Has Anyone Made Their Own Homemade Formula?

Updated on April 13, 2008
S.B. asks from Dallas, GA
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I am looking into the possibility of making my own formula for my 8 week old son. He is suffering from severe reflux. Has anyone ever made their own formula? Do you think that raw goat's milk or raw cow's milk is best? I have friends who have used both and both children are thriving and doing well. I just wanted to know if anyone else has had any experience with this.

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I raised all three of my b abies on 1/4b cup white karo corn syrup one can of pet evaporated milk 3 parts sterile water,b abies have no gastric problems at all very healthy.

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I'm not sure if that is a good idea. Doesn't raw milk mean that it is unpasteurized (not good for babies)? Also, the nutrient content is very different. I can say that I had 3 kids with bad reflux. Nothing makes it go away. However, certain meds (like reglan & zantac) can help as can making certain changes in the formula. My daughter did pretty good with Enfamil AR. It's a bit thicker. One of my sons had to have blenderized rice cereal added to his--under the advice of a nutritionist. It also helps to have them sleep with their head elevated (using a wedge made for the crib or putting blankets under one end of the crib mattress).

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Sorry so late, but there is a book called "Breaking the vicious cycle", in there there is not only a lot about what later reflux causes (which is what you are going to prevent), but how to make your own formula that is way healthier than someone can manufacture!!!! Good god, everyone likes to rely on medications and manufactured food, great job looking for the best alternatives. You will be smart, hope this helps.

Also, you can use almond milk fortified with cod liver oil and a vitamin/mineral addition that either your ped can advise for this age or a good natural food store can carry.

I assume you have already stopped nursing, but removing dairy from your diet with nursing can be huge for many.




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Yes, my daughter had the same problem 25 years ago. I called up Mathis Dairy at the time and they had a formula they mailed me. It worked great! They had me use raw milk (you can't buy it anymore) but Goats milk is the next best thing. You add 1 teaspoon of honey and mix. Warm as usual. Also, I found out from my pharmacist at that time that they also have some drops that you add to the milk if they get colic. It was a lifesaver for me.



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I haven't made my own formula, but I do know that goats milk is the closest to human breast milk when broken down. Also I would be wary of raw cows milk if he is already having reflux, he may have a dairy allergy. Cows are given so many pharmaceuticals these days to produce higher yields that that may be something to consider, or you may want to consider organic milk if you do. I know that it's more expensive but definitely worth it in the long run. Good luck!



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The reflux in infants is a pain -- I assume he has a rx for it. The other thing is keeping him upright during and for about 30 minutes after feedings. Wouldn't do cow or goat milk this young -- I'd think it's too much to digest -- though I would certainly defer to someone who's specialty it is to know these things.

I have a friend who's son has issues and is on a prescription formula he gets through his GI. So, it might help to find a pediatric GI and go through an appt. or two to get more resources and info. Good luck!!!



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Hi, S., have you ever tried Baking Soda? (The kind that is good for whitening and brushing teeth) I am not sure about his age, but I feel certain it has never harmed anyone. However, the information on the box says not for children under 5. Before I read that, I was thinking a pinch in some warm water or any liquid that would reduce acidity in the stomach. Try a teaspoon in a half glass of water for anyone else that might have a reflux problem. Good luck with your search.
Warm regards, V. P



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S., I have not made my own formula,

There are lots of problems with *any* artificial feeding system - anything that's not breastmilk. Raw cow's milk is way too high in some nutrients and can cause *severe* intestinal bleeding in a young child (younger than 1 yo) and any cow's milk before one year old can significantly raise the risk of diabetes and other health issues later. It also is lacking in necessary nutrients for humans and the nutrients that are too high can damage the kidneys. There are real reasons why the formula companies have had to change and change and change their formulas over the years.

Goat's milk is more similar to human's milk, but still not close. It has no folic acid and other crucial nutrients. It, too, can cause damage when given directly. When you use any raw milk, you are very much trusting the person who milks the animal for you for cleanliness, etc. There are commercial goat milk formulas now and even organic formulas, too.

