Has Anyone Ever Had a Partially Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

Updated on March 06, 2018
H.C. asks from Apollo Beach, FL
5 answers

So the infertility doc had some bad news for me. My tubes are partially blocked. He said my only option to get pregnant was IVF. He said I could probably still get pregnant naturally, but it might take a while (we've been trying a year and a half already) So my question, has anyone ever had this condition and were able to conceive naturally??? I've read about some supplements that may help, please advise.

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answers from Dallas on

Is it one tube or both? If it's both then I'm sure pregnancy is possible, but like he said "It might take awhile), and wouldn't your chances for a tubal go up? If it's only one then I would think your chances for pregnancy are higher and it would happen faster. I had one tube blocked and had surgery, and I got pregnant right away with my kids (within a month of TTC). I've never heard of supplements that could help that condition, but I've never looked into it either. Did he mention if there was a procedure they could do to 'unblock' them? Women have tubal ligations reversed so surely there's a way. But if you wanted to get pregnant right away and had the funds then you could get an IUI.



answers from Dallas on

I had a dye test done...HSG I think it was called. It was to check for blocked tubes. I didn't have any blockages at that time. Still wasn't able to get pregnant. So, about a year later, my doctor suggested me to have Laparoscopic surgery which is when he would go in and check on things and see if there was something that was not letting us get pregnant. It was done by making a small incision in my belly button...one stitch...

When I did the laporoscopic surgery, he found that one of my tubes was blocked and I had endometreosis. He was able to remove the endo and unblock my tube.

I did a round of fertility drugs (my 5th in all) and I got pregnant.

I didn't understand how my tubes were clear when I had the dye test done and then I went in for the surgery and one had blocked. You may want to see if that is an option for you. It is a day surgery and I had it at Plano Medical Center. It was a breeze! Honestly! I was hoping to be pampered by my husband and be catered to, but I was fine! :)

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I have also been told that I have a blocked tube, but easily got pregant 3 times!! Good luck!!



answers from Dallas on

I have. My dr. told me 9 yrs ago that my left tub was blocked. During a test (not sure which one. it was a long time ago) the person doing the test made the comment that it was blocked and said hang on. The next thing I knew I had the worst pain ever. She had pushed water into the tube to see if it would unblock. It did. Found out later it was blocked again. My dr. told me the samething. I would not be able to conceive without his help. Well 9 yrs later, my daughter is 7 months old from a spontanious pregnancy. I did it on my own. lol Shows you what the dr knows. We did find out the pregnancy came out of the blocked tube. So yes it is possible.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi Im sorry your going through that too. I also have one partially open tube but i only have that one. Ive had 2 ectopic pregnancies I almost die. Thank God Im still here but I have a question is it possible to get pregnant 🤰 with only one partially open Fallopian tube? Im 2 weeks late im usually very normal with my periods. I went to the clinic to get a blood pregnancy test when i was 10 days late and it was negative. But now its 14 days and still no signs of my period coming. Im having back pain that comes and goes. But no bleeding at all. And no cramping ether. Im wishing for a miracle!!! I read here of people that have had babies with blocked tubes so theres hope for a miracle. We just need to trust the Lord that in do time we will get our blessing. Thy will be done! God bless you

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