Has Anyone Got GM to Do a "Repurchase" or "Buy Back"

Updated on June 16, 2012
E.W. asks from McKinney, TX
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HELP MOM'S!! I have a 2007 Tahoe that is making an obnoxious whining noise that is absolutely driving me INSANE!! I have taken it to two dealership, and called one other about the issue. The car has been "fixed" 3 times only to have the squeal return a few days after. On my last attempt to get the issue resolved the dealership said that they notified Chevy they are aware of the issue and are currently working on fabricating a part to fix the issue. Yes I said FABRICATE, the good Lord only know how long that will take. So I called Chevy (the corporation) and asked what I should do becuase I cannot live with this noise any longer. Their answer was that the do not know when the part will be fabricated, they realize it is broke but I just have to live with it. Arrgghh!! They refuse to buy back my car because they would rather try fixing it. Although they have already unsuccessfully tried numerous time. So what happens when I wait however long to get the part (I am imagining months) and then it still does not fix the issue, just the other numerous attempts failed. I did not pay over $30k for a car that is not operating as it should. GM said there is nothing else that they can do, and the dealership will not do anything either. Have any of you mom's got Chevy to buy back a vehicle? If so what steps did you have to take? This has been going on for over 6 months now!!

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Based on the facts you've given, I believe your vehicle is covered under the Texas Lemon Law. The Texas Department of Transportation has a process by which they will assist you in enforcing your rights under the law (as opposed to paying an attorney to help you do it). There are time limitations, so don't delay - visit the website below for more information on how to file a complaint:




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I had a Chevy Corsica years ago that I obtained used and then I bought a Chevy Malibu in 2001 that was a 1999 model. We have had NOTHING but problems with these cars and Chevy does not give a rip. They KNOW brakes go bad in their sedans from 97-2000-whatever and do NOTHING. We thought it was a fluke the first time we replaced the pads, rotors, and calipers. We thought it was a fluke the 2nd time. Now in 8 years we have been replacing them on average 2-3 times a year, each time at 200-500 depending on the severity. On BOTH chevies the brakes had that terrible squealing sound and then grinded like we were braking on metal. It is currently doingthis though we repaired the brakes LAST MONTH!

Also, on both chevies (different cars and years btw) the AC only operates on settings 3, 4 and 5. And the humidity button has a short in it so that it usually only keeps it on a humid setting. We basically have to do the windows down thing all spring/summer. We have a truck by another maker and have no problems. It is not our lead feet, I assure you. Mechanics tell us constantly with a feel-sorry-for-you nervous giggle that Chevy is notorious for KNOWING they have an unresolved problem and then still making new cars without resolving it. Everytime I see a person driving a malibu I say, "i'm so sorry."

My advice is to sell the vehicle and run as far as you can away from Chevy. We curse the day we bought a chevy.

I am a staunchly proud American. But I am sorry...I will buy a Toyota or Honda next time I spend thousands of dollars on a car. In today's economy, how can we continue to spend money on american lemons?



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Presently going through the process, issues with a new Cruize for 16 months. Do yourself a big favor and read the owner's manual. Contact the BBB to set up an arbitration hearing. After having my car back to the local dealership 8 times in 4400 miles, I notified Chevrolet customer service of my intent. Wheels are now turning (pardon the pun) at GM to buy back the car...not there yet, but turning. Local dealer informed me that my case is the 6th buy back this year for him...none were handled in the same manner, but if declared during arbitration, failure to comply with the warranty statement requires the manufacturer to either destroy the vehicle or mark the title with a Defective statement.



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How long have you had the car? There are time limits to the buyback procedue GM uses. I used to be a service manager at a dealership that was part of GM. We did a few buybacks, but normally they were for larger issues, more mechanical issues. (not that your issue is any less annoying or less important, just less severe in their eyes)

If GM is willing to fix the issue and are working on the problem, that is probably all they will do for you at this point. I know it usually takes time for them to come up with a fix for the issue. Normally that means RE-fabricating a part of the vehicle, or retro-fitting the part in some way, and that takes time. It doesnt mean they are 'making up' a solution, just re-manufacturing the part. They want to be sure that they can repair the issue without having you come back even more times than you already have, so yes...it may take some time.

You can try the lemon law if you qualify. Otherwise work with GM and try to get them to offer you some compensation instead-possibly an extended warranty or something like that. Maybe even free service visits/oil changes for a specificed time period. Something to compensate you for your time and dissapointment with the issue. If you dealership says no, call GM. Ask to talk to/meet with a field service engineer. They have people in each part of the country (engineers who basically designed the vehicles) who will meet you at the dealership to evaluate your issue first hand in most cases.

Sorry this got so long....just trying to give you some options....Hope you get a solution that works for you!

OH, and keep all the paperwork from ALL the visits you have taken it in for the problem. Even if they dont want to 'write it up' each time you go in...MAKE them. It is your only proof they have made an attempt to fix it if you decide to use the lemon law.

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