I'd encourage you to consider using raw breastmilk. ;D You could pump your own, or feed it to your baby directly from your body. You could look for a breastmilk bank. Any other formula is really guessing as to whether your baby is getting what they need

D. S, mom to 5, granny to 1, helper for breastfeeding to many



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At 8 weeks you would be able to re-lactate and breastfeed your child if you desire. Just call LLL and a lactation consultant and they will get you on your way. Your own milk is always the best option. Homemade formula is much better then anything on the market and raw is definitely the way to go (breastmilk is raw too). Either cow or goat would probably be fine if the milk is raw because the enzymes needed to digest the milk are not removed by pasteurization.



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Check out www.westonaprice.org for a couple great recipies! Good luck!



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Hi S.,
I am a mom of three. I have no experience with homemade formula, but I would advise not go this route because you could end up having very dangerous results. Playing around with feeding your baby food that may not be adequate for normal growth and brain development, may not be safe for your baby's very young little system, and may actually cause harm is not a good idea. I agree with the post about trying to restart your own breastfeeding, trying different formulas, and possibly an organic formula. Also being under medical advice from a pediatrician that understands these issues and is willing to try different things to find out what works best for your baby. but will be well advised as to the risks of homemade formula is crucial. A pediatrician has seen everything, including harm from parents who have tried unconventional methods that haven't worked. There are certain things that will not cause harm if you choose a different method than your pediatrician, such as when or how to wean, when to give up a pacifier, starting solids at 4 months vs. months, or things along this line that are open to different methods and parenting styles. But matters of newborn nutrition can be the difference between thriving or failure to thrive, even life or death, and shouldn't be played around with. Also, one of the previous replies described making formula with honey, which is never to be given to babies under one year as it has been found that it can cause a form of infant boteaulism (sp is wrong) which can cause death. Good luck with the reflux and I hope you are able to find something safe that works.
Take care.



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I can't speak on making your own.I think you should consult your babies ped. before doing this also.As for the reflux, my baby also had this problem.So bad so that it was causing him to sound like he would stop breathing while feeding and he wouldn't eat.My childs doctor prescribed 2 types of reflux med. and it worked great and he never had any problem.I say call your childs doctor and ask them to call in something for reflux and first try that before switching his formula,especially for homemade type.Or atleast ask the doctor if this is ok.Just because it worked for another
mother and child doesn't ness. make it the right choice for you.Please speak with your doctor first.

In response to Jamies post: I know she means well, but if you know your doctor would disagree with you on this,then some part of you knows it's not the best way and it should matter ALOT if your doctor says that it is not a good idea.I don't think you should go against instints when it comes to doctors orders and certain issues but this is a matter of choice not protective intuition.And there are so many other options out there rather than sub. milk that is meant for goats and cows.Even simple things such as keeping your baby propped up for 30 mins after feeding and propping his crib up at night also helps alot if you don't want to go the rx route.Besides,why feed YOUR baby with milk meant for farm animals?Especially since you have milk that's meant for him right in your own body!Doctors may not know all when it comes to mothering but on issues such as this one,I think you should consult someone who has MEDICAL knowledge of this not just someone who has made the same mistake in the past and aren't aware of the long term issues.Kinda like a pregnant mother ignoring the fact that smoking can cause health problems with her baby but assuming that since the baby was born healthy that is caused no long term issues.And as far as Jamie saying if your doctor doesn't agree with you find one that does?I don't understand that logic but that's not a route to take when it regards your baby.You don' just keep asking someone until you get the answer that you wan't rather than the one that is right.



