Has Anyone Taken a Disney Cruiseline?

Updated on October 31, 2006
S.P. asks from Spanish Fork, UT
4 answers

Our family is planning on taking a Disney Cruise next Christmas break. Has anyone been on one and what did you think of it? How far in advance did you start planning and any other advice you might have for me.

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answers from Reno on

My husband & I took a cruise with Disney for our honeymoon seven years ago. Our trip was the land/cruise package when you spend some days at Disneyworld and some days on the ship. Although we didn't have any children at the time, we had an unbelievable time! Everyone treated us so wonderfully and EVERYTHING you could think of was taken care of or accessible. They have sooo many activities for families, children (w/o parents but very well supervised) and for parents (w/o children) it is amazing!! My best friend lives in Florida so it is easy for her to get there, but she takes her two girls every year and the girls absolutely love it!! She and her husband get to do stuff by themselves if they want to and know that the girls are safe, having fun and in good hands on board. I highly recommend the cuise even if people don't have kids yet and/or are a Disney buff like me! We started planning our trip about 8 months before we left and had not one problem from start to finish, it was the easiest trip I have ever planned. The best part about our trip (coming all the way from the West coast) was that they handled all of our luggage from the airport to the hotel room (it just showed up in our room) and then onto the ship (again it just showed up in our room) and then back to the plane when we left!! We didn't touch it once except to pack it and leave it for them. The most amazing thing is that we went in November and the weather was horrible, two storms were coming together in the Carribean at the same time! Cold, cloudy, big waves and even in spite of the weather we still had an awesome time. Anybody can give a nice cruise in good weather, but for us to have a good time even though the weather sucked is saying something!! They had truly impeccable service the entire time we were there, do not hestitate to go. As soon as my littlest one (1 YO) is a little older we are DEFINATELY going again!!!
Hope this helps, and have fun if you go because it is truly unforgettable.
K. Brown



answers from Las Vegas on

We have not taken the cruise yet, but are anxious to do so. My husband has wanted to take a cruise for a long time and I refuse to go on them because I hear to much about people getting sick. However, a Disney Cruise I can do!!! I watched a program where they showed Disney cleaning and painting the ship constantly to be sure the ship is in excellent condition every time people board. Disney is so clean and organized I look forward to a cruise with them. We have a 1 year old and my husband read that a lot of activities are for 3 years and older. So, we will wait.



answers from Salt Lake City on

We went on a Disney Cruise about 4 years ago - Myself, my husband, and my then 7-year old stepdaughter. I was pregnant at the time.

I've never been on any other cruise so I guess I have nothing to compare it to, but I couldn't have been more impressed or happier with our decision. The biggest surprise was how much the cruise catered to the adults as well as the kids. By that I mean that they had "kids clubs" and monitored activities scheduled (by age group), so the adults could leave the kids and go off and do something. And there was plenty for my husband and I to do that wasn't Disney-themed. I think even if I didn't have kids, I might still go on a Disney Cruise now knowing what it's like!

I don't remember how far ahead we booked the tickets - a few months maybe. But that's all the prep we really did. Everything else took care of itself. Needless to say, Our 7-year old had a ball. I think kids of any age would - they really cater to every age and have separated activities geared toward each age group. Oh, and dinner rotated us around the different restaurants each night, but we always sat with the same family - who also had a 7-year old girl, so their girl and ours became instant friends. A little detail that I thought was very considerate and well thought out.

Hope you have fun!
T. ([email protected]____.com)



answers from Stockton on

Hello. I have not actually taken the cruise due to the funds but have planned it out and gotten alot of feedback. Everyone I have talked to loved it and was perfect for the kids because they get their own deck with all the activities they want. and if your married, the husbands like the private time with their spouse as well. I am married and have a 15 yr old daughter and a 10 yr old son and we have been to disneyworld twice but that was paid for by my husbands work. when I get the money, I will be booking a cruise. as for how far in advance to book, you get the best rates if you book way in advance. but make sure your plans wont change, or get the insurance. I hope that helps somewhat and in regards to your loss of your daughter, my prayers are with you. I cant say as I know what you are going through but if I was to lose either of my kids, I dont know what I would do. Take care and hope you get to go. T.

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