Has Anyone Had Thyroid Nodules / Biopsy?

Updated on June 12, 2008
T.C. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi Moms, I'm freaking out and need some reassurance / advice. This week, I had an ultrasound which showed two nodules (one of them quite large) on the right lobe of my thyroid. They are apparently presenting some suspicious characteristics which could be indicative of cancer, and my doctor is recommending that I have a biopsy. I've done some research and know that, statistically, most nodules turn out to be benign; however, I'm having a really hard time shaking the idea that mine will turn out to be cancerous. I'm 14 weeks pregnant with my third child, and am so scared that this situation will have serious negative ramifications for my developing baby, and that I won't see my other two little girls grow up. (I am truly just a mess about this - I lost an aunt to breast cancer and am vividly aware of what a horrible, ravaging disease it is.) Have any of you had a thyroid nodule, and if so, what was your experience? Please help!!

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answers from Chicago on

Hi T.,

I know it's a little late response, but I thought you may still read it. I had a needle biopsy done about 11 years ago. I had a nodule the size of a large olive - it turned out to be benign. The procedure is not very comfortable, as you can't swallow for a while and need to be still, but it's not too painful either. I had hyperthyroidism at that time and needed to be treated. The reasons for the condition were not clear (as they are never clear and very unique to each patient). One may have been my exposure to Chernobyl radiation, another stress, or a combination of things. The "anti-thyroid" drugs used caused allergic reactions so I was treated with radio-active iodine because my endocrinologist didn't feel I needed a surgery. Eventually I was treated with the iodine twice and, as a result, turned hypoactive. So, since then, I've been on synthetic hormones. The nodule is still gone and I had 3 great children. Your body is going through so many hormonal changes. Try not to worry too much until you know you have a reason. I hope everything will go well. Good luck.

J. K.



answers from New York on

Yes. It was well before I had kids. I had a nodule on one side of my thyroid. I had a needle biopsy, but they were unable to get enough of the tissue to test the nodule was pretty small apparently. It's an awkward procedure but it took a very short time. The next step for me was surgery and the risks were outlined that they would remove the nodule and the part of the thyroid that it grew on. It was a scary time, the fear of the unknown does get to you. Thankfully, it was benign and I am not on any thyroid medication. I have my blood tested at least once a year to make sure my levels are o.k. When I was pregnant with both of my children, my o.b. followed me closely. I hope that all goes well with your procedure.



answers from Chicago on

Hi T.,

I was exactly at the same situation as yours and everything turned out fine. It was truly just an enlarged nodule --- it was sticking out like a big egg! really) and I went through the whole biopsy etc..etc... It also took awhile to go down.

To place things in perspective I inquired a lot about thyroid cancer and let's just say that it is. According to a cancer specialist I went to:

- Thyroid cancer is TREATABLE
- No need to go through CHEMO
- Time is not as important either. Like it doesn't make the cancer worse even with time. As soon it is taken out, then it is gone.

So really, just concentrate on the upcoming baby and enjoy your pregnancy. Congrats!

:-) M.



answers from Chicago on

Hi T.,

OK, recognize that because I am not going through what you are at the moment that this is easy to say and much harder for you to do.

BUT, as far as you know you don't have cancer. If it turns out (God forbid) that you actually do have cancer then you can swing into anxiety and stress. But right now, try as best as you can to relax. Stress will not help the situation it will only make you miserable as well as those around you.

Of course you're hormonal and that makes everything more intense emotionally. So be gentle with yourself for freaking out. That is the natural response. Pregnancy also distorts a lot of "normal" processes in the body so these little nodules might just be reacting to hormones and not cancer.

Cancer is not what it used to be. They have come a LONG way in treatment and options and in my experience with close friends and loved ones, while it's not a cake walk, it's not as bad as it used to be. And there's TONS of support out there.

Your girls need you now and in the future so try to stay calm and enjoy them. After you get the results is when you can freak or not freak.

Good luck!

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