Hard Cyst Behind Ear

Updated on September 15, 2011
K.F. asks from Sunbury, OH
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I am seeing my Doctor about this tomorrow, but it's kind of freaking me out so I just wanted to see if anyone could tell me what this could be. Yesterday I noticed a hard cyst like ball (about the size of a pea) behind my ear. It would hurt when I would touch it, but now from touching it so much it just hurts. It's not something that can be moved around and it's very hard and it's right behind my ear. Any ideas of what this could be? I looked it up online but am getting a huge variety of answers, soI was just seeing if maybe any of you have had this before. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for your help everyone. My doctor said it's a swollen lymph node but not one that he's worried about. He thinks it's from a cut I have on my head, weird!

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answers from Richmond on

It sounds like a.... OMG I CAN'T THINK OF WHAT IT'S CALLED, there's a name for it, I had gotten one forever ago, I was like 8... it was caused by a reaction to the medal in my earrings (apparently I'm allergic) and the allergy caused an infection. If I remember correctly, they drained it and put me on an antibiotic. I have never had a problem since!! I remember it being painful, I couldn't sleep or talk on the phone on that side. I felt so much better once they drained it! Good luck :)

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answers from Denver on

dont touch it. It could be a swollen lymph node due to anything. Do you have a boil or a zit anywhere near your ear, neck, jaw or anywhere? I had lymph node flare up because I had this painful boil in my hairline at the base of my neck. Have you had a cold recently, or currently? Nodes can flare up anywhere due to some of the simplest forms. It might not be moving around because there is no where for it to move around like the nodes in our necks and throats and other areas. Its pretty close quarters behind your ear. Having a dr check it out wont hurt but Im guessing he or she will just say stop touching it watch it for a week and if it doesnt go away come back.

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answers from Honolulu on

Sounds like a cyst?
If it is a cyst... do not touch or squeeze it... or you will make it worse.

I have one on my elbow (but mine could be moved around under the skin). It is infected now... and I am now on 2 kinds of antibiotics. It is swollen and red and 'hot' and hurts.
Doc said it is now a Staph infection. An abscess.
Doc called it "Cellulitis."

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answers from Boston on

I have had one behind my ear just like that. It went away by itself, but the doctor recommended warm compresses (washcloth in hot water) and ibuprofen to reduce swelling. Mine was a cyst (like a bad zit underneath a layer of skin) but it could also be a swollen lymph node (part of your gland system that filters junk from your blood). I have cystic acne and get them on my face occasionally as well. If you get them frequently, and you actually have cystic acne, the doctor can put you on tetracycline. I was on it for about 6 months as well as topical cream, but now that I am older I only get flare ups occasionally and decided to get off meds.

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answers from Lafayette on

It could be a swollen gland. My brain is not working 100% so I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense but you do have glands behind your ears like what gets swollen in your neck when you are sick. They can get swollen and feel like hard little balls.
I also have cysts on my head (they run in my family - both my grandma and mom had/have them) that can hurt at times. The pain comes and goes. I don't remember what the doc called them (a specific type of cyst) but they are harmless. You can have them removed but they don't bug me enough yet or interfere with brushing my hair. One is on top of my head and one on the back. It could be a lot of different things. Those are my experiences. I would try not to worry! Especially is you've been sick and it could just be swollen glands.

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answers from Austin on

When I was a teenager, I had a swollen lymph node in that area. It was irritated by my glasses. I might have taken antibiotics for it and it eventually went away.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I have had one behind my ear since I was 8 and I still have it and I am 42. It is just a cyst, and it used to hurt, but now I don't even notice it anymore. I also have a couple hard (really hard like bone) ball the size of a pea on top of my head. My doctor said it is also just a cyst and they are very common on the head. They can be removed or drained at the doctor's office.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I read the answer from Teenmom and I used to get the same thing. Cystic acne behind my ear. I still get them every once in awhile. They take forever to go away and can hurt like hell!! Usually nothing to worry about but have the doctor look at it just to be sure especially if you have never had it before.

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