Hard Stools for 12 Month Old

Updated on February 02, 2012
L.H. asks from Livonia, MI
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My 12 month old is not constipated, he has a bowel movement daily but they are small and hard. He doesn't seem to have a hard time going but this doesn't seem normal to me. His pediatrician is not concerned about it because he is having bowel movements so she states this may be normal for him? He has only breast milk and water and I am very strict with his diet. Fruits, veggies, noodles, rice, etc. I have stayed away from constipation foods ( banana's, etc ) He does not eat iron fortified cereal because he hates eating from a spoon :) I was wondering if anyone else's baby had this problem and if you figured out the culprit or what foods/ diet helped soften his stools. Thanks!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have a 15 month old and boy oh boy have we had pooping issues! What I have learned is that just because the poop everyday does not mean that they aren't constipated. We use prunes about once a week to loosen everything and soften things up. He loves prune juice. Just make sure its 100% prune juice and I would start with only a couple ounces diluted with water. It doesnt take much but works wonders! Good luck

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answers from Detroit on

Pears were wonderful for my daughter!



answers from Pittsburgh on

That IS constipation. Hard, pellets (like rabbit poo) means he is constipated.
He needs more water and more fiber daily.
He should be eating a wider variety and using a spoon!
Apples/apple juice can be very constipating.
Peas, pears, peaches all will help.
Pear juice or white grape always did the trick for mine when his poop was like that.
Good luck.


answers from Los Angeles on

He is constipated! He has hard, small bowel movements, which is what constipation is. It doesn't matter that he goes everyday. Noodles, bananas, apples, cheeses, white foods (bread, rice, crackers, cookies) can all be constipating. I would avoid the noodles for a while and see if his poop softens up. And add in some prune, or pear juice like the other mom mentioned.
My son has the same problem and even though I would completely avoid constipating foods, and give him lots of water and vegetables, he still had hard stools and we had to put him on Miralax for a while, which totally helped him out.Good Luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

Hard stools are not normal. Add an ounce of prune juice at breakfast every day (mixed with an ounce of water.) Increase or decrease as necessary until his stools are soft. Also offer him water more often or have a cup available for him to drink whenever he wants.



answers from Grand Rapids on

Try him with Cheerios, my daughter had that problem and she started eating them and hasn't had that problem since. She sometimes won't eat them and then I start noticing the change and we go back. He can eat these dry out of a little bowl with his fingers.

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