Hand Foot Mouth Disease and Breastfeeding

Updated on May 10, 2012
A.K. asks from Minneapolis, MN
5 answers

my 14 month old goes to daycare 3 days a week. there have been a few cases of Hand Foot Mouth the last couple of days. My dd took an extra long nap today and now is acting a little crabby and has a 100.1 fever. So I think she may be getting it. (Or the flu which everyone at my work has).

If it is Hand/Foot/Mouth, can she still nurse?

Any advice?


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answers from San Diego on

She can absoolutely nurse while sick! In fact it is the best thing for her while she is sick as other things might not agree with her system.
She actually might increase how much she nurses and cut back on solids while she's sick which is perfectly fine.
I hope your little one gets better soon!


answers from San Francisco on

Yes you can still nurse but it may be hard for her? Have you seen any of the symptoms yet??



answers from Rochester on

Yes! However, my daughter had it at 15 months and even though I couldn't see blisters in her mouth, they must have been and made nursing uncomfortable. She went from nursing 4 times on Sunday to once on Monday morning to never again. It was awful for me! Our son had it at about 18 months and nursed right through it.



answers from San Antonio on

If it is hand foot and mouth...it might be very sore for her to nurse...what I did with my son was to use one of those mesh stainer pacifier things (they have them at Target for kids to suck on fruit and other things you don't want them to swallow)...anyways I filled it with ice and let him suck on it until his mouth was nice and numb...then he could get some food down.

The mouth sores made both him and me cry...they were so raw and painful for him...he would let the saliva run down his chin rather than swallow it.

Good luck!!



answers from Dallas on

Nursing was what got us through Hand Foot and Mouth. Hope he feels better soon!

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