Has Anyone Else Experienced This?

Updated on October 13, 2006
M.M. asks from Detroit, MI
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I've gotten the usual colds and sniffles that my 7-1/2 month old brings home from day care, but during the past month have noticed that I have an almost constant sore throat and am very fatigued almost every day. I've also felt light-headed and fuzzy periodically maybe two or three times a week. It's not bad enough for me to miss work, or to prevent me from caring for my son. He's just recovered from a minor cold and doesn't appear to be experiencing any of my symptoms. My husband hasn't experienced these either.

This isn't anything that I experienced before I had my son. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this? And whether they were able to attach a label to this?

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So What Happened?

Found the culprit--low iron and dehydration. Luckily (and happily) I just need to add a multivitamin, drink more water, and try to get a little more sleep. Thanks everyone!!

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It sounds like Mono. I had similar sympotoms before getting REALLY sick and found out I had Mono. I would go to the Doctor ASAP.

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Go to the doctor. My husband has experienced similar things and it ended up being his sugar.



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Have you considered a sinus infection? Earlier this year I had a problem with dizziness while working in a warehouse. About a year before I had a tooth removed from my right lower jaw. At the time of my dizziness a small piece of leftover tooth was protruding from the side of my gums, which affected my sinuses. After I was able to remove this piece my dizziness went away.

Sinuses can affect many things including throats, ears and even parts of the head. As far as being fatigued fighting any infection will make you more tired than usual.

A lot of people say "I've never had a problem with my sinuses", but people's bodies do change.

I hope this helps and good luck with your wonderful son.



answers from Saginaw on

Has your Dr. checked you for low iron or Mono?
I would recommend seeing your Dr.



answers from Grand Rapids on

Hi M.,

Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well! I think any mom of a baby is going to be tired, but have you seen your doctor? My firt thought is mono, or strep throat or something. I had mono a few years back, and I was so tired I could barely make it through the day. Strep will do that also.
I hope you feel better soon!




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Yessss I know exactly what your talking about,I have the same thing rit now but none of my kids do its crazy and nothing I do seems to take it away. Hot showers the steam is the only thing that makes my throat feel bettor.If you figure it out please let me know.



answers from Indianapolis on

Hi M.!
My close friend experienced this very thing.
I don't intend to frighten you, but her doctor tested her for MS for some reason. The test was negative, and she just had a virus. For some reason a chronic sore throat and dizziness/extreme fatique were also symptoms of MS, especially after or during pregnancy--fortunately her tests were negative.
I am sure yours is minor as well, but you might bring this up to your physician. He may say this makes no sense! I'm not in the medical profession, nor is my friend! And I am recalling this second/third hand from my friend.



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There is a really nasty flu virus going around in the flint area; could be going around in the D too; i would up your zinc and vitamin c; get plenty of rest, and drink a ton of water and definately see the doc! good luck and i hope you feel better; being sick sucks but its 10 times worse when you have to care for a lil one on top of it all!! sometimes the virus that you catch from one person whos only affected by it slightly could go rampant within your own body and wreck havoc.. everyones immune system responds differently so the reason why your symptoms may be very different from your sons or linger longer than your husbands is because of the immune system. and yours could be a little compromised with the lack of adequet rest and being a full time working mother. (i know thats a pun but...) just a lil explanation; and no i'm no dr. but i do work in the med field and know a little bit about somethings.



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I am a full time single mom and student, working part time. I have always considered myself a strong woman. Recently I had a few of those symptomes you were talking about. I went to talk to a counselor about them at school. After an hour of sobbing to her we (she) understood it that I was only getting 5-6 hrs of sleep a night. She recommended that I change my schedule a bit to get 7-8 hrs. After that...I felt like a new woman. I was amazed that it was just sleep.



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Hello Michele,

I would make a appt with your dr. and let them know what has been going on. Sometimes after children and any time in our life we can develop allergies. Now this time of year is a season change and my allergies have been pretty bad along with many of my friends of mine. The symptoms you mentioned are what I experiance, stuffy nose, sore throat etc. But you may need to get your throat checked out for strep. Your best bet is a visit to your dr.




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Take yourself to the doctor and find out whats going on. Do not wait...

That is my advice to you



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The tiredness is probably from lack of sleep due to having a 71/2 mth old to care for. Mine is 2 and I still feel like I am sleep deprived most days...:-)
When I read light-headedness and sore throat it made me think ear infection. If you have an ear infection it can throw off your equalibrium and make you dizzy and light headed.
Sounds like time for a trip to the MD...Good luck. Hope you feel better soon.

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