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Updated on October 28, 2011
N.N. asks from Ecorse, MI
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What have you learned on this week? I heard someone tell a friend that they would help them and a friend does what they want to do and not what they have to do. That was a key for me! What is a piece of wisdom you have heard this week?

My husband is in the middle of a little tift with HIS sister and she sent him a text earlier this week in order to bait him into an argument. He responded to her "your provocation is futile" meaning you are not going to provoke me into an argument! I thought that was to funny because it shut her up....I can not wait to use that one.

I also wanted to add some words of wisdom Grandma T wrote earlier this week about marriage:The way I see it is that marriage is a lifelong commitment. So you must pull every rabbit out of your hat to make it work. If faking it through a rough period gets you through it, it's a good thing. If love really is gone, then no.

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So What Happened?

To Tracy K:My husband taught me that one & I always say if someone is going through a storm NEVER take advice from them because they cannot see or hear clearly until they have over come what they are going through, I live by this advice! so Kuddos to your pastor.

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Last night, Riley responded to a post complaining about how responders veer off the subject and don't actually answer the 'question'.

The poster referred to it as 'hijacking' a post, Riley referred to it as 'brainstorming'.

Frankly, nearly everday some mom or another on this site amazes me with their brilliance!


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answers from Dallas on

My pastor was talking about the importance of having a mentor. He said it's like driving in the fog. If you have someone in front of you, you can follow thier lights and stay on the road to where you want to go. I thought that was pretty wise.

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answers from Redding on

I had a reminder of something that I had already learned
~~Nothing is ever as bad as it first appears to be~~
I'm pretty good at NOT giving in to the clutches of "worry", but as an apartment manager of a low income housing project there is never a dull moment. I lost a night of sleep earlier this week due to some tenant issues. Figured I'd wake up to my car having slashed tires or a snake in my office or something. But, everything turned out fine and my worry was for not.
AND "TGIF!" Let the games begin!

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Last night, at a great parental strategies talk, I learned that when I'm tucking my 8 y/o into bed and we're running late and I just want to get back downstairs to watch a show with my husband.....to STOP rushing to get out of her room when she's trying to talk to me.

For whatever reason (maybe that we're all alone, or the lights are out) she always seems to pick THAT time of day to want to talk with me, tell me about parts of her day or discuss something coming up. After a long day ...and the last 45 minutes I've been with her and her younger sister reading books and brushing teeth....I just want to be DONE. I'll often cut her off as I back out of the room saying "yes...yup...nope...ok...goodnight".

Well...no more. If I can just give her those 5 minutes a night, just 5 extra minutes of one on one time, I'll super increase my chances of having a good relationship with her when she's a teen.

That's my wisdom for the week. I bet we could all use that as a reminder! They grow up too fast. I'll be WISHING to have 5 minute quiet conversations with her in 5 years. :)

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answers from Boca Raton on

The Cardinals taught me that "it ain't over 'til it's over."


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At work - "If you hire a great chef and tell them what ingredients to cook with and tell them how to cook it - you are always going to get the same, bland thing."
Genius to live by! LOL

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I learned that when he is needed my 15 year old truly does care about his brother and has his brother back
How did I learn this?
My youngest has always been the "baby" this year he is playing tackle football. On Saturday there was a costume party at one of the players houses my youngest son was dressed as a "girl" which boys at this age do sometimes. Anyway he went to the party the older kids ( maybe 12-13) picked on him and he called me crying to go pick him up. Now this is where something happened that has NEVER happened before. My oldest son heard the phone call came in and informed me he was going with to pick him up. The whole time in the car he is saying " who makes a kid cry and thinks it's funny?" I get there he jumps out of the car with an "I got this mom" Straightens his shoulders and walks up the steps. I hear him walk in the party announce he was there to get his brother, he asked then asked him to show him the kids that made him cry. When he pointed them out "big Brother" said ... My brother called me to come get him because you guys were teasing him but instead I think we are going to stay for a while yeah WE will stay and if you want to still pick on him you will have to go through me... He walked out to the car with his brother and said he was not going to let them ruin the party for him so he would stay could I come back in an hour?... A 15 year old hung out at a little kids party for an hour played football and tag just so his brother didnt have to leave.
What I learned- that whole brother to brother thing is really true.

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