Hard-ish Flesh Colored Bumps Spreading All over My Toddler!!!!!

Updated on August 16, 2010
M.A. asks from Hagerstown, MD
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I'm freaking out. Hi mammas and thank you again for your mommy wisdom. I have not been able to find anything about this online and my son has an appointment soon but I want to know what these things are. I noticed a hard fleshed colored small bump on my sons back/side a few months ago it is very small but does not look like a skin tag. Then i found one on the same side on his rear and now it seems that they are rapidly spreading about his body. I just noticed as I was changing his diaper by the window in the sunlight. Anyone have a clue what this could be of course i am freaking out that he has some kind of virus causing warts that will disfigure him for life.....

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So What Happened?

Thank you Tori! I was just reading about them and it sounds like that is what he has. YUCK! I hope he keeps them to his self.

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If it is molluscum, my son had these. He had them for about a year. I tried over the counter natural remedies to no avail (thuja ointment, tea tree oil, silver gel). I have two other kids and were afraid of them spreading to his brother and sister. We finally heard about a pediatric dermatologist who uses beetle bug juice to painlessly get rid of the molluscum. He had one treatment (literally a pin point of juice was applied to 5 - 6 bumps) which provoked a response from his immune system and all of the bumps were gone within a few weeks. He had lots of bumps on the backs of his legs and above his armpits. PM me if you have any questions. I forgot to add that he wasn't left with any scars. Also, our pediatrician had recommended seeing a regular dermatologist who would burn them off. No way! I'm glad I waited and went to the pediatric dermatologist who used the bug juice. Totally painless and no scars!

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Do they look like the ones in the photos on this site?: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molluscum_contagiosum

If so, it may be molloscum. There are lots of websites about this little virus, but don't freak out if that is what you think it is. Check with your pediatrician about it. My kids both had a few of these bumps, and they did take a while to go away (my son's on their own, my daughter's with a little help from the dermatologist), they left absolutely no disfiguring marks. Not even any minor scarring. So while you will read some people's stories and they are off the charts freaked out, I tend to think that it is related to their own reaction. As all the information out there seems to indicate that the more stress or weakened the immune system, the harder to get rid of it. So, if it IS molluscum (which is VERY common), take a deep breath, relax, and keep your immune systems healthy. If you wait it out on its own, it can take up to 2 years to go away. Or less. But it does seem to stick around a long time. My daughter's were itchy sometimes, but usually not, except the ones in her hair, that got infected from being scraped regularly by her comb/hairbrush.

And NO, Molluscum is NOT a sexually transmitted virus. It CAN be in adults (some strains of it), but kids get another non-sexually transmitted one very commonly: knees, elbows, back, shoulders, etc... My daughter had 3 on her neck and some in her hair/scalp, then two on her shin. My son had one on a knuckle, one on his waist, and one on the back of his shoulder.

The bumps tend to look pearly, and have a little 'dimple' in the top.

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If they are rapidly spreading, this is not something to wait for an appointment "soon" and is not a question to look up online. No matter what another mom on this site tells you, the only way you'll know is to have him examined and diagnosed by a doctor. If you are freaking out, you should be on the phone with your doctor's weekend answering service or on your way to a walk-in urgent care center. The internet cannot diagnose or treat your son
Good luck

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Hello! It sounds like moscullom (I'm sorry I don't know how to spell it - if I pulled out my son's sheet - I could). It's a virus that travels throughout the body - they can go away on their own and can take up to 10 months to do so.

My son, age 8, has them on the backs of his legs - we assume he got the virus via hand-mouth - as he can't keep his fingers out of his mouth (I know, he's 8!!)

As it stands right now - the skin on the back of his leg is changing pigmentation - the Drs assume (I really don't like this) because of the sun, chlorine, etc. Once summer is over - we are going to go back to the Dr and get some medicine - much like a wart remover - to apply to the legs. I can let you know how that goes!!



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A 4 yr child where I used to teach had this and his siblings too mostly on lower bk. Can't remember what it was diagnosed as, but they didnt seem to bother their preschooler. Mom said Dr had seen it and said it was not contagious and was heridtary. I would just see the Dr about it and not get all upset until you know more about it.



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Do they look kind of pimpley? To me it sounds like it could be molluscum contagiosum (not sure of the spelling)...I had it actually and it's fairly common among kids. It is a virus so there's no real meds to use and it can/does spread very rapidly. The bad part is the typical range of infection can last 2-4 years. UGH. I had mine probably 3 years and the way I got rid of them was popping them. It is obvsioulsy much harder to pop them when they are on your child's body! I would take him to a dermatologist, I know you said he had an appointment, but if you don't need a referral, I might just take him right there instead of the pediatrician, but either is probably fine.



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My son has Mulloscum Contagosium and it sounds like you are describing. Unfortunately if your son has sensitive skin he might be prone to things like that. My son has it all in his left armpit and under his chin. Been there for something like 2 months so far. It's only mildly contagious so I try to not worry about it too much. Luckily its not in too conspicuous a place. Good luck.



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It sounds like it could be molluscum contagiosum. These are bumps caused by a virus. They are benign and will eventually go away on their own. Your doctor can also prescribe medicine to help them go away faster, or you can try over the counter wart medicine. It's very common in kids and the bumps can spread over time. If this is what he has, don't worry! He'll be fine. :)