Has Anyone Taken Meds to Increase Libido?

Updated on July 03, 2012
M.Q. asks from Perris, CA
5 answers

I have come to a conclusion that all the natural stuff I have done is not helping, so I'll be scheduling an apptm to talk about meds with my doc. I am just curious if anyone has taken meds to help increase their libido, and if so which ones? and did you have any side effect?, thank you.

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answers from Dallas on

I did the testosterone creme too. Complete waste of time. It's interesting, men found a way to help men when they can't perform but they can't figure out a way for women who have lost their drive. Maybe it's b/c in their tiny little heads (both of them), if a woman wants sex she's a slut but if a man can't have sex it's goes against their manhood. Double standard I say! And I believe both are physical issues b/c I 'want' to have sex but I do not have the desire.

If you find something that works - REPOST!

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answers from San Francisco on

LOL. Why is everything on Mamapedia cracking me up this morning? I need to get off here and pay the bills and clean the house like I'm supposed to be doing.

Yes, I got some testosterone creme prescribed a few months ago, but then it sat there in my medicine cabinet and every time I thought about using it I imagined enlarged clitorises, chin hair and a bald head, so I finally threw it out.

So no advice here.

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answers from Columbia on

The best thing I ever did for my libido: Getting off hormonal birth control. It made me a brand new woman.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I read the Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy! I am not kidding and husband would agree!! Good luck.

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answers from Kansas City on

I think there is a natural supplement, Yohimbe??, that is supposed to help.


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