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Homemade formula's can be great! Esp. with all the 'bad' ones on the market today. I haven't made my own but I did sub. goats milk with breastmilk. Just dont use the goats milk by itself, it does lack a few vit/minerals. Goats milk is the best next to your breastmilk, I wouldn't use the cows milk. It lacks a lot of vitamins! Your ped. may not agree with you on this one but that doesnt mean anything. You know whats best for your baby. There is research out there on this one. If your dr cant help, find one that will. I would suggest taking him to see a chiropractor too for the reflux. They could also help with the formula:) A little open mindness goes a long way with a child. Best of luck!



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Have you tried medication yet? Sometimes it takes trying a few different prescriptions before you find the right one that your child will respond to. I'm assuming you are unable to breastfeed (which would obviously be the safest, most nutritious option)? Have you tried different brands of formula? There are so many options on the market now, maybe it's worth trying some of the different brands the other commenters are recommending. I think you should only resort to making your own formula as a last resort and in close concert with your pediatrician. The digestive system is still developing at 8 weeks and I would guess that using cow or goat milk would make things much worse rather than better--adding abdominal discomfort/digestion issues to the mix. There have been a couple of stories in the news the last couple of years of the tragic results when parents were not feeding their newborns breastmilk or formula and were not bringing their infants to regular pediatric checkups. It's really vital at this age to see your child's pediatrician regularly and not play around with your child's nutritional needs. I'm sure you have only the best intentions but it really is potentially very dangerous to your child to play around with this.



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i know cow's milk contains many allergens (23 is I believe the correct number?), also, as you probably know, make SURE you know everything about the goats. Not being pasturized does keep in many of the nutrients, but can be scary if they are not fed a proper diet or be in very healthy living conditions. I would agree to look into a breast milk bank though, to be honest with you. 8 weeks is young to be digesting anything but human breastmilk.



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I never had to make homemade formula for my kids b/c they were all breastfed beyond a year, although I do have a couple of recipes for it. However they do drink raw cow's milk from SC (we get it through a coop, it's legal, certified and very heavily regulated) and are very healthy and tolerate it well. I know my dad grew up on a farm and was not breastfed. He had a hard time with cow's milk (breastfeeding wasn't a big thing back then) but his mom fed him on goat's milk and he tolerated it very well. To my knowledge, goat's milk is more easily digested than cow's milk (even raw) so it's better for babies. I know plenty of people who get goat's milk for their little ones and they do fine on it. I would try this before drugs, it cracks me up to see some people freaking out about giving your child raw milk but they have no problem giving them pharmaceuticals at 8 weeks! Go figure! Also, there's nothing wrong with finding a ped who knows about raw milk and homemade formulas to give you some advice. Many peds have absolutely no knowledge of this. Believe me, doctors only know what the med school that they go to teaches them and they make LOTS of mistakes. Take it from someone who doesn't use anything but NFP for regulating births, most doctors would tell me that it doesn't work but having used it for at least eight years I can tell you much different. They only know what they are told, and what they have personal experience with.



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In my 30+yrs of life, 2 kids and babysitter to many, I have never heard of homemade formula.

I used to babysit a boy with reflux and he was on liquid zantax (spelling) which helped. Also, make sure the baby is in an elavated position for about 30 mins after feedings in a boppy pillow, reclined infant swing or even her carseat. More than likely she will out grow this as her digestive system finishes developing. Also, you might want to try to feed her smaller amounts at a time so there isn't as much in her belly. I know at 8weeks she doesn't eat a whole lot as it is but if she takes an ounce per feeding only let her eat 1/4 of it, burp her, wait a few mins if possible and fed her anohter 1/4 and so on. If she tollerates that well, try 1/2 an ounce at a time.

But also you need to look at which brand and type of formula you are using. Good start is the closest thing on the market to breast milk. I used it on my son after I had to stop nursing him and his BMs didn't really change. I used Enfamil on my Daughter and she had gas and constipation problems and I hear mom's complain of the same thing still to this day about that brand.

I know there is nothing more frustrating than a baby that spits up all the time but it is just one of those things we have to deal with and watch it get better over time.

Good luck!!

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