Hand Foot and Mouth Disease? - Olathe,KS

Updated on September 18, 2008
B.H. asks from Olathe, KS
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My son picked up this hand, foot and mouth disease over the weekend on top of the Rota virus he picked up last week at daycare. Can anyone tell me how long this is contagious? He still refuses to eat or drink anything. He has blisters in his mouth so I think he is afraid to eat. We can however give him yogurt and he takes that. We took him off all dairy products like the Dr suggested. His rash on his bottom turned into blister type bumps but I can't seem to get rid of the rash. The rash has been a problem for over a week now. I have taken him to the pediatrician twice and they don't seem to be too worried.

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answers from Kansas City on

HFM disease went through my daycare a few months ago and one of the kids' parents took him to the dr and they told them that they are contagious for two days before and two days after the rash appears. You might try Boudreax's Butte Paste for his rash or let him walk around bare bottomed for a while to let the area "air out". Good luck! It will get better!



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Hi,my 3 kids plus 3 more that I watch all had it at the same time. It spreads fast. This is true with most all of them. First it started as a fever for about 2 days.then the break out started. One had it on his bottom too that looked like blisters. The break out lasted about 7-10 days and the Dr. told me that it is contagious as long as they still have the break out. some even stay contagious up to 2 weeks after its gone. This is just what I was told. I think after you see that all the break outs are gone your ok. I hope he feels better soon!! My daughter was the only one with it in her mouth and she couldnt eat or drink. It just killed me to see her cry when she saw something come her way.
feel better!



answers from Kansas City on

Hand, foot and mouth syndrome causes tiny blisterlike sores in the mouth, on palms of hands, and soles of feet. It's usually accompanied with mild fever, sore throat and painful swallowing lasting around 7 days. The incubation time is 3-6 days. Has he been around anyone else with this virus? It is very contagious and is just a yucky childhood virus. You should give him acetaminophen (Infant Tylenol) and push fluids. Popsicles are the best! It's frustrating for parents because there isn't much more that we can do to help them get through this miserable virus.

Avoid acidic juices like orange juice as that may burn his mouth and just keep offering smoothies and soft food. He'll eventually feel like eating again. And, I would definately keep him home! It amazes me how many parents take their sick kids out (to church, to Walmart, to school) and not only expose everyone else but negate the fact that just like when we are sick, we feel most comfortable at home, lounging in our pj's and resting.

Even the rash on his bottom could be making him uncomfortable. I would just try to wipe gently when he needs a diaper change and give it some air/sunlight for a bit. If it turns into diaper rash than really cake on the vaseline/a&d ointment to protect his skin which creates a barrier from more irritation as the skin underneath tries to heal.

Just keep giving lots of love and hopefully it'll be over sooner than later! Blessings!!



answers from Kansas City on

I dont know anything about hand and foot... but the blistery bottom... I dont know if this would help... but have you tried "Triple Paste". You can find it at Walgreens or Target. It is amazing stuff.

Our routine is a baking soda bath, dry off, then to make sure they are extra dry... we use pure corn starch... wipe off the excess and then plaster the triple paste. I swear by morning you will see major improvement.

I am so sorry your little one is going through this... and more so for you... it is hard to see them suffer!

Good luck, stay strong!!



answers from Kansas City on

My son had Hand, Foot & Mouth last year and while the mouth part was never really a problem, he had a rash and red blotches that lasted well over a month. Like you, his pediatrician was never concerned about how long it was taking to clear up and eventually it did completely go away.



answers from Kansas City on

With HF&M disease, once the rash appears, they are no longer contagious. They are contagious when they don't have the symptoms and you don't know they have it!



answers from Kansas City on

This is a really horrible disease. My daughter had it way back when and I got it too! Man oh man is it painful! I had blisters on my hands in between my fingers on the tops, and the bottoms of my feet and in between my toes! All through my mouth and throat! It was miserable! And I only had a fraction of what my daughter got!

My doctor said it's like the chicken pox but a different strain or something of the sort. So it spreads from exposure to the sores.

The baby is going to eat only as much as he has to because it's painful. Try getting some of the old baby food out again, things that don't require much work and slide down easily. Mashed potatoes are another option. Don't worry he'll be through this soon enough and he won't starve himself!

As for the diaper rash, I swear by Dr Smith's Diaper ointment. It's expensive - cheapest place to get it is at Costco and it's over $9 there - but you have to use it liberally. I mean smear it on there good! It wipes off really easily on the next diaper change so it's softer on the sore bottom!

Good luck! Love on that baby for me because he's going to need it!

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