Hand Prints on Tiles

Updated on November 12, 2009
R.P. asks from Grass Valley, CA
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I'm hoping to do a craft project with my kids (3.5 and 1.5) where I paint their hands and then have them press it onto a tile. I want to do the kind with the paint that you can then bake in your own oven (not fire in a kiln) to make it safe to use as a trivet. I want to be sure, too, that the paint is non-toxic since it will be touching my children's skin. I called the local (only) craft store and they had no kits and didn't know of any paint for this method. Please let me know of any ideas/products you might know of for this. Thanks!

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I did something similar last year but had the kids paint on the tiles and then made it into a table...super cute. I looked and looked and couldn't find anything like you're describing. I have a friend who is an artist, who suggested using glass paints, which I did, and they worked great. There are a few steps you need to follow, and if I remember correctly, the instructions were on the container for the glass paint. You need to prep the tile with a solution, which needs time to dry. (but you need to paint within 24 hours of applying or it needs to be redone) When the paint dried I then sprayed it with a finishing spray - you can buy matte or glossy - I chose glossy. Then let dry. This method worked well for me. The table turned out super cute. Let me know if you have more questions - I can go back and look at the exact names of things I used if you are interested in using this method!



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The paint is called Pebeo Porcelaine 150 and you can get it at most art supply stores (including Michaels and Blick.) This company also makes a glass paint called Pebeo Virea 160 which I have used on porcelain but doesn’t hold up as well. The paint is runny and sticky so be prepared for a mess. I’ve found that rubbing alcohol works well to get it off my skin. It’s non-toxic and can even be used on plates that you eat off of. Have fun with your projects.




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Hi R.,

My sister has done that project and she said that she found it at Michael's. Or you can always just ask for the paint that can be put in the oven...I would think :O)

Have you tried "googling' memory handprint keepsakes? Perhaps they can guide you...

My sister's turned out really cute :O) Have fun!

~N. :O)



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hmm.you could check out Color Me Mine..where you can do it at the store.....

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