Hands and Feet Turn Blotchy Blue/purple Color?

Updated on May 23, 2008
T.T. asks from Elroy, WI
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i have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter who as an infant was diagnosed with a hart murmur but i was told she would out grow it and that it was innocent. here is my question well really my concern. As of this winter when her hands and feet get cold they get this blotchy blue/purple color. this did not happen when she was an infant it started this winter. i have talked to the doctor about it and the only suggestion i got was to put extra socks and gloves on her. Now that it is warming up I am hoping it doesnt happen as often.but my concern is that it is a circulation problem. My mom who is a nurse said that its not normal but my doc says that its not a concern.Has anyone else had anything similiar happen or know what could be the cause.any suggestions would be great.

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I know someone like Jill does, where the person's blood cells have a little different make-up so the blood has a harder time traveling to the extremeties of the body, like hands, fingers, toes and feet. Even extra excersize doesn't help with this, because the blood just doesn't flow to the areas. So,...always have mittens and extra socks. That's what my friend does...even if it's a cold summer day, I notice that sometimes, she'll have her shirt pulled over her hands to keep them warm. And, she doesn't wear sandles very often because her feet are often cold, even on warm days.

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Listen to your gut.

My sister has a rare blood disorder where her blood cells are oval instead of round. Her feet & hands do the same thing in winter. She's okay in summer.

Have that checked. She's doing fine.




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My niece went through a similar thing. She was referred for some test to futher look at her heart. I would keep an eye on it and even seek a secon opinion. A toddler shouldn't experience all the time.

Best of luck to you and your child.




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You are not a novice mother! If your instincts tell you that there is something wrong, you should follow them. Ask your doctor for a referral or switch to another doctor. Doctor's are people and don't know everything. If you have that many children in your care, you know what is and is not worth being concerned over. You are not likely to be an overactive mother that worries about the little stuff. I had a doctor that wouldn't listen to me when I had a concern and it turned out that my child was basically deaf before I finally got him to a specialist. (The doctor said that he was just ignoring me.)Go with your maternal instincts on this. That is why God gave them to you.



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I would definitely get a second opinion! A lot of doctors are quick to say that kids will outgrow heart murmurs but some don't. It may or may not be a factor but it doesn't hurt to get it checked out! Your daughter's problem definitely has to do with poor circulation but could be from a number of things other than her murmur. I occasionally get poor circulation in my hands and feet (no known cause) but from personal experience, I can tell you that it not only looks bad but can hurt too! I'd suggest seeing a cardiologist if you haven't already. They are great with finding out why circultaion is poor!



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My son has a heart murmer and he didn't grow out of it. He's almost a year and we have had it checked twice. His is caused by a valve issue, but its mild so he's not at risk for any issues.

Has your doctor heard the murmer anymore? If she still does, I think you should get a second opinion and go see a specialist because, thought what ever is causing it may be mild, but it's good to know about and the doctors will want to watch it.

If the doctor doesn't hear the murmer, than maybe it's something else. I know my friend, has a circulation issues and her feet are always cold...nothing she can do about it...but that's how it is.

I say if you're concerned, definately take her in for a second opinion. Maybe check with the pediatricians in your area covered by your insurance and see if any have a background in hearts or circulatory system and see what they say.



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It sounds like Raynaud's Phenomena. My sister has the same symptoms in her hands and feet. I have it when I am nursing so I can tell you that it's not just a cold feeling but a very painful feeling.
I would ask another doctor what you can do to relieve it. I have heard that magnesium supplements help but I would have NO IDEA what they would do for an infant.
My doctor did alot to help me and researched it even though he hadn't seen another case of it. I hope you can find one who is willing to ferret out some answers for you.
She may grow out of it in time but in the mean time it's nice to have relief. Winter can be very hard for those who suffer from Raynauds. Also, do your own research on the internet. It helps to know what questions to ask when you go to the Dr.
Good luck!



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Hi T.
I would get a second doctors advice they may have seen something or read something that your doctor has not. :)T.

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