Has Anyone Conquered This Nuisance Kitchen Occurrence?

Updated on May 16, 2019
B.F. asks from Newark, DE
8 answers

It seems like whenever I stand at the kitchen sink and wash dishes, especially the big items that have to be hand-rinsed all around, I get drenched. The countertop in front of me gets a little flooded, but I don't always notice it--until it's too late. If it's not my sleeves, which I've already rolled or pushed up; it's the front of me. I have thought about plastic aprons, but I figure the water is only going to run down and get me somewhere else.

I know it's a goofy question, but it gets really annoying to have to go change shirts.

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answers from Portland on

I wear aprons. I don't get drenched, but I have always worn aprons when cleaning up. I don't always change into grubby gear or my jammies when I get home, and so I have one on hand in the kitchen for just this reason.

I wash big items one at a time - and have a pull down nozzle. that helps considerably. Mostly, my teens wash the dishes lately which is nice.

*and just on low water flow too. I only use the apron if doing a big load or really messy pots and pans.

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answers from San Francisco on

I don't really have this problem. Maybe you are running too much water too fast, and if you have high water pressure I could see that making a mess (?) Just keep the water level low in the sink and when rinsing keep the faucet down to a slow flow. It may take a little longer but it sounds better than getting wet every time.

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answers from New York on

Since you know this often happens maybe a post it on the back splash to remind you to rinse carefully. If you slow down, both the water pressure and your movements, you might be able not to splash. Other easy fix, lay a dishcloth on the counter between you and the sink. That way it catches the “inevitable”puddle.

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answers from New York on

Think of washing a dish like washing a person (yourself or other). Letting the faucet splash over it is like taking a shower with no shower curtain!

You either need a deep dishwashing tub (or a deep sink) to keep it down in, or you need a sink attachment spray hose.

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answers from New York on

I use a flexible cutting board as a makeshift splatter shield. When washing a certain dish I would always make a puddle under the coffee maker. So now I just put the flexible cutting board there and it catches the splatters of water and prevents the mess.

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answers from Norfolk on

Sounds like you need a sink with a retracting hose spray nozzle.
I did most of my dish washing in my moms house before she got a dishwasher and with no hose sprayer manipulating large items under the faucet to rinse them could get me pretty wet.
It's a lot easier when you can hose rinse.
Or if you have a side by side sink, use one side to wash with soapy water and the other side to dunk rinse.

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answers from New York on

Both hubby and I exclusively hand wash all our dishes and I'm trying to picture getting wet? Not trying to be a snark, but really trying to see how that is happening. I have one dish that has sort of a spouted handle and will run water onto the counter if I am not careful during either washing or drying, but I've never gotten wet myself nor really does the counter. Maybe lower the dish farther into the sink or use less water pressure during rinsing? Or fill the other side of the sink with rinse water and just dip the dishes in to rinse rather than use running water to rinse? Sounds like other posters had some good ideas, too.

Good luck!



answers from Lansing on

Happens to me too! I solve this problem by keeping a folded dish towel in front of me while doing dishes!

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