Has Anyone Ever Heard of a Vudu Root Being Put on Anyone?

Updated on August 20, 2007
K.B. asks from Florence, SC
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My husband is a sherrif and was serving a warrant when they had to look in the closet. They found the guy and jars of roots. Well he opened one of the jars to see what is was, when he did the mother of the guy told him becouse he opened the jar he has a root on him. We are both Christians (to the best of out ability). We never believed in that Vudu stuff. Since then the house we had been renting out to some people, they moved out. Leaving us with $2,500.00 worth of damage. Making 2 payments have been hard. Then the entire 1 1/2 ton air unit was stolen, then the insurance will not cover becouse they do not cover theft under rental ins. But it gets better. Our air in our home has been acting up. And then this morning the hot water line in our bathroom broke free and put about an inch & 1/2 of water on the floor. Ins. will cover this but my bathroom is a total wreck, including the hall and carpet. Does this sound like the devil testing us or a root? Please help me becouse I don't know what to expect tomorrow! Thanks

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So What Happened?

I thank you everyone who has replied. With every message I have become closer to God. Slowly I believe things will get better. I have given the problems to the Lord and stoping to pray about the problems from day to day. Thanks again for all of the wonderful support.

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answers from Augusta on

Well hun I can tell u its not a "root" thing! Im a christian too. My husband and his whole family have been christians all their lives and when we got together, I changed my life and became a christian too! Its great! So I know, a stupid root cant do anything but be a root! It could be the devil acting dumb again, or it could be God testing your faith! As u know, God steps in all the time. Pray! He may not respond right away, but He will! Maybe its a sign that its just time to move. I dont know! Pray and listen to what he has to say and have patience (sp) with Him. He is quite busy! :) Other than that, Im not sure what to tell ya, just that roots.......geez! Some people are weird! Good luck hun and I pray that everything works out for u!!!!!!!!!!!!!



answers from Charleston on

It sounds to me that God is putting you both to a test of faith. You need to pray to him and turn over all of these troubles to him. He has control- he's looking for you to surrender things to him. As far as the root thing goes- WHO KNOWS! It amazes me how people believe material things have power. Rebuke Satan- have all of your friends and family pray a covering for you, and keep your focus on God. If there is one thing I know for sure- even if it seems like too much to handle- God always has you covered.
Best of luck. I will pray for you and your family.



answers from Lima on

Well K. i to am a Christian but we cant turn our heads of the unknown. It could be the devil but do we really know. You could also go talk to your pastor. I do believe in miracles and i do believe that God is the only God, but sometimes there are things in the path that can hurt ya on getting to God. I will pray for you and your family.



answers from Macon on

Hi K., I have no idea about the root but it sounds like you are having some bad luck. I don't believe in Vudu and you would'nt either if you were not thinking about it all the time. Just think positive and things will start to come back to normal.

I had something similar happen to me as well. The washing machine overflowed in the kitchen and living area and our house was a nightmare for a few months. I feel your pain.

Also, if you feel like you need some extra money to cover the damages or expenses, let me know. I work from home and I love it.




answers from Florence on

I hope that tomorrow is much better and I will keep you in our prayers. After someone told me that and then all that happened, I really wouldn't know what to think too. When it rains it pours. Good lunk and I hope tomorrow is dry and cool for you.



answers from Spartanburg on

Hi K.,

Since you and your husband are Christians you may know about satanic curses and generational curses. Voodoo is satan worship. IF you have had a curse placed on your life you must go to your church and have it broken off of you. If your church does not believe in that kind of thing, email me and I will tell you where my church is. They will anoint you, bind up that curse and the power of God will break it off of your life.

Remember, satan is a defeated enemy. He cannot harm you in any way that God does not allow. Perhaps God is sifting you so that this spirit of fear will be revealed in you and it can be cast down.

Rebuke the devourer, cast him down. He lost to the blood of Jesus at Calvary! Satan is a defeated enemy.

You all are in my prayers.




answers from Savannah on


I'm sorry all of these things are happening to you at once. That is very stressful, and so frustrating. But, please do not worry about your soul based on what someone had in a jar. The things that have happened to your house and your rental house happen every day to people. Sometimes, unfortunately, all at once. Especially depending on the age of the houses. Kind of like an old car. All at once everything starts to fall apart.

And, having rental units can be a nightmare for anyone. At the advice of a friend, we screened our tenant VERY carefully. Better to wait another month and lose a month of rental income than have a tenant who will leave you with expensive damage. Get references and do credit checks. We had applicants who withdrew their applications just because we asked for an application with those things. And, we were not looking for perfection, either.

As far as the air in your home... think about the weather right now. How much have you been running the air this summer? Ours recently leaked, too, which my husband fixed. Sorry, but I can't tell you exactly how or use the proper terms for it, but it could be due simply to overuse right now. (I don't know one way or the other about the hot water line and how that might fit in.)

What I'm trying to say is that the problems you encountered with your tenant and the subsequent theft are common to renting. And, the problem you're encountering with your air conditioning is common in the summer. That's all. Continue to practice your religion in whatever way you have done so. Seek counsel from your minister if you feel you need it. Then, instead of focusing on the possibility that voodoo has cursed you try to spend that energy on researching better ways to screen your tenants. And, check with a plumber for a logical reason your air conditioning and hot water line have malfunctioned and what you and your husband can do in terms of maintenance to forestall future problems, which will inevitably arise. I think you will feel much better about everything when you regain a sense of control over these problems. We certainly can not control everything in our lives, but we can take an active part in managing our daily lives which can give us a certain peace of mind.

Coincidences happen all the time, and they are wonderful when they make us happy. But, PLEASE do not let these bad coincidences let you be swayed by some other person's belief in voodoo. IN MY OPINION, if there is any validity to it it is that evil people, whether under the guise of religion or simply a duplicitous secular friend, try to make good people feel bad about themselves. The father of a friend of mine used to say, "Don't let the turkeys get you down." Don't!



answers from Athens on

Don't for one minute give your thoughts over to doubt, stand strong in your Christian beliefs! If you doubt, the evil one or Satan can start messing with your head and your house because you opened that door with your doubt. Rebuke the evil one in Jesus name and pray over your family and your home for peace and safety in Jesus name. Then believe you are protected from all evil. Have faith no doubt! Satan can put oppression on us when we aren't living right, but he can not possess us or our home if your a Christian! Stand strong in Jesus! All will be well, I will also say a prayer. Your sister in Christ.



answers from Spartanburg on

It could be just a run of bad luck or it could be a root if you ask me. I am a Christian just like the others, but these things can be very real if you let them be. That is their power. In my field (Counseling)I can tell you that if you let yourself get sucked into believing it is a root, it is just like there is one there. I am not sure where you live, but you may want to look into finding someone to remove it if you actually believe it is true. If you don't believe it is a root, then don't worry. Bad luck happens to everybody. Either way, it will all work out.

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