Has Anyone Had Multiple Miscarriages with No Obvious Medical Reason?

Updated on June 20, 2010
R.E. asks from Justin, TX
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In this past year, I have had 3 miscarriages. I had on in August at 10 weeks (required a D&C), one in December at 5 weeks (came out naturally - not sure if this was a miscarriage or a chemical pregnancy), and one a couple weeks ago at 8 weeks where we used medication to help induce. The first and third I found out about through sonograms and blood work that they were failed pregnancies. Since the third one, I have been through lots of blood work to see if they can find a cause. So far, everything has come back fine. This really baffles me as I had no problems getting pregnant or maintaining my first two pregnancies (the boys are 4 & 7). I just turned 35, so I'm not sure if it's because I was getting older. Surely, no one can be this unlucky. I guess I'm just looking for anyone there who has been through this in trying to conceive. What kind of problems did you have? What do you do when the doctor's can't find a reason?

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answers from Dallas on

Have you seen a reproductive endocrinologist? I've had 4 miscarriages and my doctor couldn't find anything. (I have a healthy 2 1/2 year old girl and had no problems getting pregnant or with that pregnancy.) I went to Dr. Samuel Chantillis at Presby Dallas and found out I have abnormal MTHFR, an enzyme that processes folic acid. He looked at the same tests as my OB and saw this. He's just more experience and knowledgeable about the "getting pregnant" vs an OB that's really focused on the pregnancy and delivery. I'm now on extra folic acid, B6 & B12. Hoping we'll get pregnant again soon and that this time will carry to term.

Hope you do too!



answers from Dallas on

You need to get tested for MTHFR. I along with my mother,sister, and nieces have it. I was considered high risk during my pregnancy because I had it. I did not have to take shots, I am just on long term Aspirin therapy.I also see a perinatologist and my O.B. during my pregnancy.
Basically, when you have MTHFR, you are at risk with getting blood clots in the umbilical cord, which lead to stillborn,miscarriage,etc...
Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I learned recently (with my current pregnancy) that I have low progesterone. Not realizing what that meant or why it mattered, I did some research. It is one of the leading causes of miscarriage; however, it is quite treatable! I took progesterone in a pill form for 30 days and my levels are now at proper pregnancy levels. Some people need to take them longer. However, what I learned is that most doctors don't test progesterone levels unless you have had at least 3 miscarriages. I don't understand this at all. It's a simple blood draw. I was seeing a specialist when I got pregnant so they tested automatically. Perhaps that would be a good route for you. I don't think that it is something that they can test after the fact. So if that is in fact an issue for you during your pregnancies, they wouldn't know unless they tested before the miscarriage. Anyway, I hope it is something as simple as this and can be identified immediately upon your next pregnancy.

I guess another note would be that continued testing is appropriate as I tested fine the first test which was very early pregnancy (5 weeks) but by 8 weeks my level was too low.

A doctor I would recommend is down at UT Southwestern, Dr. Ellen Wilson ###-###-####. She is amazing and supportive. She has done research handling PCOS and other infertility issues. She works out of two offices down there so you will want to contact the Infertility clinic for your situation which is the phone number I listed above. They have a wonderful staff, and I am grateful for the help they have given to me.



answers from Dallas on


I first want to say I'm so very sorry for your losses!

It took me 10 years and 6 miscarriages before I was able to maintain a pregnancy with my daughter. Since most OB's are not specialized in fertility, I would suggest you see a fertility dr. I highly recommend Dr. James Douglas in Plano and highly discourage the Doody's in Hurst. I had really bad experiences with the Doody's office: 3 miscarriages and 2 laproscopsies (one completely unnecessary) and they still got it wrong.

Blood tests did not reveal my disorder. I have a blood clotting disorder which means I have to take heparin shots twice a day while pregnant. I had a very healthy pregnancy after this was discovered. I was 35 when I delivered Elizabeth and am now trying again. Getting pregnant is much harder this time since my eggs have aged significantly.

James W. Douglas, M.D.
4001 West 15th Street, Suite 425
Plano, Texas 75093

Phone: ###-###-####

GL and God bless!!!



answers from Dallas on

We just recently went through the fertility process with a specialist (for #2). One of the first things he does is test the thyroid. Apparently thyroid functioning can change during/post pregnancy. A badly functioning thyroid can significantly increase the likelihood of miscarriage.
If you are not already, I would implore you to seek the help of a fertility specialist/endocrinologist. There are way too many OB/GYN's out there who dub themselves as "fertility specialists". Trust me on this, they are NOT!!
Sorry you have been through so much, hopefully it is something as simple as this.
Good luck and God bless.



answers from Dallas on

I will say - been there...done that....and did have a successful pregnancy. I know that no words can help...just hang in there. I did exactly what you're saying. Went through the tests - as well as my hubby (god bless him!) We were medically a-okay! It took us over 4 years. I admit - I've been using the Nuva Ring since shortly after stopping nursing (my son is 4 now - so it's been a while!) We never tried again....
So to answer your question...yes - a person can be that unlucky....I prefer to call it God's hand....Just letting go of it all - and BAM! I was pregnant - successfully! Smile...and try to know it'll happen...when it's supposed to.



answers from Dallas on

I would also agree with Jodi's advice!! Stay awy from the Doodys!!

Something else that you DESPERATELY NEED to have your doctors test is for MTHFR - or your homocystine levels. It's a leading cause of recurrent miscarrages, and in fact, can happen at any time during pregnancy. It's a "clotting disorder" that can cause blood flow restrictions to the baby - and can be harmful to you. (AND - it's just a simple blood test that any doctor can do!)

Jodi probably had some form of this - hence the reason she had to take Heparin during her pregnancy!

There are several things that you can do to help with MTHFR - Progesterone being one - but Foltex/Folbee being another.

I know this because I had a Stroke (at 33) and a Heart Attack (at 34) both due to clots, and it took me 4 years and a TON of money to have my daughter... BUT - it was only after we put all the pieces together that it all worked! Foltex / Projesterone / Heparin / IVF - etc.....

I take Folbee everyday, and will for the rest of my life!

Good Luck to you!!!


answers from Lexington on

I feel your pain, I have had 4 miscarriages all at 8 weeks after I had my daughter who I had no problems with at all. I have had the genetic and chromosomal testing and even tested the remains of the miscarriage and there were no problems found with me or the embryos, I do not have any answers and I just went through my last miscarriage last week. I don't want to try again without some answers as to why I can't carry past 8 weeks, but as yet, I have found none. I am going to have an hsg done in two months to look at the shape of my uterus and if my tubes are open but after that I am thinking of going to a specialist. Hope you have better luck.



answers from Dallas on

I am so sorry =( I have been TTC a second child for a year now, but have not been in your situation. I do have a close friend that has also been TTC for a little over a year and has had 2 miscarriages with no known reason. She too has had a bunch of blood work and everything keeps coming back normal.

You are not alone. Good luck, and with any luck we will all get pregnant soon with happy, healthy babies =)

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