Has Anybody Ever Repaired the Mesh on a Pack-n-play?

Updated on December 09, 2011
J.K. asks from Milwaukee, WI
5 answers

If so, how?

(ours has a very small (about the size of a dime) hole)

Thanks, ladies!!

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answers from Tulsa on

I repaired mine with embroidery floss. You take the floss and use the mesh holes surrounding the big hole to thread the floss through. You start at one hole and go to the one directly across and continue to go around until it makes a sort of spider web like pattern over the hole. And I painted clear fingernail polish around the mesh hole to stop it from fraying. It was cheap and fast, but it worked.

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answers from Seattle on

I would recommend that if the sewing options don't pan out, there are easy to use double sided bonding choices. Sold in strips, or squares, or patches to cut. Bond 2 fabrics together with the whole in the middle.


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answers from St. Louis on

I used sturdy thread....not the basic spool thread, but some vintage "coat" thread. Worked wonders.....& has held up beautifully.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I really wish there was a technically, legal, blah blah way to repair them from the manufacturer. I will tell you, at least here in MN, for any sort of recommendations for ANYONE, and legally for daycare (center or home based) we are required to do a monthly checklist inspection of them. If there is ANY sort of tear or snipped spot of any miniscule size...they are trash and we can not use them.

Seems like such a waste to me if there were a reasonable regulation (holes smaller than, say a dime, and could be reparied with some authorized, investigated methodology, such as the descriptions you recieved here, etc (made into a kit available perhaps?)

But they do it as they can't predict if you will repair it the right or same way each instance, and if the material , like a patch, could come off and a child could choke on it, or they could loosen it and get a "foothold" in that spot and use it to climb out or tip the bed over (many use them for containment sleeping on kids technically too large for them, etc).

So just some thoughts from a person regulated into making them trash at this point, and very torn (no pun intended :-) on that being the only option for me!

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answers from San Francisco on

I know its silly, but I did when I was desperate to have the pack and play still work and I sewed on a patch--- it was easy, took 5 min and we still have the pack and play today. GL


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