirements and I also would suggest the bag as the previous poster did. Our stroller got a small tear in the canopy during travel-good luck on your trip.

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