Has Anyone Heard About Contaminated Leaf Lettuce?

Updated on November 21, 2018
C.G. asks from Lakeside Marblehead, OH
4 answers

My husband and I have been buying leaf lettuce, and started to get lose bowels after eating it. Rumor has it that it's caused by contaminated ground water used for irrigation. We had been getting it in a plastic container with a lid. Now we got some from W-Mart in a bag, and are getting similar results. Has anyone else heard of this problem?

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answers from Washington DC on

yes, there are reports pouring in, and everyone is encouraged to throw away anything with romaine.

most people recover within a day or two. if your symptoms become more severe you should get checked out.

SMH that the government freaks out if i want to buy raw milk, but regularly lets contaminated lettuces flood the market.

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answers from Boston on

If you go into Walmart and see it on the shelf ask to speak with the manager and have it pulled off. No romaine. Other lettuce and greens are fine but no romaine.

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answers from Portland on

It's only romaine lettuce. All other leaf lettuce is OK.

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answers from Washington DC on


It's ROMAINE lettuce and e-coli bacteria.
If you bought ROMAINE lettuce from Wal-Mart? Take it back.

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