Has Anyone of You Been Advised to Use CLOMID Alongside with Premarin?

Updated on March 26, 2011
P.C. asks from Washington, DC
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I have fairly regular monthly periods. I just got married last year. Me and my hubby would like to have a baby. We went to the oB and we were advised to use clomine 50 mg, 2 tablets per night for 5 days and premarin tablets 625 mcg 2 tablets per day for 24 days. I've read that with the use of clomine and premarin, one is susceptible to multiple pregnacies. adverse effects of ovarian cancer, breast cancer etc.

We've been trying for only 8 months now. I am 30 years old.

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answers from Chicago on

I used Clomid and did conceive twins. They do also run in my family, so in my genetics is the possibility to release two eggs when I do ovulate. I know of two other people that conceived multiples on Clomid, and one of them also has a history of twins in the family. My doctor told me that 3% of women have multiples, and 6% women on Clomid have multiples, so it doesn't really increase the risk that much.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Is that a brand of Clomid? When it was taking longer than with our first to become pregnant, due to irregular periods, Clomid was offered to me/us. We declined, and decided to wait a couple more months and then if we still weren't pregnant to reconsider our options. We got pregnant 2 months later.
So we never used it.

I have a friend who did use clomid, and she got pregnant (singleton) and everything was just fine. Beautiful bright child.

Yes, Clomid does slightly increase the odds of multiples. Not sure about the other risks involved. Ask your doctor if you decide to go forward with it.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Clomid, or clomiphene is a fertility drug. You don't mention your age, or that you were having trouble conceiving. Did you go to your doctor because of fertility issues? If not, I'm not sure why he'd give you a fertility drug...

I'd definitely speak to the doctor for clarification on this, and perhaps get a second opinion.

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answers from Dallas on

Wow, your doctor is suggesting a VERY high dose for someone without clinical indications of infertility. I would suggest switching to a reproductive endocrinologist. If you aren't already, you should also be using a Clear Blue Easy Fertility monitor.

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answers from Washington DC on

WOW!! You are lucky - we had to "try" for one year before our OB/GYN would even consider Chlomid for us.

I used Chlomid for 6 months - NEVER got pregnant off of it - but did lose weight (I was skinny on BC - gained weight seriously - 40 lbs or more after I got off birth control) and had regular periods.

I do know that multiples CAN happen with the use of chlomid...but I've not personally experienced it.

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answers from Washington DC on

I don't know the dosage, but I know my sister used Clomid and IUI and is now pregnant with her first child (and just one, and she's about your age). There are pros and cons to all medications, so you will have to evaluate your circumstances and discuss them with your doctor if you are concerned.

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answers from Richmond on

i would read more on the possible side effects before taking any more of these medications. the doctor isnt going to tell you about them because they are getting them fresh from their friendly pharmacy company rep. yes, i have heard and read about both these meds raising your chances of twins, triplets or even quads.my hat is off to the parents of multiples, i dont have that many hands
K. h.

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answers from Kokomo on

My sister used it and had just one baby and she didn't have to take anything for her second. It did make her pretty moody though if I remember correctly.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I took 50mg of Clomid for two months and got pregnant! Currently expecting my bundle of joy any day now! Good luck, it does work! :)

P.S: I know doctors now are only prescribing it for 6 months or so, because there are side effects, as with any other medication on the market. If in 6 months it doesn't work they will try other options with you. I'm sure it will work because you at least have fairly regular periods.

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answers from Dallas on

I took clomid, but don't remember how long - six months or more. Then combined clomid with shots and also did artificial insemination successfully and had our oldest son. :) Good luck with whatever you decide!

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answers from Chicago on

Anytime you use anything that can increase ovulation or increase the "eggs" created, you run a risk of multiples. With Clomid, it is a relatively smaller risk than some other things out there. Research for ovarian cancer has found that the more cycles you have or rather the more ovulations you have, the greater risk for this cancer. But you would really have to take this one for a long time to effect it that way. I researched this like crazy when I was going through infertility. It freaked me out at first.

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answers from Phoenix on

How long have you been trying to get pregnant?

I used it without a dr prescription because it was supposed to help sway for a girl. I got one boy out of it.

I think that 100 mg a day is common, and you just don't want to use it long term. Trying for a few months should be ok on your body, but with any meds there are side effects.

Multiple pregnancy is a real possibility...usually just twins, but it is there. Clomid helps you ovulate, which may make you release more than one egg.

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